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Scat and Piss at XPee

Everybody poops and pisses, right? Fair warning visiting this one, you will immediately see some shit and piss. If you are into that stuff then read on. When you first load up the site it presents you with the Most Recent Videos. It shows twenty videos on the top then below that they show us a pick of random videos. Fifteen of those on the first page. The design is kind of a wild-looking grey. the videos have stars below them and you can vote on the videos rating them from 1 to 5. No need to register to vote. At the very bottom of the page are links to some other scat sites.

Menu and Features of XPee

At the top of the website is a menu with Home, Categories, Most Searched, Register, Login and Upload and a search box. In Categories are as follows: All, Girls Pooping, Girls puking, Panty Poop, Pissing Videos and Scat Videos. Back to the menu is Most Searched, it brings up a page of the most searched for items. Usually, sites call these tags. So you could actually click one of these and it brings up a text ist that are links to videos which is pretty cool because the links show a description of that is in the video. The menu also has registered and log in. So, you can register for free, then log in and upload videos if you wish. Checking out the categories, click on All, of course, brings up all the videos on the site. Clicking on Girls Pooping brings up all of the videos of hot girls taking a big shit. There are 520 pages of videos in this section. The next category is Girls Puking. Some of them are puking after eating shit which I can certainly understand! There are actually 23 pages of these. Then we have Panty Poop. Girls taking a shit while they still have panties on. There is quite a bit of these. 78 pages of videos.

More About the Menu and Search at XPee

Next on the category list is Pissing Videos. There are all types of crazy videos in this section. A guy eating cereal with a bowl of piss, girls pissing in public, girls peeing on each other and so much more. There are quite a bit of piss videos with 120 pages. Last on the category menu is Scat Videos. These are videos all about shit. Girls pooping during sex, popping while riding a dick, eating shit and just about everything else you can think of. This is some really wild stuff. Perhaps the weirdest one was not one of the more disgusting videos but it was interesting. A girl pushes her shit in and out of her ass, using her shit like a dildo, she loves the way her ass feels as it goes out and back in. Then she lets it all come out of her ass and fingers her asshole good, getting shit all over her fingers. Then she rams a huge dildo in her tight ass, using the shit as lubrication. Allowing the shit to get all over the dildo as she keeps fucking it. She then sucks the dildo, sucking the shit right into her mouth with it and smearing it all over her mouth. She then fucks her ass more with her fingers then shits more and uses that to make her fingers slide in easier and masturbates her asshole until she cums.

Some Negatives about XPee

Well, there are some popups on the site but they are just small and are easy enough to click the x and close them. There are occasional ads that come up on the bottom right but nothing that hard to just close and get rid of. The video player on the site may be a little outdated and small but you can make it full screen if you wish. Scat is not my kind of thing so it’s kind of hard to watch if you are not into it and it is a bit shocking. But if you have the guts to give it a try, it’s quite interesting to see all the wild things that people do to get off.

Favorite Things about XPee

The site is organized very nicely with a small menu list with not many items. It is very clean with a nice grey background, very easy to get around on this site. The videos are all different lengths and varying degrees of quality because many of them are amateur and some are even filmed while doing webcam videos but for the most part they are really nice and clear quality. I like that you can vote on the video using the stars without a need to register. If you want to register for free to upload videos you can. There are not a lot of categories, it’s small and to the point list with just six items. There are really good descriptions of each video explaining what the girls are doing exactly. There are some really original things here. Like the girl shitting into a condom then using the shit as a toy, fucking her pussy with it then pushing it out of her cunt while keeping it in the condom. This crazy girl then takes a bit of it and plays with it in her mouth while sucking her fingers then she swallows it.

Is XPee worth visiting?

Well, it depends. If you are into scat, piss and the like then yes, absolutely. This site will give you exactly what you want to see and all totally for free. Obviously, the site makes its money from advertising given the number of popups that are on the website so the website is totally free. The video player is kind of small and you cannot download the videos, but you can make them full screen if you wish. Some of the videos would not look as good if you watched them full screen, but many of them would. So yeah if this is your type of fetish head on over and you will be very happy and surely see some videos that you have never seen before.

Review Pros
  • Free To Use
  • Great Video Descriptions
  • Hard to Find Videos
Review Cons
  • Many Popups