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Mr. Porn Geek reviews Fap Dungeon

Howdy gang – it’s your favorite porn reviewer and yes, I’m back in the mix! Today, I want to talk to you about a spot by the name of Fap Dungeon: it’s a pretty fantastic idea for a website, and I’m confident that you’re going to love what they have on offer here. See, we’re talking about full leaks from the hottest girls out there. With a name like Fap Dungeon, you wouldn’t be castigated for guessing this wasn’t a porn game: instead, it’s a spot to see rips from your favorite amateur OF girls! Want to learn more? Read below for Mr. Porn Geek’s honest, professional analysis of FapDungeon.com.

First thoughts on FapDungeon.com

The first thing to know about this service is that it’s incredibly basic in terms of its aesthetic in utility – I don’t have a problem with this, but they’re running on a very simple WordPress theme and it makes navigating fine, if not a little but cumbersome at times. When you land on the homepage, FapDungeon shows you the latest entries that have been added to their archives – these are almost always OF nudes and videos that you might want to get your hands on from some of the hottest girls out there. The profiles are sorted with the name of the girl first, so you’ll see the likes of Emilyforyouuu, Bbyanni, Qilin.anh, Miaamador and so on – there are girls here from all different parts of the world, so prepare yourself for a fantastic erotic buffet of entertainment.

There are categories on FapDungeon, but they’re kept incredibly simply. Ethnicity is a key one – there are 143 Asian, 76 black and 930 white posts. What annoys me is that Fap Dungeon does have the concept of Latina as a niche, since they use it to describe some of the girls (Mia Amador being one of them), but why are you putting these girls into the ‘white’ category? It makes absolutely no sense to me, and if I was going to suggest anything right off the bat, it would be to fix this issue as soon as possible – simply doesn’t make sense to not have a section for the Latinas that are present on the platform. Alongside ethnicity, you can also check out hair colors: blonde, brunette and redhead are the three choices.

Looking at the most popular posts

Fap Dungeon has a section where you can organize all of their uploads based on the popularity of the release – this is probably a combination of visits and searches. Right now, the girls that have received the most attention here include Marina Brooks, Mati, Belle Delphine, Wettmelons and Megnut – if you check out these girls, it won’t be too difficult for you to work out why they’re so popular. What would be cool is if they combined this sorting functionality within the various niches, so if I wanted to see the highest rated Asian girls – yeah, that should be an option for me, right? FapDungeon clearly already has the functionality for this type of thing, and it would make getting your hands on the perfect OnlyFans leaks just that little bit better.

Looking at the leaks

So, how do the leaks here work, exactly? Well on rival websites that promise you this type of thing, what typically happens is that they point you to a third-party platform that has archived material of the girls you want to see and basically requires you to pay to download a batch of content. These file lockers are pretty common when it comes to OF leaks – the great news is that it’s not how it goes here. Instead, all of the content is available straight away: no downloading required. You also don’t need to create an account or pay any money, so I’m really not joking when I say that they’ve kept things as basic and simple as possible. FapDungeon goes above and beyond to ensure that you’ve got your hands on as much media as possible – it’s also risky for them, since these types of websites are quite often taken offline for copyright infringement. How are they getting around this? I have zero idea: all I do know is that I’m going to send my readers there because what they’re doing is incredibly awesome!

Watching FapDungeon videos

Alongside having a lot of images here, the site also has clips that you can watch. The quality really does depend on the original uploader, but FapDungeon provides a decent amount of media given the fact that it’s completely free. You’ll see scenes ranging from a few seconds to multiple minutes in length: the videos are embedded and you cannot change the resolution or format, but that’s just fine, given the fact that you’re going to receive everything here without paying a penny. You can also easily save videos to your PC by right-clicking on the embed – easy as pie!

Improvements for FapDungeon

What could be improved here? Well sadly, the video embeds don’t have preview images, so instead of scrolling through them and getting an idea of what each one is about, you’ll instead have to click play and wait for them to load. Loading times are acceptable – around 3 seconds or so – but when you have to do this for dozens of uploads, it’s less than ideal. I’d also like to see them zip these files up together and give you a singular download, that would make the lives of many OF leak hunters much easier!

Conclusion on Fap Dungeon

When push comes to shove, if your favorite OF model is here and she’s got content for you to watch – it’s a good platform. They’ve done a stellar job when it comes to covering lots of girls and since the content is truly free – with no strings attached – it’s hard for me to fault what FapDungeon brings to the table. Rival places require accounts, payments and give you bad download speeds: this place is offering it all for free and anonymously too, so I have zero reason not to shill for what’s offered here. Go visit Fap Dungeon today!

Review Pros
  • Free access
  • Lots of profiles
  • Updates frequently
Review Cons
  • No zip files
  • Average categorization