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I’ve always been a fan of the concept of open source projects, but I’ve seen very few things that actually tickle my fancy that have all of their code put out there online. JDownloader is one open source project I can get behind and that’s for a number of reasons: it’s good, it’s developed well and regular updates means it’s kept up to date with all of the latest security features. It’s not an adult-focused download program at all, which might make you think it’s not as good – but the opposite is true because you can use J Downloader for literally anything!

Available on Windows, Linux and Mac, JDownloader.org provides an easy way for you to get access to all of the files you want and store them in an advanced program that can manage thousands of files at once. It has never been easier to download a heap of content on the web and store it locally with minimal effort – the team at JDownloader have really gone out of their way to ensure everyone and anyone can use their software. It’s light, easy to use and has a nice interface that’ll give you access to all of the features you could possibly want.

Review Pros
  • Open source
  • Great interface
Review Cons
  • A couple of bugs
  • Limited support