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Are these cartoon sex games any good?

Okay folks – you probably know by now that Mr. Porn Geek isn’t in the business of recommending websites he hasn’t checked out. I must admit that just like so many other men, I have some cartoon chicks that I like. It’s nothing wrong in having fantasies with animated babes. Especially since their creators made them so that they would appeal to our fantasies. I mean, Lois Griffin is the ultimate MILF. And don’t even get me started on chicks like Kim Possible or Elsa from Frozen. And that’s why cartoon porn game collections like this one are so popular. They come to please all of your secret fantasies. I’ve had some fun on this site and let me tell you how it was.

Gamer Access Hub, what’s that?

So after signing up, I was taken to another platform. The destination you actually end up at is called Gamer Access Hub. Once inside, you’ll see a range of premium games, but also a video section. It seems that the cartoon porn game niche is the main attraction of Gamer Access Hub. They’ve got titles such as Cock of Duty, Game of Moans, XXX Charted and The Fister. These ‘premium’ titles are parodies of popular TV shows or video games that already exist. Plus they seem to have some pretty stellar graphics compared to many of the other adult games I’ve reviewed over the last few months.

Assassin’s Seed: Orgies

I figure it’s best to start with Assassin’s Seed. Even though it’s not a cartoon porn game, the babes in it surely gave you naughty ideas. One feature that I really liked about Assassin’s Seed is the fact that you can click on ‘story mode’. This is for when you just want to please an Assassin’s Creed fantasy and you don’t want to bother with actually playing the game. If you want to play tho, you can do so. It’s a point-and-click gameplay that only requires your mouse. I’ve included a few screenshots so that you can see just how good the graphics are here. Isn’t this the prettiest game you’ve ever seen?

Not Everything Is A Cartoon Porn Game Here

So alongside Assassin’s Seed and the other premium games (I’ve got reviews on The Fister and XXX Charted, read those for more), you’ve got a few standard options that you might find appealing. These include Pussycat Woman, Super Sperman, and Wheel of Fortune to name but a few. I tried Pussycat Woman first and it’s built on the Unity Engine. It is pretty cool if you ask me. The game is basically a gem switcher, similar to Candy Crush, although you get lots of X-rated images of Cat Woman surrounding the game while you play. It’s good fun, but the music is really annoying. But at least they have a muting option.

Play All The Cartoon Sex Games In Your Browser

All the games on this site are from the new HTML5 era. They’ve guaranteed to work on any device you might have. I’ve actually played some of them on both computer and mobile. The only cartoon porn game for which I’ve noticed a difference between the mobile and the desktop version is the Assassin’s Creed one. Everything on the site works directly in your browser. You won’t have to download or install anything and you don’t need any kind of extension. And because the games are loading up completely from the beginning, you also won’t deal with lagging or frozen screens. Even the sound work in the games is good. The moaning, screaming and sex sound effects are well synced with the action and everything is realistic. There’s not as much voice-over dialogue, but that’s common throughout the entire adult gaming industry.

Review Pros
  • Insane graphics
  • Easy to play
  • Free bonus videos
Review Cons
  • Smallish game collection
  • Adverts inside