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I know that it might be a bit silly of me to recommend Chrome, but I believe that there are people out there that do not know this is a piece of software you should be using for a number of reasons. The interface of Chrome is so simple and easy – it’s developed by one of the biggest companies in the world and for my money, the speed at which it runs is absolutely incredible. Firefox is a close second product, but even they admit that the ability for Chrome to manage multiple tabs and do so at speed is absolutely beyond what other major browsers can offer.

Chrome’s automatic Google search integration is perfect for quick searches and, let’s be honest, using Google as your search engine of choice is the best way to go. It’s also got a really neat Interface and the number of extensions available for it beats a lot of the competition. Lastly, the developer tools for Chrome are fantastic and because it’s built on the open source Chromium, you can have a look under the hood yourself and mess with whatever you see fit. Fantastic, to say the very least – get Chrome today!

Review Pros
  • Almost open source
  • Great tab management
Review Cons
  • Eats RAM like a fat kid eats cake