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If you thought that the niche of porn model directories couldn’t get any more refined, you’d be amazed to see that Define Fetish exists. See, it’s not just enough to be a pornstar in order to feature on this site – you’ve got to be someone that has actively taken part in BDSM and kinky pornography scenes. To date, the archive of Define Fetish has managed to collect just over 4,000 fetish models, 20,000 galleries and 10,500 videos for you to enjoy. The site is structured and organised really well, allowing for smooth and easy viewing of the material that’s provided.

Your options here include looking through the fetish model library using the alphabetical list or alternatively, selecting one of the niches on the right-hand side. Niches include BBWs, CFNM, Enemas, Fisting, Pissing and Trampling – whatever your personal flavor is in the realm of kinky porn pleasures, suffice to say that this site has you covered. You might also find that simply going to the videos page and looking at the thumbnails page is a great way to find something new to enjoy. The clips are relatively high quality and link to the source site too if you want to get more.

If you got here by googling define fetish, then you landed on the right page at the right time because this site gives you a crash course on everything kinky. Actually, scratch that – Define Fetish dishes up a very comprehensive menu of everything folks into vanilla porn would consider too extreme. This porn is edgier and oh so much more delicious. It’s definitely unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. Its darker, more intriguing, more jaw dropping and more intense than regular girl/guy fucking.

The thing that makes Define Fetish stand out from the crowd though is that it features hot chicks bound up, getting whipped or fisted and so on. These are girls you’d never suspect to be into this kind of thing but they get off on being humiliated and dominated. Check out the top 100 fetish models list to see which one of your fave pornstars has dared to go down this dark path. My honest opinion? With its flawless design, perfect organization, advanced search box and massive archive, this is simply the best fetish porn model library out there.

Review Pros

  • Lots of free content
  • Great model archive

Review Cons

  • Adverts
  • No top search feature
  • Videos are short