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Mr. Porn Geek hunts at Horny Wife

I first visited Horny Wife a few years back and had quite a few things to say about it, but today, I want to go back and see whether or not it’s a good place to go for XXX fun with local MILFs in heat. I’ve long been an expert in the adult dating space, so let’s crack on with the analysis and determine if Horny Wife is a great spot for hunting down affair-desiring married women who want the ultimate no strings attached adventure. Sound like a plan? Great!

What Horny Wife is all about

It’s worth pointing out almost immediately that Horny Wife isn’t completely devoted to married older women: ladies are allowed to join at any age, although it’s certainly more geared toward chicks that are in the more mature years of their life. Horny Wife sells itself on the ‘married woman wanting sex’ angle, but at the end of the day, it’s about all MILFs that feel like they need a little loving. Do remember first and foremost that this is a destination about sex: it’s not a traditional xxx dating platform. People are coming here because they want to fuck, not because they want to find their future soulmate. Sure, you might manage to find the love of your life, but that’s secondary to the pursuit of hot, no strings attached sex!

AFF and Horny Wife: the connection

So it turns out that Horny Wife is managed by a third-party known as Adult Friend Finder. AFF has been in the dating community game for a decent length of time and has a huge number of members across their brands and platforms. I’d say with a high degree of confidence that Horny Wife is a top-tier destination if you want a genuine space that has genuine people. AFF doesn’t mess around when it comes to scam accounts, suspected bots and that type of thing: they’re the real deal that wants to connect you with hot and sexy MILFs the instant that they can! I think that the original AFF was actually the largest dating site of all time too, so yeah – they know how to get the numbers in.

The local side of Horny Wife

I checked out what the deal was here in the city I live in and while I don’t have the greatest number of matches, there have still been 193 women who’ve been online in the last 24 hours that live within, say, 30 minutes of me. It might not sound like much, but remember: those are active users, not dormant accounts. I also looked around more populated cities such as London, Manchester, Texas and Sydney: we’re talking thousands of horny wives that need some cock in order to make their day a little bit brighter. Naturally, the bigger the city you live in, the more likely you are to find older women that want to bang.

My conclusion on Horny Wife

Websites devoted to local MILFs are pretty hard to find, so it’s a good thing that Horny Wife is here to make us all connect up. The ratios might be a little favored toward men, but since so many guys aren’t keen on older women, it does mean that mature lovers are going to have quite the selection of ladies to check out. Since it’s free to create an account, you might as well do that and see what the local talent looks like. I think that Horny Wife has a lot going for it and yeah: they’ll be a stellar candidate for finding no strings attached flings. Thanks for reading: now go and hunt down the perfect MILF before she finds another man!

Review Pros
  • Devoted to MILFs
  • Free to join
  • Good message interface
Review Cons
  • Heavily US focused
  • Average mobile design