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The teen webcam offerings

Howdy friends – I’m Mr. Porn Geek, and you ought to know by now that when it’s a requirement for a site to be reviewed, no one is going to hook you up with the juicy details quite like I will. I’m absolutely obsessed these days with teen cam streams, and that’s why I’ve decided to look at this cam site and in particular, their offerings when it comes to barely legal brats. If you’re looking for a top quality destination that has a bunch of world-class teens, it might be here! I don’t know for sure just yet, but what I do know is this – I’ll do my best to tell you all about what CamSoda has to offer and then you can decide for yourself what you’re after! Thanks and remember: Mr. Porn Geek is always here to give you the best teen cam sex around.

Checking out the homepage

So when you hit the homepage you’re presented with a pretty conventional layout and design that puts an emphasis on the most popular live streamers that the platform has to offer. I can’t think of a single alternative to this system that would make sense, and practically every network out there does the same thing. A pretty cool feature I found was that they actually have a few animated thumbnails that give you a few seconds of a certain show in motion. It turns off and on every so often – probably because if they were all moving, it’d be annoying – but yeah, a nice idea and something new! So far, so good! My question is: how are they doing when it comes to teen action? I’m keen as fuck to find out, that’s for sure.

Finding all the teens

So if you’re looking for the teen cams, I’m really pleased to let you know that they’re able to be filtered with a single click from the homepage, if you look on the left-hand side of the site, you’ll see under the ‘tags’ section that there’s a teen button: smash that, and we’re going to find all of the young girls we would ever want to watch putting on a clinic in front of the lens! Now I think it’s fair to say that this site is a little bit smaller than other webcam platforms out there, but don’t get it twisted: there are hundreds of live teens available for you to watch and that’s pretty stellar if you ask me. One tip I would give on the index page: show the ages of the ladies so I know which ones are 18 and which ones are 19! I know it’s only a small distinction in this particular area, but as a general site feature, it’s always good to know the age of the girl you’re watching.

My beef with CamSoda’s teens

Okay guys: I’m generally positive in my reviews to sites that I respect and have had a lot of fun with, but you ought to know by now – if I see something that isn’t quite right, I’m going to call the service upon it. This is particularly true when it comes to their teen section. See, I went here, and there were lots of girls that weren’t teens and had ages in their profiles ranging from 21 to 25. Look, I can understand if you’ve got a few 20 and 21 year old babes in your teen section, but 25? Come on! It’s especially important when only around 1 in 10 girls are actually in the correct age range too. For me, I think it’s better for them to rename this section and tag to ‘young’. I’m okay with you using that phrase – I’m not okay with you using ‘teen’ to describe girls where most of them are not, in fact, teenagers.

Teen sex cam quality

A lot of the live girls stream in a range of resolutions, with the top-end option being 720p. I’m okay with this, and I checked around 20 streams or so to try and find 1080p – my guess is that currently, the site doesn’t offer that as a resolution. Maybe at some point in the future, they’ll be willing to do it, but for now, we’re just getting the lower end of the HD spectrum. That’s fine, and for most guys, it’s not going to make a difference. It’s also far better than other spots that only provide 480p – I’m not at all interested in selling those types of locations, because I know all of my readers want the best when it comes to quality!

Subjective teen webcam analysis

So I spent about an hour inside the site across a bunch of different streams to work out just how good the shows are – there’s plenty of free action here, and not much pressure to create an account. These teen girls are absolutely fantastic, and I guess that CamSoda makes up in quality what it somewhat lacks in quantity. I don’t know if these ladies get guides before they join the service fully so that they can really impress the punters, but something’s going right for the studio, since Cam Soda’s doing incredible work with the average talent level of their sexy teen performers. I saw anal, squirting, self-spanking and lots more. The site also has the sex toy tip system thing in place – great stuff!

Closing thoughts on these teen sex cams

I’ve had a good time looking around this site and despite there being a few flaws here, I’m happy to say that overall, this place delivers. They’ve got some truly unique and incredible teen camgirls – you certainly ought to check them out sooner rather than later because you might just fall in love with the first teenage sex cam streamer you come across. So when all is said and done – why not get down to business and have fun with these young ladies? You know you want to!

Review Pros
  • Hot teen streamers
  • Fast loading speeds
  • Interactive features
Review Cons
  • Some non-teens
  • Needs 1080p