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FansHere: my review at MPG

Are you looking for a website that has free, unrestricted access to hardcore adult entertainment? Well then: it seems like you might have stumbled across a destination that can assist you with such a desire! FansHere is the type of hub that will blow you away – at least, that’s what they claim. There are plenty of XXX hubs on the Internet that suggest they’ll give you the best happy ending known to man – how many actually deliver? Well, I’m about to find out if this particular spot is any good, so let’s get into it and see, shall we?

The homepage of FansHere

So when you get to the homepage here, you’ll find a variety of niches that you can select, depending on what type of thing tickles your fancy. Options include the likes of blonde, Asian, facials, foot fetish and mature. This is quite different from how most places structure their content – but I’m down for it, especially if you’re the type of person that knows exactly what it is that they’re interested in jerking off over. There are more niches right at the bottom of the page if the more common ones aren’t your cup of tea. These include keywords like Czech, doctor, BBW and so on.

Looking at FansHere scenes

To put this place to the test, I went ahead and selected the lesbian niche: I was pleased to see that by default, they organize their uploads based on when they were added to the archive. It’s also cool to see that they have a resolution tag, with everything generally being at or above 720p – though there are actually plenty of 1080p and 1920p options, if that’s what you want to get your hands on. I love quality, so you better believe that Mr. Porn Geek is loving this!

When you select a scene, you’ll be taken through to a direct embed: the responsiveness and loading times here are acceptable, but nothing to write home about. From time to time I also got an annoying popup that asked me to subscribe to the site – come on guys, I just want to watch porn! I’m okay with paywalls, but make it absolutely clear that you actually have a paywall and not teasing me with a half-complete video that I’m jerking off to.

Final words on FansHere

There are many things that this place does well, but there are also a number of improvements that could be made. All I know for sure is that FansHere seems to hit the nail on the head more than it doesn’t. The paywall with some scenes is the most annoying factor, but if you can just skip those scenes – or sign up – you’ll be golden. This isn’t the best adult project I’ve reviewed, but it’s far from the worst either. As always, thanks so much for reading yet another XXX site review brought to you by the king of erotic analysis, Mr. Porn Geek!

Review Pros
  • Lots of content
  • Good average quality
  • Download button
Review Cons
  • Some paywalled uploads
  • Adverts