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Mr. Porn Geek’s opinion on Jerk mate

You may have heard of these webcam streaming platforms before – they’re pretty popular nowadays as guys start to feel that live sex is the way to go if you’re looking for adult material online. In today’s review, I’m going to be giving you the juicy details on Jerk mate, a site that hypes itself to be the ‘ultimate tool to find your perfect camgirl’. Now with hundreds of thousands of women online right now streaming themselves, it can be quite hard to get your hands on the right one – what does Jerk mate do in this regard? To find out, Mr. Porn Geek is going to take a look and try it out himself! Keep reading and I’ll give you the full story.

Trying out Jerk mate for the first time

So once you go through the initial confirmation that you’re over the age of 18, Jerkmate will show you a free live stream from a model who might be of interest to you. On the right-hand side of the page, you’ve got the ability to pick girls based on a number of different metrics. The first option is ethnicity, so if you like white chicks, ebony girls, Asian babes or Latina honeys, all four options are available for you to click on! Anyone familiar with Mr. Porn Geek will be able to tell you that I went straight for the Asian option: I’m addicted to Oriental chicks these days!

Next up, you can pick hair color and then finally, the type of body that they’ve got. This last option is slightly interesting, since you’ve got BBW, chubby, fit and skinny as options – I wouldn’t mind Jerkmate combining these together so it’s either ‘thick’ or ‘thin’. I suppose you’d need a middle-ground option there too, right? Ah, I dunno – whatever man, I’m just talking about what I’m seeing and if you don’t like it, go somewhere else! After hitting the skinny option, I was presented with my ‘Jerkmate’ and then prompted to create an account. This is where the lander page transitions from its current style into what’s actually going on here: this is just a cool way to look at the Streamate platform.

Talking shop on Jerkmate

So yeah, Jerkmate is just Streamate, which is a pretty well established platform out there if you’re looking for live XXX streaming entertainment. Hell, I’ve always considered Streamate to be in the top three webcam communities, alongside MFC and Jasmin – not sure why they’ve decided to market it like this, but oh well! All I’m going to do now is flick on over to the Streamate website so I can talk a little about what’s here and why you might want to check it out. Sound like a good idea? Okay, then carry on and we’ll get to the bottom of the webcam fun that’s available on Jerkmate.

The first thing to note about Streamate is that it has a lot of performers – around dinner time here in the United Kingdom, I was presented with over 1,500 girls who were online and ready for some action. Unlike a few other places, Jerkmate isn’t just limited to the ladies either: there were more than 120 guys if those are your cup of tea, with just under half of them being tagged as ‘gay’. That said, 11 were tagged as straight – I don’t know how many guys here are actually looking for some man on man action!

Exploring the streams provided by Jerkmate

The thing which has always separated Streamate from the competition is the fact that they do provide what I’d consider to be the objectively highest quality streams out there. Lots of the performers are coming to the website with 720p webcams and in some cases, 1080p is even supported. Those 1920 x 1080 performances are typically only on official broadcasts though – from time to time, Streamate will hire a pornstar or popular model to come in and put on the experience of a lifetime for all the punters who are unsure of which girl is best to watch.

Sound quality is generally quite solid, the chat sidebar is great to communicate with the model and they’ve even got a cool ‘similar models’ function if you’d like to get more of the same. Full-screen viewing is available, although I think keeping the interface active is probably a good idea – especially since almost all of the display area is occupied by the camgirl’s feed anyway. During his time at Jerk mate, Mr. Porn Geek sampled around 15 different streams – they were fantastic. Default sorting seems to prioritise girls with lots of viewers and history on the website: you won’t be getting lower-quality girls popping up unless you decide to go hunting for them. A little bit unfortunate for them, but hey – I’m here to have a good time, not give every would-be camgirl on the planet a few bucks so they can feel good about themselves!

Other cool places at Streamate

I actually forgot to mention earlier that if you’re looking for one particular type of camgirl, Streamate has the tools available so that you can hone in on whatever fetish it is that you enjoy the most. For example, there were 61 Asians, 242 Latinas, 28 lesbians, 20 muscly chicks and 78 redheads online at the time of me writing my review – quite cool if you ask me! You can also pick stuff like smokers, transsexuals, mistresses and more: the world’s your oyster when you make Streamate the webcam community of your choice.

Final thoughts from Mr. Porn Geek

That’s just about me done with this review – I think you can probably tell from what I’ve said here that I really enjoyed my time on Jerk mate and I think you’re going to really find quite the similar situation. Now the final thing I will say is this: checking out the website is completely free of charge, so don’t be afraid to use my link and see what’s waiting for you on the other side. Jerkmate’s an interesting idea and I hope they develop on it more as a teaser display of the Streamate brand but yeah – if you like having access to over a thousand live gals who’ll get naked for you on cam, this is one place not to skip.

Review Pros

  • Meet Hot New Partners
  • Turn Solo Porn Into Online Sex
  • 720p HD streams

Review Cons

  • Your Girlfriend May Get Jealous
  • Average chat interface