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Mr. Porn Geek reviews One JAV

It wasn’t until I started to build up a cache of reviews for Japanese porn websites that I realized just how large the industry is over there. I mean, I knew that Japanese porn was somewhat popular, but the scale of the smut they create is absolutely insane to me. I guess it does have a pretty large population, but still – I can’t get over the dedication they have toward adult entertainment! For this afternoon’s review, I’m going to be recommending a hub by the name of One JAV – it’s a website with a lot going for it and for me, it’s one of the greatest places I’ve come across for Japanese smut in the last month. So, let’s get into it, shall we?

First impressions from One JAV

I loved the fact that this website supports HTTPS – while most do, I’ve noticed that Japanese websites are the least likely to enable encryption for visitors. Sadly, I did have a bit of an issue when it came to the content loading speed here: One JAV seems to host its images on a server that doesn’t have the greatest of upload speeds – meaning that some pages can take upwards of 5 seconds to load. As for what’s going on here, the homepage has a pretty simple setup: you’ll see a small box in the top left-hand corner which denotes the model of the day, some featured torrents on the right-hand side and then as you scroll down the page, One JAV shows images of the latest uploaded torrents to the platform. These come in daily and you get multiple on a 24-hour basis – to say that is active is a bit of an understatement. The content just swings here gang: those who’re particularly keen on Asian torrents are going to love it here.

Navigational tools on One JAV

Along the top of the website, you’ll find a number of useful links to various sections that might interest you. These are all pretty important as far as I’m concerned, but some are obviously going to get a little more action than others. I’d content that the tags page is where most people are going to want to go when they land on over at One JAV: this is where you find the niche of Japanese porn that is most pertinent to your interests. If you click on the tags page by clicking here, you’ll see that it is, by western standards, quite a bit messy. You do have standard genres of porn like big tits, creampie, footjob and mature, but there are plenty of weird additions such as mini skirt police, vomit and adult awards. I’ll give you the freedom to navigate around here at your own leisure – maybe you’ll come across a new sexual fetish that you’ve never even thought of before that gets you all hot under the collar.

I’d also like to point your attention toward the page on One JAV for the actresses – this is ideal if you know exactly what pornstar you’re looking to see in action. By default, the models are sorted by popularity, so you’ll see nakes such as Yua Mikami, Jun Kakei and Atata Nonoura. If you want the girls to be alphabetically listed instead, simply smash the ‘name’ button. You’ve got the final option of ‘new release’ too, which shows the freshest faces at One JAV – good for hunting down girls who’ve just joined the industry. All in all, the non-porn pages here at One JAV are more than good enough and serve their purpose quite well indeed. Now – let’s grab ourselves some torrents and see what the material is like.

Trying the torrents at One JAV

I decided that I’d download this torrent first – it features Yua Miami in red rope bondage and I knew from the preview images alone that I’d be busting nuts to this DVD in no time at all. The site doesn’t allow you to grab the torrents via a magnet link, but you don’t have to go to a third-party destination in order to get the .torrent file itself. In terms of speed, I was able to clock this particular scene at my connection’s limit – 16 MB/s. You may find similar results with the most recent of uploads, whereas torrents from years gone by may take you a hell of a lot longer to get. I tried a few from 2016 though and they seemed to work just fine, so who knows? You might get lucky, you might not – that’s just the world of torrents for you, I guess.

Getting the One JAV best content collection

My personal recommendation when landing on over at One JAV is to visit the popular page which, as the name should suggest, is completely devoted to showing you which scenes are currently getting the most amount of attention. I’m always happy to outsource my reviewing of individual adult scenes to people who watch them – I think if 90% of a group of people who downloaded a porn video enjoyed it, then that likely means that the porn video is good! Simple logic that keeps Mr. Porn Geek stocked up with the hottest Japanese adult videos around. Do note that the content here comes from multiple studios and features so many niches that it’s hard for me to actually judge the smut. In fact, it wouldn’t even make sense to say it’s ‘good’ or ‘bad’: the whole purpose of One JAV is to give you access to all of the Japanese porn it can, regardless of studio origin.

One JAV: my conclusion

So to wrap this review up, I’m going to give One JAV my personal seal of approval and recommend that you check this place out. Naturally you’re going to have to download some torrents while will take some time, but you’re getting full-length JAV DVDs that you’ll likely struggle to get your hands on elsewhere. I had a great time here and I’m going to download a few more torrents before heading on to my next review. Thanks for reading, as always – now go get yourself some world-class Japanese porn on the adult torrent archive

Review Pros
  • Lots of content
  • Regular updates
  • Easy to navigate
Review Cons
  • Some broken images
  • Average load speeds
  • Torrents only
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