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MrPornGeek Checks out Rubmaps

That moment where you’re getting rubbed in just the right place, and just the right way, is heaven. There are places where you can find your happy ending all over the country and across the globe. Rub Maps has a listing of erotic massage parlors, so if you are looking for erotic massage parlor reviews, as well as the best places to get an erotic massage near you, Rub Maps fills these needs. The site is only focused on the United States of America, so if you are traveling to the country or live here already, it is perfect. Like pretty much every other site in existence, Rub Maps has both positives and negatives to it. Get all of the information you need to find erotic massage in your state.

Is This Actually Really Discrete?

People who are looking for erotic massage are interested in discretion, for obvious reasons. Safety and security are important, and Rub Maps helps people find clean and professional places to get erotic massage experiences quickly from attractive babes and others who really know what they are doing. Not only that, but the website has options for you to determine how far away your services are from where you live. If you have “tension,” Rub Maps can help.

Where Fantasy Meets Reality

Where fantasy meets reality is one of the slogans of this website. I was honestly a little bit surprised at the number of massage parlors listed on the site. Some of them had the latest activity as little as the day before, and erotic massage beauties were listed at each one. These include women like Joy, Nikki, Sarah, Angie, Sunny, and numerous others. These were all people in an area I’m going to visit this upcoming weekend. Fantasy can meet reality all across the United States of America. Some states have fewer parlors than others, and some states have tons. California, as an example, has over 6,000 listings. Michigan has over 200, and smaller states like Maine have over 25.

Convenient Erotic Massage Site Features

I am a very visual person, as you might be able to tell from the many top porn website reviews, top porn game reviews, and top porn tube site reviews I have on the site. I love massage as well, which is why I am interested in reviewing as many best erotic massage websites as I can. One of the features that I enjoyed on this website is the map option. You can look at maps of your area to find locations of parlors, instead of just addresses. Rub Maps claims itself to be the best massage parlor locator, and I cannot dispute that claim. There are also reviews about individual massage parlors, as well as pricings. One of the best features on the site, however, is the distance calculator. This tells you approximately how far any particular massage parlors from your location.

Rub Maps Advanced Search Feature

Search options are immensely important to adult websites of any type. In terms of erotic massage, it is vital to be able to search for what you are looking for specifically. There are numerous types of erotic massage out there, including Tantric massage, Nuru massage, duo massage, traditional massage, happy endings massage, and many others. If you have particular preferences, you can find them here. With the advanced search option, you can search for several other things as well.

Fields that you can use to search for your fantasy rub online include name, masseuse ethnicity, rates, features, payment options, and more. From a physical point of view, finding people by age, pussy trimmings, tit size, and what activities they enjoy doing, was also a massive benefit. Some people will drive for a little bit more distance to find their ideal fantasy person. With so many advanced search options available on the site, there are plenty of ways to find the ideal massage parlor for you.

Erotic Massage Forum

One of the major positives for Rub Maps is the forum. This is a place where people who are just starting to explore the world of erotic massage can get fantastic tips and have conversations with people who have experience navigating it. There are also plenty of places for people to chat about their ideal massage experiences. The forum lets people talk about a large variety of topics, and you can access it quickly and easily. You will need to register for an account on the site to access the forum, and you also need to acknowledge that you are over 18 years of age.

Other Useful Areas Of Rub Maps

There are numerous other useful pages on the site as well, including a slang section. You can learn all of the lingoes you need to be aware of to have the best experience possible. This includes abbreviations, which are fairly common in erotic massage. The list is extensive and includes many terms that I was not even aware of. This is surprising to me, considering how much I have been around porn websites. It just goes to show you that there’s excitement in continuing to learn and explore the world.

Memberships To Rub Maps Available

Memberships are available for the site, which allows you to access certain areas of the site that you cannot utilize otherwise. This includes in-depth reviews that people leave for each of the studios. These reviews can be highly valuable, specifically because they give you information pertaining to specific places. Depending on the reviews, you may decide that a studio that is another five or 10 miles away from the closest one to you is the best for your particular needs. Having a fantastic experience at an erotic massage parlor is easy to do, especially when you’re seeking out the best places to suit your desires.

Final Notes On Rub Maps

This is a website that offers a lot of handy information in a clean and organized way. The forums are incredible, and there are a lot of listings here. Some states have more listings than others, but with a focus on the United States specifically, Rub Maps has done a fantastic job putting together a site designed to connect people to their fantasy experience.

Review Pros
  • US Erotic Massage Listings
  • Detailed Massage Info
  • Erotic Massage Reviews
  • Fantastic Forum
Review Cons
  • US Listings Only
  • Membership needed to view all