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Mr. Porn Geek reviews Trans Angels

When landing on the tour page of Trans Angels, I’m seeing a pretty modern looking website that has a whole bunch of preview content showing hot shemale babes getting fucked and in some cases, doing the fucking themselves. You’re told that when you become a member, you get exclusive videos and a cinematic quality archive of the best transsexuals in the business. They make it clear that they think they’re the best transsexual porn site on the planet and today, Mr. Porn Geek is going to give his expert opinion on whether or not this is the case. As we all know though – paysites like this need proper consideration, which is why I’m headed inside for a complete subscriber experience. Let’s get to it!

First impressions once inside Trans Angels

The design of the Trans Angels Network switches quite a lot once you’re inside: it might be the case that this was acquired by an outside company at some point, but all research I conducted on the topic didn’t give me any useful information. You’re given an advert before you actually go through to the member’s area – I dislike this, especially when we’re paying for something! Anyway, after skipping the offer, Trans Angels presents the latest uploads to the platform. I’m reviewing this site in July of 2019: the last upload was 4 days ago, before that was 2, then 5, then 2. Judging from these values, I’m going to suggest that two new uploads are added to Trans Angels on a weekly basis. Is it a fantastic ratio? Good luck finding a transsexual destination that’s more frequent than this one when it comes to fresh flicks!

If you scroll down in the member’s area, you’ll be show a small collection of the most popular transsexual videos that the site has ever had, as well as the most recent babes who’ve had their content published on the site. That’s pretty much it from the homepage side of things, but I’m obviously going to look at the header links, as I think there’s a little bit of value there to discover before enjoying the shemale porn on offer. There’s a bit of a mixed first impression from me, but I’ll reverse complete judgment until I take a look at the other types of things available here on

Looking at the header links on Trans Angels

You’ll see that Trans Angels has a bunch of header links, some of which are useful, some not so much. I’d probably just avoid the ‘live cams’ and ‘promotions’ sections: one of the great things about Mr. Porn Geek is that he doesn’t have to tell you to go and look at adverts you’re not interested in. We signed up for shemale porn – so that’s what I’m going to judge this place on! Anyway, there’s a models page here which seems particularly useful: I clicked on it and all of the performers who’ve ever shot content on Trans Angels will appear before you. These are shown by default based on recent activity, but you can switch this over to number of scenes, views and ratings if you’d prefer. Shemales featured on Trans Angels include the likes of Aubrey Kate, Natalie Mars, Venus Lux and Casey Kisses – if you’re someone who enjoys MtF porn videos, these girls are probably well known to you already.

Alongside the link to the models, you’ll also find a categories option – this is great if you’ve got a specific niche that you’re interested in looking at. There aren’t too many to actually select from here, but stuff like ass to mouth, Latina and tattoos are covered among others. Just like the models, once you click on a particular category you’ll have the ability to then filter and select content based on a number of metrics. The best option is probably rating – you want to see the cream of the crop, right? Trans Angels also has a favorites feature, but I don’t think I need to talk much about that: it ought to be self-explanatory.

Trying smut at Trans Angels

Let’s go ahead now and actually try out some of the content on Trans Angels: I think this is the best way to determine whether or not this is a place I want to recommend. When I was in the model section, I noticed a cute little slut by the name of Miran with a dark body – I selected her because I knew that the first shemale fucking video I’d watch would have to contain that beauty performing. Turns out that she’s from Japan and has 4 scenes: I selected the latest one and got the coconut oil ready so that I could squeeze my hog while watching this Asian transsexual take a bareback cock in her tight little butt.

Scenes are available in 4 formats currently: 240p, 480p, 720p and 1080p. The bitrates for these clips are pretty damn amazing and overall, I’d say that Trans Angels is one of the best places I’ve come across for HD transsexual porn. In terms of length, I can’t complain about the fact that clips here are around 30 or so minutes in length – that’s plenty of time for us to get exactly what we need. You can download scenes if you want, but I think the embed option is just fine. Sex is bareback too – no condoms are used to give these transsexual sluts the anal pounding they desire.

Conclusion on Trans Angels

For a paysite, I think the experience here is pretty decent when we just look at the porn in isolation. I’m not going to suggest that the site is perfect for a second – there are a few issues here that had me a little annoyed, but at the end of the day we want to jerk off to porn videos of shemales having sex and that’s exactly what provides. So if you’re horny and you’re looking for the best transsexual action around, I would recommend you check out Trans Angels.

Review Pros
  • Hot transsexual porn
  • HD porn videos
  • Multiple weekly updates
Review Cons
  • No 4K content
  • Some adverts