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Mr. Porn Geek’s review of Sky Private

Howdy gang – it’s your resident horn dog here, and I’m pleased as punch to be able to present you with one of the best sites that I currently think exists if you want to have camming fun in a one-on-one environment. We all know that there are plenty of spots out there for live sex that a bunch of people tune into – but what about when you want some quality cam to cam fun with a babe who’s going to give you her complete and undivided attention? Well, that’s what we’re here today to discuss, and I’m confident that you’ll love what Sky Private has to bring to the table if this is your niche of choice. So, let’s not dilly-dally – read on and I’ll tell you all about this incredible spot!

What is Sky Private?

Instead of being a platform in and of itself for action, Sky Private utilizes third-party tools that you’re likely already familiar with: Skype and Discord. I’ll let you know from my personal perspective that I think Discord is better, especially if you’re able to join a private server with Nitro or an upgraded account yourself. Why is this, exactly? Skype has a track record of cheaping out when it comes to quality, and I truly believe that you can have the most cam fun when the feeds are smooth. Discord has shown itself to be the best in the business in this regard: you can even go up to 1440p with 60 FPS if you want to. This would require a decent webcam setup – but hey, there are a few babes on Sky Private that care about giving you the best experience! After all, the more fun they give you, the more likely you are to recruit their services again.

What girls can I find on Sky Private?

There’s something for everyone, but as you can probably imagine, white chicks from Western countries between the ages of 18 and 30 typically get the most attention – so they stick around longer than anyone else. If babes are also on this platform, there’s a good chance that they’re good at what they do. Newcomers will go to the rival platforms – Chaturbate, BongaCams and whatever else. Looking at the homepage here, it’s clear that Sky Private is serious about giving you the cream of the crop when it comes to live babes who want to blow your mind with their skills in front of the lens.

Prices are pretty decent too: because the platform isn’t taking a huge cut since it has low operating costs, you’ll find camgirls for anywhere between $1 and $3 per minute. There are extreme ends of the market – one girl wanted $5 a minute, but she’s a mistress and if you want to get used and abused by a proper dominatrix, you don’t really have much of a choice. These types of babes always cost a pretty penny, since they’re so specialized in the type of treatment that you can get from them.

Buying videos on Sky Private

Although it’s not a large part of the platform’s service, Sky Private also allows you to buy scenes from various performers. These can cost anywhere from $5 to $10 on average and you can get them in full 1080p if you want. Again: it’s not what they’re trying to build their service around, but if you want some cheap thrills, it’s a great option. You’ll also be able to download them locally. Mr. Porn Geek doesn’t like it when you purchase a video and it’s only offered as a stream – far better that I’m able to get a local copy for myself. I also like the fact that they have 1080p – anyone who knows anything about top-quality action knows that objective quality matters. Perhaps they’ll also have 1440p scenes later down the road?

Profiles on Sky Private

I was pretty impressed at the depth of some profiles here. Girls give you a lot of details about what their shows have to offer and in addition to that, the type of setups they’re running. The best performers on Sky Private will have top-tier gear – one babe even promoted here a Logitech c920 webcam. This is a $230 piece of kit that goes up to 1080p and has insane quality, based on YouTube sample reviews I came across. Long gone are the days of chicks having shitty webcams for their performing sessions: they know that if they put in hard work when it comes to production quality, you can never fault them or their progress.

Other information on Sky Private

Although most of the performers here are solo girls, I also came across a few lesbian couples. I don’t know about you, but having two babes that are going at one another is really quite something. I’m always pleased to be able to see sexy, delicious lesbians who really have the ability to go above and beyond the call of duty for your pleasure.

I also want to mention that you load your funds onto Sky Private to pay for sessions – you’re not technically allowed to pay using any other method. These guys want to get their cut of the action, and although I’m sure that some performers try to skirt the rules, you should really support the website creators so they can continue to run their operation.

My final thoughts on Sky Private

Like I said: Discord over Skype and if you’re serious about top-quality camming fun in a one-on-one environment, this is the place to be. Free shows are good, but being able to stream while a girl is watching you – yeah, that’s hot as fuck. Mr. Porn Geek is surprised that this niche platform is doing so well, but with competitive rates and third-party platform support (going up to 1440p), it’s a great way to have fun when you’re horny as fuck and want to get into cam to cam bliss. Thanks for reading – I’ll catch you around!

Review Pros
  • Supports Discord
  • Fantastic rates
  • Lots of variety
Review Cons
  • Have to pay
  • Limited transsexuals