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Adoxsi: erotic massage heaven?

Am I the type of person that is willing to sit here and fantasize about all of the sexy girls on a classified ads website who offer top quality XXX massage services? Yeah, you better believe that this is exactly what I’m about to do! Mr. Porn Geek wants you to be able to find the hottest women in your city who are ready and able to give you the release of a lifetime – perhaps it’s the case that Adoxsi can provide you with exactly this? There’s only one real way for me to find out, and that’s going to involve heading on over to the project to see what the deal is. Ready to read my analysis? Let’s take a look!

The homepage of Adoxsi

When you land here for the first time, you’ll be presented with a huge number of cities across North America and indeed, the rest of the world. Although this place has a worldwide focus in theory, I think it’s safe to assume that if you’re not in the United States, you probably won’t find too many adverts. I did look around a few other places – like Sydney in Australia and Bristol in the United Kingdom – suffice to say, there are going to be far better spots for you to find erotic massages from a website that specifically caters toward your country. Adoxsi is mainly for our friends in red, white and blue – nothing wrong with that, but I thought I’d give you a heads up before you go wasting too much time here.

The concept of Adoxsi

Put simply, this website is an alternative to Backpage and similar in many respects to Craigslist. People can very quickly and conveniently put up adverts that they can then share with anyone who’s taking a look – pretty cool system and one I think that we’re all quite familiar with. Do note that Adoxsi is completely free to post on and they don’t exactly screen the adverts: this means that you will have to play it safe and if anything looks a little weird to you, don’t take the risk. Mr. Porn Geek knows that for most people, this isn’t going to be an issue, but if you’re new to this game – tread carefully, because it doesn’t take much for you to get burned! The last thing I want is for you to stand there with your dick in your hand, not knowing that you’re being pranked or worse.

Adoxsi has a number of sections – after picking on a particular region, you’ll then be presented with choices associated with that location. If you ever used Craigslist back in the day, you’ll likely be quite familiar with what Adoxsi is bringing to the table: you can find services here including landscapers and cleaners, rentals, jobs in the medical industry and so on. While these are nice to have – we’re just looking at the body rubs section. You know as well as I do that if you’re going to a classified ads website in the current year, that’s because you want to do something naughty. Just as well that Adoxsi is here to assist, right?

Adoxsi: simple and convenient

So once you’ve picked on a particular region and then selected body rubs, you’ll be presented with a chronological list of all the girls who have posted up their ads. One thing to note about Adoxsi is that they don’t hand select the girls here – they have zero involvement, in fact. It’s a highly libertarian spot and it’s up to you to be the master of your own destiny. This means only messing around with girls who you know are good for it and doing your own thinking when it comes to deciding on whether or not a service provider is going to be good for you. Adoxsi doesn’t hold your hand, but the plus side of this is that service providers are far more likely to post here – no hoops to jump through and straight to the action. There are pros and cons to both approaches – but if you’re keen for a body rub and want one right now, this is a great spot to find exactly that.

Looking at Adoxsi’s profiles

When the sexy masseuses here post, they provide you with a small description about themselves, information about their prices and what type of services they’re willing to provide. You can also check out images that have been posted – some girls are more willing than others to show off the goods. It doesn’t appear to be possible to find videos on Adoxsi – maybe that’s something that they can add to their platform further down the road? A lot of women in the adult space like to be able to provide you with a small clip or two that shows off their best features – in the age of photoshop and whatever else, it’s always nice to have this extra level of confirmation about what a girl who’s going to give you an erotic massage actually looks like.

There’s a decent chunk of variety here. Do you like curvy Asian goddesses? You’ll find them. Perhaps you’re more interested in having a massage from a skinny ebony girl who’s barely legal? Also something that you can get here at Adoxsi! I’m sure that plenty of these broads give great hand to body attention too. They’ll bust a nut, that I’m sure of.

A final word on Adoxsi

Guys – Mr. Porn Geek has said pretty much everything that he needs to on the topic of this particular hub. I’ve had a great time looking around and while I think there are similar spots to get great massages, this site is a fine alternative that you can consider for your classified ad needs. They’ve got all of America covered and a few international posts too – what’s not to love? Anyhow, thank you so much for reading: I’ll catch you in my next review. Peace!

Review Pros
  • Easy to use
  • Lots of cities
  • Low barrier to entry
Review Cons
  • No screening
  • Some inactive cities