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The Internet Adult Film Database

Some girls out there are so good at fucking that they make a job of it. If you happen to know one such model in the adult industry that tickles your fancy, you might want to consider checking out IAFD.

What does it stand for, you ask? IAFD.com means ‘Internet Adult Film Database’. Their job is to archive, catalog and document pretty much every porn scene and actress that has ever appeared in front of the camera. It currently covers just over 180,000 titles and 150,000 performers – if there’s someone in particular you’re looking for, this site has what you need.

Of course, you can always use IAFD to find a model that you don’t know already. The ‘top 10 actresses viewed’ is a good place to start. Models such as Alina Li, Tara Morgan and Isis Nile top the list with their big commitments to the erotic industry.

You can also see which DVDs are big right now (Anal Models 3, Best Friends Share Everything and Just Like Dad 4). or take a look at some reviews of various DVDs. All of the reviews seem to be submitted by users of the site and give you a good idea of what to expect the next time you grab a porn DVD.

Its a very well organized site and one look at the homepage tells me these guys are very big on lists. They have list after list along both sides of the site with top 10 this and that. Juicy updates from their blog are populated in the middle. You’ll notice too that they’re very inclusive so they shine the spotlight on both straight and gay performers.

IAFD isn’t just a site, its a community for performers as well as their fans. Its a great spot to catch up on anything and everything that matters in the adult industry. They have resources you can use to dig deep into their archive for the info you desire. They also have an advanced search box if you’d rather go that route. The updates tab up top is the perfect way to browse through the newest movies, reviews, headshots and performers. This is also where you can quickly access any movie and performer updates.

But Does IAFD.com Have Actual Porn?

Oh man, I hate this part of my job – the part where I have to deliver bad news. But, someone’s got to do it so here we go. No, IAFD doesn’t have actual porn. They’re not a porn site per say, they’re a website about porn and pornstars. That means they’ll give you the 411 on what’s hot and who fucked who in a new anal scene but they don’t have the scenes there for you to stream or download. They do however link to the sites where you can go watch the scenes but as with these things, expect to pay for access. Thankfully, the IAFD folks are very transparent about the prices so you know what you’re getting and how much its going to cost you before you pull out your wallet.

If you landed on this review while searching for IAFD porn, I’m sorry that I wasn’t able to give you better news but cheer up a bit because even though these guys are stingy with videos, they’re very generous with pictures. In fact, I saw a lot of uncensored hardcore pictures both in their very detailed reviews and in a special picture gallery section. So yeah, I guess in a sense we could say there is some porn on IAFD and it’ll especially make picture collectors happy campers!

Your Adult Video News For The Adult Entertainment World

So what does this site offer? Well, IAFD is not for everyone. There are two main targeted audiences who are interested in the content included in what this site is offering: the biggest porn fans and the teams of editors, webmasters and curators of the porn collections. Basically, this is the place where you will get the adult video news. Well, they aren’t news per se, but you get everything you want to know about all the new titles released on the internet. You will also get to discover an archive of movies that is stretching back decades. Even the quality movies of the ’60s are included in these pages, with all the actors, directors and companies who worked on them. All scenes are featured like these, and they come with information for every person you see on the screen and, of course, the guys who worked behind the camera.

You will get all the details that can answer any questions you might have about a movie or any detail of the professional work and experience of porn stars you follow since a long time ago. The site will provide a lot of info, from the studio that filmed and posted the movie online, the year in which it came out, the formats in which you can view it online or offline, and even the main kinks and fetishes as abbreviations in the notes.

The Most Complete Porn Star Index In The Adult Industry

IADF has a well-organized model page for all kinds of porn stars, no matter if they are male or female. Besides the media library with the titles in which they performed, you get bio info on the page, where you’ll find a model’s hair color, eye color, height, weight, city of origin, and even the date on which the performer joined the industry and the date in which she left the business if that’s applicable. They even have a list of the AVN, XBIZ, or other main awards that the performers have won during their careers. You will also get pages where you can find links from where you can purchase the DVDs or where you can watch online any movies of all porn stars or all directors.

The site has some tools that might help a lot in writing some interesting blog posts and organizing your collection of porn better. My favorite features in the resource page where the tools can be found are the birthday tool and the astrology tool. With the birthday tool, you can find out who are the babes born on any day of the year. With the astrology tool, you can find out what signs your favorite porn stars are.

They also have a tool that some people might find at the limits of respect. It’s kind of crazy, but I know lots of dudes who appreciate this kind of information. Not only that the “dead porn star list” is offering you the names of the performers who passed away, but it also gives you all the dates of the tragic events and even the causes and extended long descriptions of where the case is. And to show the world that the “dead pornstar list” isn’t disrespectful for the ones who passed away, the webmasters of the site have even included Peter Van Aarle in this list. You might not know who this guy is, but he’s actually one of the founders and great minds behind IAFD.

Your final thoughts, Mr. Porn Geek?

What’s not to love about this database? It’s as comprehensive as they come but I wish it had more porn. The porn photos are great, don’t get me wrong, but when I think of IAFD porn, I think of videos too and not just pictures so even clips would be a wonderful addition here. But overall, they do a fantastic job of capturing porn history in real-time. The site is very active. I’m writing this review in October 2021, and they’ve recently added actors and actresses who are new in the American industry, from New Jersey to Los Angeles, and also babes from all across the world, especially from Russia and Japan. Another thing I love about this site is their approach when it comes to broken pages. It’s impossible to compile a site where they have all web scenes and every single point of a model or director’s career. But there’s a button where you can suggest corrections. Apparently, this feature is actually active, and they correct all the mistakes in the pages viewed by their diehard readers.

This is kind of like IMDb or TMDb but for porn – and on steroids. All that is my way of saying I think you’ll have a blast browsing through this database. This site is meeting all my expectations. It’s safe, well organized and has all the rights to be called the Internet Adult Film Database.

Review Pros
  • Over 100'000 models
  • Top lists
Review Cons
  • Some adverts
  • Homepage needs more porn