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Free Fetish Porn at FreshScat

This is one of the fetishes that is about as far wild as you can get. The scat fetish is something that you are clearly either into or not into. We’ll take a look at this site and see what they have going on. The sub title of the website is Scat Porn Tube w/scat, blood, vomit and piss! So they are clearly living on the edge of what is in the boundaries of legal in the world of porn. If you are into the craziest shit, no pun intended than you will want to see what this site is all about. If you do not know what scat is, basically its the fetish of human shit. Watching people shit, sometimes even eating it. It is one of those things that you are either into or you are absolutely not into at all. We’ll look at the search box before getting into the menu. I typed in piss into the menu just to see what would come up. It brought up a ton of videos, many pages. So the search works really well here.

The Menu and Categories at FreshScat

Looking at the menu we have Fresh Anal, Live Sex Cams, Live Fetish Cams, Scat Links, Video Categories, Scat Dating, Scat Webcams and Friends. Clicking on Fresh Anal in the menu it brings up a different website. Same thing with Live Sex Cams and Live Fetish Cams. Scat Links brings up a link site with other sites on it. Video Categories is the categories page for this website. It has Fetish Porn, Hall of Fame, Male Scat Porn, Menstruation Porn, Pissing Porn, Scat Porn and Vomit Porn.

Clicking on Fetish Porn brings up a page where they say contains many amazing scenes that do not fit into the scat category such as BDSM, bizarre acts, crazy sex, gay or whatever does not fit into the other categories. From what I can see there are things like fisting and farting in this category. The Pissing Porn category is all about just that, pissing. Girls pissing indoors, outdoors and pissing through the clothing. Also girls drinking piss from guys or drinking their own piss. Then we have vomit porn. If you don’t have a strong stomach don’t go here because it is girls puking all over the place. Sucking on dick and throwing up or just violently vomiting everywhere.

More Categories and Best Parts of FreshScat

Now the next category may be something that you have never seen and not sure if you would want to see. It is called Menstruation Porn. Also known as period porn, bleeding pussy, period blood play, etc., this is the kinky type of fetish that involves girls who are on the rag, bleeding and menstruating while involving sex acts. There are not a lot of videos here. Only one page of this. Then we have Male Scat Porn. It’s exactly what you would think, guys shitting and jerking off or fucking their ass with things then shitting or pissing into their own mouth. Pretty much the nastiest shit you can ever dream up. These shit pigs will do whatever it takes to get them off. Some of them even eat shit. Like I said, some nasty stuff. The site is designed really well. A nice clean design with a black background, so it is really easy to read and check out. Very well laid out and user friendly.

Things I did not like of FreshScat

Well, since I am not into scat I did not like much about it, haha! But, as a reviewer you need to look at some weird things sometimes that get others off, so to each his own. Seriously though, there are some popups sometimes depending what you click. But you just need to close them and move on. They are not that bad. The videos play without an issue with no popups there or ads. There is no way to become a free member of the site and no option for a premium. So you can’t save videos as favorites or anything like that. You also cannot download the videos. No surprise there because most free video tube sites do not allow downloads.

The Verdict about FreshScat

If you are into scat then yes this is a good site for you. You will find girls shitting, guys shitting, sex with shitting, vomiting, period porn and fisting just to mention a few of the weird and crazy things that some people actually get off on and consider fun and normal. The videos play right away and are actually very good quality without any issues. No buffering and not even any ads to wait for at the beginning of the videos. They vary as far as quality and length. Many are actually videos that were recording while some of these performers were on webcams. I would imagine that this type of content is not very easy to come by, so you will not find the thousands of videos that you find on mainstream porn tube sites but there are still enough here to keep you interested if this is your fetish of choice.

Final Ramblings about FreshScat

If this is your fetish then you will like it. It’s hard for me to say if its a good or bad scat site because I have not been to many honestly. But from what I can see there is a large variety of different videos here from girls to guys to girls and guys together combining this fetish with sex. Come on over and decide for yourself if it’s for you. Sometimes you may just be in the mood for the weirdest type of porn out there and if you go to this site you just may find it. So head over to and get ready to be amazed at what some of these performers will do to get themselves off.

Review Pros
  • No Need To Pay
  • Good Quality Design
  • Good Quality Videos
Review Cons
  • Annoying pops