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Cartoon Sex Games

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Are these cartoon sex games any good?

Okay folks – you probably know by now that Mr. Porn Geek isn’t in the business of recommending places he hasn’t checked out, so today I’m poised to venture inside the member’s area of Cartoon Sex Games (a.k.a. Games Parody) to find out what’s going on.

Some call me a visionary, some call me the best porn game reviewer that ever lived – all I know is that when it comes to recommending good adult sites, I’ll go above and beyond to deliver the information you need in order to make an informed decision. So then, let’s check this XXX game out right now and see what’s up for grabs!

Gamer Access Hub, what’s that?

So after signing up, getting my email and logging in, I can finally tell you what this review actually looks at – the destination you actually end up at is called Gamer Access Hub. Once inside, you’ll see a range of premium games, a few standard options and a videos section to boot (more on that later).

It seems that parody is the main selling point here on Gamer Access Hub, since they’ve got titles such as Cock of Duty, Game of Moans, XXX Charted and The Fister. These ‘premium’ titles are parodies of popular TV shows or video games that already exist, plus they seem to have some pretty stellar graphics compared to many of the other adult games I’ve reviewed over the last few months.

Assassin’s Seed: Orgies

I figure it’s best to start with Assassin’s Seed, since Odyssey was actually released just a few weeks ago. When you click on the title you’ll have the choice to play either the desktop, iOS or Android versions: it appears that the computer one has much better graphics.

One feature that I really liked about Assassin’s Seed is the fact that you can click on ‘story mode’ and just sit back while you’re given a rendered tale of crazy sex and erotic activities – no interaction required.

The main game itself is playable using just your mouse, but if you want a real ‘hands free’ experience, be sure to select the story option. For your convenience, I’ve included a few screenshots so you can see just how good the graphics are here: is this not the prettiest game you’ve ever seen?

Standard games

So alongside Assassin’s Seed and the other premium games (I’ve got reviews on The Fister and XXX Charted, read those for more), you’ve got a few standard options that you might find appealing. These include Pussycat Woman, Super Sperman and Wheel of Fortune to name but a few. I tried Pussycat Woman first and it’s built on the Unity Engine – pretty cool if you ask me.

The game is basically a gem switcher, similar to Candy Crush, although you get lots of X-rated images of Cat Woman surrounding the game while you play. It’s good fun, but the music is really annoying – thank god they’ve got an option for you to mute it! That’s the first thing I did here and I recommend you do the same. Anyway, here’s a screenshot for you to take a look at. It’s what you can expect to see when playing Pussycat Woman.

Now at the bottom of the homepage, you’ll see links to other games – note that these are stored off-site, which means you’ll probably have to sign up for a third-party service if you want to play them.

I didn’t like this all that much because it’s basically adverts, but many of the games I saw down there I’ve reviewed before (like Narcos XXX and Cartoon Games), so at least they know how to pick good titles. Hell, maybe they even looked at Mr. Porn Geek’s list of best games to get an idea of what they should put up there!

Some extra porn videos for free

I was quite surprised to see that Gamer Access Hub had a video section complete with full adult clips for you to enjoy – this is offered completely free of charge too. Now I know what you’re thinking: “Oh, cool. They’ve got 100 videos, those will get boring quick”, but what if I told you that Gamer Access Hubs’ video collection totaled over 53,000 unique uploads?

It’s completely true, too – there are 1,682 archive pages here and each one has 32 videos, a little help from our calculator gives you one gigantic number that essentially ensures you’ll never run out of premium porn videos no matter how many you want to enjoy!

I shouldn’t forget to mention that you’ve got pornstar profiles here too, so if there’s a particular model you enjoy watching take a cock or eating a pussy, navigate over to the pornstars area and select on the starlets to uncover all of their videos on the site!

Names featured here include the likes of Alyssa Branch, Amy Reid, Eva Angelina and Christy Mack – quite the assortment of naughty little numbers that love to fuck and suck dick all day long. You can also use the search feature to come across various niches, babes and activities too: they’ve thought of everything here at Gamer Access Hub!

My closing thoughts and remarks

I like what Gamer Access Hub has to offer and I think it’s worth taking a look at, but I should probably stress that the majority of games here are quite hands-off. They’re simply not that competitive or difficult: I know many guys don’t mind having a bit of a challenge, so I think it’s important to let you know that places like Nutaku probably give you a tougher bang for your buck.

That said, if you’re someone who prefers to just chill out and watch cinematic videos and stories play out in front of you, Gamer Access Hub isn’t a bad spot to get your hands on some XXX game goodness.

Given the bonus access to 50,000+ free videos, premium titles being added on a monthly basis and the sheer quality of the graphics for many of the games that this place has to offer,

I can say with confidence that a lot of my readers here at Mr. Porn Geek are going to enjoy what they find inside at Gamer Access Hub. It’s not the greatest place if I’m being totally honest, but in terms of graphics, nothing comes close. Definitely check this place out if you have the time – I can’t see you being disappointed.

Please note: The games on the website are not owned by MrPornGeek. To contact this website’s customer service, email [email protected] or call 877-283-5293.

Review Pros
  • Insane graphics
  • Easy to play
  • Free bonus videos
Review Cons
  • Smallish game collection
  • Adverts inside