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MrPornGeek checks out jizzings

jizzings holds a huge collection of porn GIFs that are fun, naughty and filthy. While these GIFs are great fun and the whole site has been enjoyable since my arrival, my visit to jizzings has thrown up some questions about this type of porn that I would like to ask you sexy lot below. However, while these questions do directly affect jizzings, it doesn’t mean that this porn site is shit or anything. So, now that I have confused all of you sexy folk, let’s delve deeper into this site and then into my confusing questions about it, shall we?

The GIFs on jizzings

So, the GIFs on jizzings have been extremely enjoyable. There are thousands of sexy GIFs on this  site, and all of them seem to be pretty damn cool! Now, there are a handful of GIFs on this site that a little too low quality for my liking, particular as they are all pretty small. So, when the GIF is low quality, you have to squint like a blind cunt to see anything at all. For the most part, though, the porn GIFs on this site are awesome. There are some of your favorite pornstars featured on jizzings and some of the sexiest amateurs too.

I like the layout of the GIFs too. The portrait GIFs are just bigger than the landscape ones, which is awesome. This means that the porn GIFs are laid out a bit strangely, but it works nicely. In fact, the whole styling of this site has worked really well since I arrived.

Can you actually “enjoy” jizzings?

As I started exploring jizzings, the question that came to mind straight away was “can someone actually use the porn on jizzings to have a wank?” I mean, this is porn, after all, so can you actually enjoy the porn on this site as you could on any other site? You have a few seconds to enjoy the porn on jizzings and then it starts playing again. Now, most of the GIFs on jizzings are so good that you can watch them over and over again, but eventually, you gotta move on and find some more tits bouncy, more cumshots and more sluts swallowing cocks. So, I suppose I haven’t answered my question about jizzings, but maybe you can!

My final thoughts on jizzings

If you “enjoy jizzings do let me know. I think that jizzings is a great porn GIF porn site. The design of the site is nice, all of the GIFs have worked, and most of them are HD. However, whether you can actually cum on jizzings is a totally different story. While I have enjoyed the GIFs on jizzings, I didn’t enjoy them for any length of time that would make it possible for me to soak my desk with cum!

Review Pros
  • Loads of GIFs
  • Modern design
Review Cons
  • Some low-quality GIFs