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I know that some people reading Mr. Porn Geek just love virtual stripper software, which is why I went ahead and sampled the various options available so you guys could see what was worth looking at. After a lot of testing, I discovered that iStripper seems to be the best around. This product is available on both Windows and Mac devices and yeah – it essentially works as a service to provide you with free sexy babes that come up on your screen every so often and provide a little striptease. A simple concept, but it’s executed pretty damn well.

The download process for iStripper is easy as pie and the installation is real smooth. The file is only a few MB in size and once downloaded, you pick which scenes you want to run and it’ll download them from there on in. iStripper is actually made by the same guys behind Virtua Girl and this appears to be their new desktop stripping program. I probably wouldn’t use this myself, but if you’re in the market for what they describe as ‘desire on demand’, look no further. I’m actually pretty damn impressed with how good the quality of these desktop strippers is!

Review Pros
  • Lots of girls
  • Free download
Review Cons
  • Some premium scenes
  • No Linux version