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Mr. Porn Geek visits Fuck My Dolly

Have you ever wanted to have the ability to design and pleasure your very own fuck doll? The good news is that Mr. Porn Geek is going to visit a website devoted to this – the only question is whether or not it’s actually worth venturing on over to! I’m excited to put this spot to the test and believe me: I’ll give you all of the juicy details you need to make an informed decision. So how about we fire this engine up, warm the tires and see if Fuck My Dolly is a daily driver for any porn addicted gamer? Sounds like a plan and a half to me.

Initial thoughts on Fuck My Dolly

The tour of Fuck My Dolly has changed quite a few times over the last few months as they start to really hone in on the type of action they want. I first visited this site 6 months back and I think it’s wise to mention that the project is still in beta at the time of writing this review. This might sound like a bad thing, but the good news is that you’ll be able to sign up without paying a penny and try out the title as much as you want. They need testers quite badly and are practically begging for any age verified XXX addict to get in to try out their simulator. Note that naturally, some features might be missing and some may be added at a later date. You never know what you’re going to get at Fuck My Dolly, so be prepared for a wild and slippery ride as this game gets patched, fixed and worked on over the coming years.

The premise of Fuck My Dolly

At its very core, Fuck My Dolly is a game that allows you to have complete and utter control over the sexual activities that occur in the title. There isn’t too much of a plot (there are scenarios: more on these later) but you’re basically like a movie director who gets to call the shots, design the stars and so on. Note that Fuck My Dolly is a browser-based game and works in all major browsers, including Firefox, Safari, Opera, Edge and Chrome. They’re working on a launcher, but you’ll need to be patient for that: they suggest it’s at least 12 months until they have an offline version of the game ready to go. Being online, Fuck My Dolly synchronizes with the cloud, so you can always come back at a future date and resume your magical sexual adventure.

Fuck My Dolly: some designing in action

After loading up Fuck My Dolly for the first time, you’ll be introduced to the basics of the title and have the ability to poke around a few different positions, tasks, locations and so on. After you’ve completed the tutorial (or skipped it), you’ll be prompted to create dollies. Note that there are 10 male presets and 25 female presets currently (there’s even 2 MtF options!) but they plan to add more in the near future. You’re encouraged to design the dollies yourself and to take time in the process. Now while a lot of games have just basic character creation, Fuck My Dolly really dials things up to 11. You have 150 different hair colors, 20 tit shapes, dozens of tattoo types and the ability to fiddle with jaw width, nose depth, shoulder height and so on. It’s really quite impressive just how much control you have here – I definitely feel like those who are heavily into customization are going to love this.

If you check out the forums on Fuck My Dolly, you’ll find a bunch of threads that people have created for various famous men and women that you can add to the game using an import feature. Pornstars and celebrities are obviously the ones that most people love. I saw the likes of Kylie Jenner, Taylor Swift, Jessica Alba, Megan Fox, Emily Bloom, Sydney Cole and Riley Reid: a good assortment of sluts that I have little doubt you’ll want to control and fuck as you see fit. Fuck My Dolly also has a decent selection of clothing options, with microtransactions available if you want to buy new and exclusive looks. I think they also plan to add ‘official’ dolls to purchase, but there are currently none for sale: too bad!

Controlling the sex on Fuck My Dolly

Once you’re done designing the dolls, you’ll be able to select the scenario that you want. There are 15 currently and they all have a unique theme, such as being at home with a family member when everyone else has left, working out at an empty gym, hitting up a nightclub and so on. You can skip these scenarios if you want, but it’s quite cool to add a little story behind the sex that’s going to unfold. Fuck My Dolly then gives you the ability to completely call the shots in the sexual arena. You’ll have a bunch of devices to utilize, dozens of positions and a ton of speed dials, sweat levels and other cool features to make the lifelike fucking exactly to your specification. I played Fuck My Dolly for around 30 minutes in the simulator and there were still features I didn’t quite get. Suffice to say that Fuck My Dolly is doing the lord’s work in this domain – Mr. Porn Geek enjoyed every moment of it.

Finishing up my Fuck My Dolly review

The time has come for Mr. Porn Geek to finish up this review. As much as I want to spend my afternoon simulating sex with barely legal sluts, I’ve got to go ahead and say that without a doubt this is one of the best sexual simulation games I’ve ever come across. There’s something magical about how Fuck My Dolly does it and yeah: it’s refreshing to say the very least. As always, thanks a bunch for tuning in and be sure to get your butt over to Fuck My Dolly now for that free beta test goodness. Peace and love folks – I’m off to find the next XXX gaming project to review!

Review Pros
  • Hugely interactive experience
  • Free to access
  • Import famous pornstars
Review Cons
  • Still in beta