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TugPass is a mega-site that features mostly handjob sites but it’s certainly not limited to tugs and rubs. Of the ten network sites, at least five of them focus exclusively on cocks being milked, but the rest have moms who love sucking dongs, tiny teens getting their extra tight cunts stretched by big dicks, masseuses dominating their horny clients and massive, blinding cumshots. Even with all the other actions going on though, every single site in this network comes back to one thing: hands wrapped around dicks, coaxing every last bit of cum out of them!

So, it worth your time? If you love a good stroke job, then the answer is a resounding yes! The price is just right for the amount of content you get. We’re talking hundreds and hundreds of videos and pictures with new ones being added multiple times a week across the network. The high-def porn vids can be streamed online or downloaded, and the high-resolution porn pics come with a zip file option if you want to download them. They even offer unlimited downloads, so you don’t have to worry about download limits! If it’s a good dick stroking you want to see, you can’t go wrong with Tug Pass.

TugPass Review

People love handjobs. They feel good, and you can see all the action. The end of a handjob is sometimes called a happy ending; I think I can guess why. Even though handjobs are the name of the network, or so it seems, this grouping of websites has a lot more to offer; it is not a one-trick porn site.

There are well over 1,300 scenes on TugPass, and they average around 15 minutes in length. Some of them are a little longer, and some of them are a little shorter. The content they serve up is exclusive to the site, and there is no download limit, so these babes are yours for the long run.

The site is still putting out new porn movies too, which is one of the reasons I love memberships to porn sites, I like being one of the people in the world that is first to see my favorite pornstars movie is awesome!

Sexy Names Say It All

With site names like Teen Tugs, Cum Blast City, Ebony Tugs, and many others, TugPass mixed their handjobs with other genres to offer porn with many different body types and people of different personalities as well. There is some roleplay fun in some of the handjob clips, while others get right into the action. These are epic cumshots that feature the hottest babes on the planet. There are creampies, and facials, as well.

The movies that are here mostly all in HD, though there are a few places you will find less than HD quality. Either way, with the majority being great quality and many of the movies having high-resolution photo sets as well. There is a lot of top quality porn to enjoy.

Additionally, there are updates happening each week, multiple time per week. This means that your porn collection is ever expanding. Stop by the latest and let them know what you think. The updates aren’t always consistent, with there being as few as three, which is still not bad, to as many as eight porn updates per week.

TugPass Bonus Content

There are ten total sites in this network, and although there are plenty of genres available, that theme of at least part of the scene being a handjob runs through it all. There are over nine adult websites on this porn network, with some listed in the intro. Short overview: a lot of variety and a great deal!

TugPass Discounts

Mr. Porn Geek has the best rates for you and your porn. Setting all of this up and taking time to write all of these reviews is a lot of fun, but what is even better is the deals I have gotten. The lowest prices on TugPass are here.

The Best of TugPass

There are over nine great sites here, and they are updating weekly, giving you access to the latest and greatest. Add it to your spank bank and imagine that you are right there getting a tugjob from the hottest female pornstars. There are ebony queens and 18+ teens. There are MILFS and more.

The website has some excellent quality, and though not all of the porn movies are in HD, there is a great selection. There are hi-res porn photo sets as well that are available to download in Zip. This a fun niche sites that also extends outside the niche to give some fantastic porn film offerings,

The Worst of TugPass

TugPass does have a cross-sale that you need to pay attention to when you sign up for a membership. A cross sale is when a website has a pre-checked box that “confirms” that you also want to purchase another website or deal. If you do not uncheck the box, you are going to get charged for the additional site or service. This is very common on porn sites, so make sure to be on the lookout. No need to pay for something you will never use or do not want.

One of the more strange things about the site, and a small negative, is that the network does not have the same formats and sizes across all of its sites. I have no idea why, but this is a thing.

There is not much in the way of features on this TugPass. Some people like things to be a little more simple, but I like to have an advanced search feature around. More importantly, I would love to have tags to help organize everything on the network. Going through each site has its benefits, It puts a lot of porn from similar niches in place, but I like “liking” for my top pornstar choices.

Also, rating videos is nice, but I also enjoy commenting and saving favorites. Overall, the site is fantastic, especially for people that want to get in, see their porn, blast their cum, and get out. There are not a lot of whistles and bells here.

The Bottom Line about TugPass

TugPass is not the biggest porn network out there, and it is not the smallest either, It has a substantial amount of porn content that fits within its niche and has a great sense of identity. TugPass is passionate about tug jobs. And it is passionate about porn in general. There are many high-quality clips, and getting off to them is fun and easy. For people who love seeing hands around cocks milking them to climax, there is a lot of great content. Think about some of those more significant sites. They spread their scenes around to hit a variety of genres, right, but they likely don’t have anywhere near the amount of handjob porn movies that TugPass has. TugPass is not a site to leave off of your list. Also, with the top deals on porn, here at Mr. Porn Geek, you are getting a fantastic rate that will keep your wallet happy too. Time to get your happy ending. 😉

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  • 10 sites included in one
  • Updated regularly

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