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MILFaholic: a professional analysis

Feel like dating MILFs? Want to enjoy free, no strings attached fun with them? Then chances are you’ll want to sign up to MILFaholic sooner rather than later. This place is fully devoted to the finest older broads with stellar figures, a desire for cock and a penchant for pleasing. Well, that’s what I’m hoping is the case anyway! To get a full understanding of the mature sex implications of MILFaholic, let’s sign up and sign in, then I can give you my full opinion of what’s going on inside. Sound like a plan? Then read on – Mr. Porn Geek’s going to review the shit out of MILFaholic!

Member’s area of MILFaholic

After signing up – a process which took about 5 minutes after filling in all of my information – you’ll be presented with the online member portal that allows you to communicate with everyone on the site. By default, MILFaholic removes anyone that’s not compatible with your requirements, so it strips off all of the accounts created by dudes that you certainly don’t want to fuck. I should mention early on that MILFaholic is tailored toward being a sexual dating platform. Think of it as being similar to Tinder, only instead of young gun domination, it looks more at the older women on the market. Some of these chicks might be married, others single and ready to mingle. Just know that you’re coming here to date and, eventually, fuck MILFs. Profiles have a ‘dating: not interested’ feature too which some women utilize. This lets you know they’re just on the site to get boned.

Messaging at MILFaholic

As with any dating website, if you’re a dude, it’s highly recommended that you actively go out and seek women to engage with. The chances are that they’re not going to be coming to you. A shame, but yeah: being proactive is pretty much the best way to ensure that something might happen. MILFaholic has a pretty decent messaging system that’s similar to Facebook’s. You’ve got a bunch of cool features like sending GIFs, uploading videos and even playing a few games! I don’t know what the sharing nudes experience is like on here, but I imagine that plenty of older ladies are willing to show you theirs if you’re willing to show them yours. A trade is a trade, right?

The downsides of MILFaholic

I don’t like to rag on websites, but I think MILFaholic could do a better job of showing online time. Right now, it only mentions if the person has been on in the last day, week or longer than that. How am I supposed to know what chicks are worth messaging if being online 3 years ago is shown the same to me as being online 8 days ago? As someone who likes fucking cougars, this should be changed immediately, if not sooner. MILFaholic also needs to allow higher quality images to be uploaded – some broads in my city want to share their full HD nudes for Christ’s sake!

A final word on MILFaholic

With so few options online for finding love and sex from older women, I think the fact MILFaholic specializes in this niche is probably quite a decent thing. They’ve got a good database of members and they seem to know a bit about connecting up guys and girls that want to get down and dirty. I never fucked anyone from MILFaholic, but since my girlfriend probably wouldn’t let me do a thorough review like that, I don’t think that reflects poorly on MILFaholic. Anyway, if you want a cougar dating space, definitely head on over to this spot and see what’s going on: I’ve got a feeling you’re going to have a great time!

Thanks for reading and remember: no one reviews adult sex dating platforms, porn sites, webcam streaming services or any other adult community as well as Mr. Porn Geek does – peace!

Review Pros
  • Devoted to MILFs
  • Free account creation
  • Good content section
Review Cons
  • Heavily US focused
  • A few fatties