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Submit Your Flicks: Mr. Porn Geek’s take

So according to the name and meta description of Submit Your Flicks, this website is all about bringing you the best amateur adult entertainment the Internet has to offer. While you might think that the pornographic content on display here is from the people that appear in the videos, I’d likely bargain that this might not be the case. Of course, Mr. Porn Geek doesn’t like to guess, which is why I’ve lined up a full review on Submit Your Flicks so we can find out for sure! Want to learn all there is to know about Submit Your Flicks and get an expert’s opinion on whether or not it’s a good amateur porn video tube? Then keep on reading – I’ll tell you all you need to know!

The homepage of Submit Your Flicks

After landing on the homepage of this website, you’ll be presented with a list of the latest videos which have been added to the archive. It would appear that as things currently stand, Submit Your Flicks updates with 5 new scenes every 24 hours – not a bad ratio for a place dedicated to just one niche. Scrolling down on the homepage, you’ll come to a pagination display section that allows you to go all the way back to the first pieces of content added for every single year, although sadly you can’t track back to previous eras gone by – that’d be a nice feature to add! You’ve got the ability with the dropdown options at the top of the site to display material based on length ranges too, so if you’re looking for short smutty releases or lengthy publications, Submit Your Flicks can assist either way.

Alongside the length restriction, this amateur porn tube allows you to display content based on other metrics aside from the upload date: namely number of views and highest rated. Both of these options are great if you don’t want to waste time with sub-par material. I’ve always had a thing for tube websites that allow you to sort by ratings – I can often trust what the majority of people think about videos on an individual basis. Most of the clips with the best like ratios also have thousands of views and hundreds of votes, so it’s not just like 1 or 2 5-star ratings got them to the top of the list. So far, so good for Submit Your Flicks – I’m enjoying what they have to offer.

More of what Submit Your Flicks offers

I have to state for the record that I am slightly disappointed with the whole setup of Submit Your Flicks with regard to categorization of content. I think in the modern era of porn, you have to be able to easily find content that’s relevant to the niches that you like, but Submit Your Flicks doesn’t really assist in this regard. See, individual videos do you have tags associated with them, but these are usually highly specific and in many cases, not related at all to the content in question. I want to see categories here, so if I’m only interested in amateur porn that features Asians, anal, MILFs or midgets I can search specifically for those things and get rid of any clips that don’t fit into my world view of what a good skin flick contains. You can use the search feature and it works pretty well, but come on – give us a damn category section so we can see all of the erotic niches we might want to enjoy in a single spot!

Trying out the porn from Submit Your Flicks

It’s about time that I went ahead and watched some amateur porn, so I figured that the best place to start would be by selecting a clip based on thumbnail alone from the collection of latest uploads. Just 10 hours ago, a scene entitled Hot Girl Masturbating All Holes was published on Submit Your Flicks – I’ve always had a thing for skinny bitches in thongs, so it basically a foregone conclusion that I’d be  picking this one before anything else. The scene appeared to be a webcam capture of a camgirl and honestly, I have to say that it was pretty damn hot. 24 minutes in length and well yeah – you better believe that both the pussy and ass on this naughty minx were utilized. The quality wasn’t amazing, but since it’s a live cam feed from a third-party destination, that’s likely a result of the source material as opposed to any limitations set forth by Submit Your Flicks.

Below the embed area, you’ve got a bunch of buttons that you can press which do various things. If you sign up to the platform (costs absolutely nothing), you can save your favorite clips so that they’re all gathered in one central location for future browsing. There are upvote and downvote tags, a share feature and probably the most important feature of all, the ability to download scenes directly to your hard drive. I created an account to grab a few videos and while the speeds weren’t incredible, the fact that it doesn’t cost you anything is pretty much all I needed to know. I did sample 10 other videos here at Submit Your Flicks and had a similar experience with all of them: lots of the amateur porn here is genuine stuff featuring girls who aren’t professionals by any stretch of the imagination.

Closing thoughts on Submit Your Flicks

Mr. Porn Geek would say that on the whole, Submit Your Flicks does a fantastic job of providing a free tube environment that’s stockpiled with authentic amateur porn which will have you busting thick nuts in no time at all. I really enjoyed my time here and think that you will too – given that you’re an addict when it comes to homemade adult entertainment, that is. A few additional features and gadgets wouldn’t go astray, but Submit Your Flicks is operating near 100% efficiency and for that reason, it gets my patented seal of approval. So yeah – do yourself and your amateur-porn obsessed cock a favor and click here to venture on over to Submit Your Flicks.

Review Pros
  • Authentic amateur porn
  • Free downloads
  • Multiple daily updates
Review Cons
  • No categories
  • Some adverts