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MrPornGeek checking out the Buttman porn 

For anyone who doesn’t know, Buttman is all about anal porn, shocking I know! I thought it was about people dressed as butts as well! It probably holds the largest collection of videos of ladies stuffing things up their butt ever (I can’t confirm this, my knowledge of anal porn isn’t what it was, I had an accident several years ago with a glass jar, and since then I have avoided anal porn). There are some very sexy ladies wanting their ass full of hard cock on Buttman. In fact, there are sexy ladies wanting their asses full of fucking anything on Buttman! There is a young lady featured on the site at the moment who is stuffing what appears to be a dog’s chew toy up her butt! Whatever floats your boat girls! Some girls like a stiff cock up their ass, others like a squeaky pig, oink, oink, ladies, oink, oink!

Buttman is an Evil Angel website so you know its a good place to find some great porn. Evil Angel has been around for a while and shoots some of the best porn in the business! Evil Angel also has access to some of the naughtiest girls in porn from up and comers to the pros so Buttman is definitely the place to go to find some of the best anal porn in the world!

The layout and design of Buttman

Of course, this being a site from one of the top names in porn, you know the layout and design of Buttman is going to be good! When you first go on the site, you are shown a slideshow of some of the sexiest asses in porn gapping, full of cocks and ready to receive some hard cocks! As you scroll down the page, you are greeted with videos of some sexy women ready to get fucked hard in the ass. These videos also have trailers which is lovely to see! You have the option of joining straight away to watch the full anal experience or you can view a trailer for the scene to see if it is for you. This is an excellent touch, well done Buttman.

When you do click on a trailer to view, the video loads instantly and it is a high definition video too. That is awesome! Buttman has really worked hard on this site, and you can tell by the loading speeds and modern design and layout.  

The Buttman Magazine and full-length videos

There is a magazine that accompanies the Buttman site, however, you wouldn’t know it looking at this porn site. There is no mention of a magazine at all on Buttman, which is slightly disappointing. I’m sure it is offered to members, but it would be great to know that Buttman’s magazine is there when you visit the site as an unpaying guest. I love porn magazines, I lost all mine in a recent bukkake-related incident, so I am on the lookout for some new porn magazines.  

There are a few hints to full-length anal porn movies on Buttman, but again, these are very few and far between! I would imagine that someone like John Stagliano, a hall of framer and godfather of Gonzo porn is perhaps more focused on individual scenes nowadays, but if you offer full-length porn movies, we want to know about it! There aren’t many porn sites offering new HD full-length porn movies of any kind, so if Buttman is, tell us John!

Additional features for Buttman to consider

Me telling Evil Angel to add some things to their porn site is very much like someone telling Trump that he’s a massive, gaping cunt. They already know! However, there are a few additional sexy features that Buttman could add that would make the site damn near perfect!

Firstly, Buttman could consider adding a pornstar directory. They may have one behind the paywall, but I couldn’t find one on the free part of the site. I think having a pornstar directory on Buttman could be a great thing. Firstly, it allows newcomers to the site to see the names you have worked with. They may find that you have fucked someone in the ass they didn’t expect, and that may push them to get a membership to watch that video! Some pornstars go their whole career without ever shoving a cock up their ass so if you have a video of one of these pornstars doing just that, I want to know about it! 

They could also consider expanding their categories sections into a gapping collection of awesomeness. There are about six categories currently on Buttman. Of course, there may not be many categories for an anal site to consider, but they have missed teens, matures, MILF’s and stuff like off of their categories list. Adding stuff like that to Buttman would be a nice way of finishing off an awesome anal site! 

The Geeks final thoughts on Buttman  

Well, what isn’t there to like about Buttman! It is a site full of sexy women ready to take hard cocks in their asses, and if they aren’t quite ready, there are videos of them stretching their little assholes in preparation for the cocks!  

The layout of Buttman.com is also fantastic, and so is the design. I can barely fault Buttman to be honest! I’m not the biggest of anal porn fans it must be said, but even I am happy to stick around on this site and see some of porns sexiest women get nailed right up the poop shoot! If you are a fan of anal porn, then you’ll love this site! It has most of the sexiest ladies in porn taking some big cocks up their asses. If Buttman made a few very minor changes, it would be the perfect site to go and enjoy some anal porn on!

Review Pros
  • Loads of high-quality porn
  • Excellent design
Review Cons
  • No pornstar directory