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WasteLand Preview

Wasteland has been in the porn world for 20 years now – ever since it began in 1995, it’s devoted itself to hot and heavy BDSM action where only the kinkiest of women are used and abused in front of the camera. Unlike many other hubs of kinky pornography, Wasteland is 100% exclusive and produces all of its own scenes: you’ll have trouble finding this content elsewhere because the only site it’s published on is Wasteland! These guys certainly know how to make some fine BDSM too – it’s one of my top recommendations for anyone that really enjoys kinky sex videos.

The archive of content here currently consists of around 1,500 scenes, all of which can be downloaded in a variety of formats, up to and including 1080p. Note that Wasteland has quite a strong focus on photography, with zipped photo sets of every scene being provided to offer over 2 million images. You’ll even find how-to articles, exclusive Japanese bondage and shibari, interactive videos and more – it’s an excellent destination for anyone that’s serious about kinky adult entertainment and for my money, it is one of the better BDSM networks out there.

Wasteland Review

Wasteland is a BDSM website that has been around for many years; it might even be the oldest and longest running BDSM porn website in existence. As one of the largest collections of BDSM porn, Wasteland puts the majority of its focus on real BDSM interactions from people who live the lifestyle or are partners themselves. Wasteland is a fun place to find top pornstars doing the kink that they love as well. In addition to being one of the best BDSM porn websites, Wasteland has a number of educational videos and ways for people to interact with the site and community. There are tons of full HD BDSM films on the site, and the content here is mostly exclusive. Wasteland updates frequently, meaning that the already massive collection of top kink porn movies is still growing.

Whether you are looking for female domination, erotic humiliation, rope bondage, candle wax, handcuffs, latex, or any other kinks, you will find it at Wasteland. This is one of those websites that you can tell is owned, operated, and run, by people who absolutely love BDSM. While the interface of the site is somewhat outdated, it is still easy to find all of the clips that you want. There are categories, tags, and a basic search feature on the site to help with this.

Not only has Wasteland been around for decades, but the website has also won numerous awards and accolades at the top adult award show on the planet. The AVN Awards, the XBIZ Awards, and numerous other awards shows have given Wasteland high recognition through the years.

There’s definitely tons of fantastic content on the site, and many wonderful things to do here. You will definitely not be able to get through it all in a month, and maybe not even in the year. Wasteland is one of the top BDSM websites on the planet and is a well-rounded offering for people who both love a vast array of kink porn and people who enjoy being part of a community that offers a lot of ways to engage and learn.

Wasteland Bonus Content

While there are no bonus sites that you receive when you sign up for Wasteland, there are a ton of extras that the site offers. They have a virtual game, which is fantastic. You can enter virtual chat rooms through the game on the service to talk with other fans of BDSM. There are events that are held for this every Friday, included in the membership. For people who are new to kink, there are online kink education movies to help them learn. This, BDSM 101 section of the website, is a great place to find information to help you expand your kink talents. There are also erotic fetish stories, resources on where to find kink clubs, on the website also has kink and bondage themed radio stations.

Wasteland Discounts

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The Best of Wasteland

Wasteland is a website that gets many things right, and a large part of this is its focus on using people that are passionate about kink to begin with. The actors and actresses on this website really know what they are doing, and you can tell that they have a love for everything that kink has to offer. Whether it is orgasm denial, rough body play, floggers, crops, or paddles, Wasteland brings everything kinky to the table and does it well. There are over 1,500 videos on this website, with an additional 8,000+ photo sets. Wasteland updates three times a week, and all of the most recent videos are available for both download and as streaming films. The site dabbled a little bit in virtual reality, and I am hoping to see more VR porn films from them. Going back to the photo sets that are on the site, these are available for download as high-resolution Zip files.

The Worst of Wasteland

While the site is outdated, and it is relatively easy to find what you’re looking for. There are times when the navigation is a little bit difficult. This is one of the things that Wasteland could improve moving forward to make their site even better.

Another negative that comes with any site that has been around for more than two decades is it will have is varied film quality. The older content here is SD, which was the best they had at the time. The newer material is all HD, and the site has done some VR porn as well of course.

A vast majority of content on the site is exclusive, but not all of it. This is a minor thing, but I felt the need to make sure it was mentioned. Having all of the information about a site is what lets you make the best decision on whether you want it. Big things and small things are all included.

The Bottom Line about Wasteland

Wasteland has been around for years, and there are not many sites that are older. There might not be any, actually. This is a huge porn collection. The site gives a ton of entertainment, and the focus it has on real kinksters is not only honorable but makes for authentic sexual experiences. The site is still updating often, and there are many things that the site has on it that are extras. This gives it a fantastic sense of community, with plenty of ways to interact with other kinky people like you. With many educational videos as well, there are many ways to learn and expand your interest in kink. Of course, with an extensive list of top BDSM porn films, there is a lot of masturbation in your future. I can sense it.

Review Pros
  • Huge BDSM archive
  • Regular updates
  • Great bonus features
Review Cons
  • Not free to join