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Mr. Porn Geek visits My Sexy Lily

Howdy gang – it’s Mr. Porn Geek and yes, I’m back at it yet again with another top-quality website review. Today, I’m going to be focusing all of my efforts on checking out what My Sexy Lily has to offer. For those of you wondering – yes, this babe is Indian and she’s more than willing to show you every inch of her authentic, naked Desi body. With such a limited supply of Indian girls out there who’re willing to get nude and rude in front of the camera, how will Lily stack up? Read on and find out: I’m going to be putting this broad to the test so we can see what’s going on!

First impressions of My Sexy Lily

Okay, so after landing on the homepage here, it’s immediately obvious that when it comes to content, My Sexy Lily is the type of girl that only deals with softcore material. If you were hoping to see an Indian girl that’s willing to get down and dirty with a big cock, I’m going to have to leave you a little bit disappointed – that’s not what this broad is about. See, My Sexy Lily focuses on the amateur side of Indian girls: it showcases what Lily’s like when she’s alone and looking to tease. She’s great at stripping though and yes – you will get to see her masturbating with various toys and pleasuring that pussy like there’s no tomorrow. Got a thing for pornstars in saris? Well, Lily will have that angle covered too: authentic clothes that show off just how Indian this chick is will have you busting nuts all over the place.

Content analysis from Lily

One of the best features of the videos here is that My Sexy Lily has all of them archived in a range of qualities, up to and including 4K. A key issue that has really affected the ability for girls from India to put out content online is good camera equipment – that’s not a problem for this babe. She’s a top-notch Indian solo goddess with a great body and you’ll be able to witness all of the fun in stunning HD quality. Oh, it’s also worth mentioning that My Sexy Lily has incredibly fast download servers, so local storage of these clips isn’t going to take you too long. You can still stream if you want though: it’s a convenience thing if you ask me.

Final thoughts on My Sexy Lily

So yeah – how do I think My Sexy Lily stacks up compared to the other pornstars out there? Honestly, I can say with confidence that this place is good and the content put out by this minx is more than suitable for the purpose. She’s great at putting on a stellar show and that body is going to drive you crazy (and then some). As far as Mr. Porn Geek is concerned, this solo sexy Indian is getting his official seal of approval. So what are you waiting for? Get your cock nice and hard, head on over to My Sexy Lily and start wanking off to this incredible Indian beauty.

Review Pros
  • Sexy Indian pornstar
  • Lots of videos
  • 4K quality scenes
Review Cons
  • No hardcore action
  • No bonus material