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I’m not sure exactly why porn GIF sites became popular and why they still exist, but I guess for people that don’t want videos, they’re a good alternative. Anyway, today I’m taking a look at and it’s basically a Pintrest but for adult entertainment. The site does have images ,but it allows GIFs to be displayed and it has quite a few of them. The homepage is devoted to showing the most popular content in the last week, but you can use the dropdown box in the top right-hand corner to sort them by other metrics. I recommend this if you want to tinker with the display a little.

If you click on the ‘categories’ tab, you’ll see that you can just filter everything based upon whether or not it’s a GIF. There are also other options, such as teen, big boobs, and the such like. The GIFs on are a mixture of professional content and amateur material: there’s also a few black and white erotic clips that pop up on Tumblr from time to time too. The GIFs are relatively short and nothing too amazing, but you do get to see a lot of them and many come with sources attached so you know where your adult GIF came from.

Review Pros
  • Nice site design
  • Loads quickly
Review Cons
  • No GIF previews
  • Smaller than other sites