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xHamster is a pretty big porn site and to be honest with you, their focus on Arabic entertainment is pretty good. If you visit their Arab category you’ll notice that they have thousands of videos in this niche with a good mixture between professional productions in Western countries and haram sluts that are doing very naughty things in Middle Eastern countries. One thing I will mention is that some of the videos here are tagged as Arabic when in reality, they’re not: this sucks for the user and for me, it’s a bad way to organise content. If you’re going to let users upload videos, at least audit a few to make sure they’re not being tagged with everything!

The only other downside to xHamster is the fact that they made some dumb change a few months ago to remove simulated rape content from their site, explaining that anyone seeking that type of material should go and see a psychologist. I fucking love simulated rape porn and the fact that you’re trying to say I have a mental illness because of that makes me want to think twice about advertising your dumb ass. So, fuck you xHamster: if you visit, make sure you put on AdBlock and use as much bandwidth as possible. These jihadi sluts are worth enjoying, but don’t let this site earn a penny!

Review Pros
  • Good Arabic videos
  • Regular updates
Review Cons
  • Some non-Arab scenes
  • Stupid site rules