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Trying out Slut Roulette

I know plenty of you folks have heard of Slut Roulette and have never been really sure what’s going on here. The site is quite popular and came about after Chat Roulette – a website designed by some kid who then went on to become a millionaire for a simple platform that allowed you to chat to random women. Slut Roulette claims to be an adult chatting community where you can interact with live webcam chicks: is this actually the case? Well to find out, Mr. Porn Geek is going to venture on over to give you his professional opinion. Continue reading and see what this adult entertainment king has to say about Slut Roulette!

Mr. Porn Geek’s first impressions of Slut Roulette

Okay, so after landing at Slut Roulette, I can see that one of the main things they’re trying to get you to do is sign up to the website. It’s actually quite aggressive with its popups, banners and prompting chat messages. Let me tell you now that the way you’re going to verify your age is with a credit card, and that’s for a good reason – Slut Roulette isn’t about giving you free access to girls who’re going to fuck themselves like of stream. It’s just a teaser page for a webcam platform that will generally require you to pay a little cash in order to get the action that you want. This mini-chat platform is actually operated by a company called Crak Revenue and it’s done in partnership with Streamate – a well-respected webcam streaming service that I’m going to be talking about for the rest of this review. Do note that I have already reviewed Streamate before, although that was quite a few years ago! It’s always good to refresh your information, so let’s just get down to business, shall we?

What Slut Roulette looks like

After signing up to Streamate via Slut Roulette, I was instantly transported over to a relatively tidy website that just loves to promote its models above everything else. Around 80% of the homepage’s landing area is taken up completely by preview images from camgirls. One thing I couldn’t quite understand is why some of the models had a preview thumbnail of their cam room but the majority had profile pictures they’d selected to advertise their stream – doesn’t quite make sense to me, and it doesn’t appear that you can flip over to just one type of display. The good news is that you can toggle different thumbnail sizes, so if you want more options put in front of you, just select the smaller size and you’ll be rocking along in no time.

Exploring Streamate’s navigation

Along the left-hand side of the page, Streamate offers you category specific live streaming experiences. Let’s say, for instance, that you only want to look at Asian camgirls – well at the time of writing this review, there were 93 Oriental chicks online that had their webcams ready and raring to go. I also found it quite funny that in total, Streamate has rather an elite level of performers – there were exactly 1,337 people online – I’m not joking either! Aside from the gamer memes here, that is a pretty impressive number. I can’t think of too many live streaming webcam destinations that regularly pull in over 1,000 performers at any one time.

I suppose it’s also worth mentioning the fact that girls aren’t the only available experience – Slut Roulette has sections for MtF transsexuals (currently 60 online) and men too. Around half of the 100 men online were tagged with the ‘gay’ niche, although I’m not quite sure if that means the other half are just looking for ladies to tune in. When picking a category, it seems that Streamate prioritizes girls who are the most popular above the rest and in particular, those who tend to run party chats. What is party chat? It’s basically when the stream is free, but you can donate a little if you want. While you can still get the old method of pay-per-minute, a lot of girls prefer the crowd funding approach popularized by platforms such as My Free Cams.

The Slut Roulette streaming experience

I’ve looked at almost every single live streaming platform out there and let me tell you, Streamate has the potential to offer you the highest quality webcam action around. It obviously depends a lot on the quality of the webcams utilized by the streamers and their network settings too, but I was really impressed with just how fluid and clear the best girls were here with regard to their resolutions and bitrates. It would appear that streams are regularly 720p, if not 1080p. You do have a little chat box to communicate with the model, although it’s not quite as important as it might be on a website such as My Free Cams.

All of the standard bells and whistles are provided once you go into an actual stream with a model – emojis, an ‘enter private’ button and the ability to tip money to the performer. It’s customary to chuck a few bucks here and there toward ladies you enjoy watching – if ten guys do this, the babes soon start stripping down on putting on a sexy show, which then snowballs into more donations and then more sexiness. It’s a positive feedback loop that gives everyone what they want: the girls get a little cash and the guys get a little skin. Everyone wins, right?

My final thoughts on Slut Roulette

So yeah, Slut Roulette is basically just Streamate, which I think is a pretty top-tier platform if you’re looking for a place to go to watch naughty girls of all shapes, sizes, ethnicities and ages. Whether you’re into teens, Latinas, MILFs or something else entirely, Slut Roulette will always be on hand to give you the jerking experience of a lifetime! Now of course, be sure to read my other reviews for recommendations on webcam platforms if you don’t quite like this one: Mr. Porn Geek is something of a specialist when it comes to XXX streaming and all of the major hubs have been covered and scrutinised by yours truly. Okay, I’m off now gang – go visit Slut Roulette and get your juices flowing!

Review Pros
  • Lots of cams
  • Multiple niches
  • Easy to navigate
Review Cons
  • Missing filter features
  • Limited free shows