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A review of JAV Open

It’s hardly a secret that Mr. Porn Geek is a massive fan of Japanese porn. I cannot get enough of those perfect Asian broads and those tight pussies. Hell, I even fucked a Japanese girl a few days ago and believe it or not – her pussy wasn’t pixelated! We’ve been lied to for the longest time kings. Anyhow, my purpose here today is to look over a website called JAV Open for the express intention of telling you what’s going on here and whether or not I recommend this spot as a place for you to visit. Is it worth your time? Should you bother signing up? Let’s get deeper inside JAV Open and see what’s going on!

The premise of JAV Open

So before we go too far into this review, I want to go over the basics. This is a free to access blog-style website that offers you access to the finest professional Japanese porn videos completely free of charge. There are a number of places out there online that do this type of thing and they’re all competing against one another: it’s not the first site like this and I’m pretty sure it won’t be the last either! On the homepage, you’ll see a tube-style layout with featured videos right at the top, followed by a few different categories as you scroll down. The titles here are pretty poor, but they typically include the standard JAV format (such as SIRO-4655 and DANDY-781), so you can use the search feature if you know what you want and it should give you pretty stellar results.
It seems like new uploads are added here incredibly regularly – multiple times per day, in fact. One thing I’ve noticed about the bootleg JAV market aimed at Western audiences is how efficient and ruthless these guys are: as soon as a scene is available for them to put online, it’s going out there! They have no one single niche that they’re covering and better yet, there are even sections here for sub-genres, such as uncensored videos and amateur uploads. So far, so good for JAV Open.

The tagging system at JAV Open

This website does utilize a tag system, and it’s useful – my only problem is the fact that to initially get involved with it, you have to jump through some hoops. Say, for instance, that I want to find schoolgirl content – I have to manually type in ‘schoolgirl’, then select a video, then scroll down and hope that it has the appropriate tag which I can then click on. There’s no central area for me to just look at tags and honestly, this needs to be fixed as quickly as possible. Sourcing content shouldn’t be difficult, and having a tag-based system to quickly get your hands on what you want is about as standard and typical as it gets in the adult business. Thankfully, some of the tags here are pretty decent, especially the ones like slut, big tits, mature woman and amateur. There’s also a spot for AV debut: if you’re only interested in the freshest faces, this might be the best button for you to be hitting.

JAV Open and its content

Once you’ve decided on a video that you want to watch, go ahead and click on the image or title to go through to the individual archive page. Again, this is all standard tube stuff and the video is offered right there in the middle of the website for you to take a look at. JAV Open typically offers a couple of mirrors for each upload too, so if the first one goes down, you’ve got the ability to still watch what it is that you want. JAV Open hosts full-length videos here and they’re available in incredibly high quality. HD is the standard, but you can actually lower the resolution on some uploads if you’re not too keen on that. Sadly, there doesn’t appear to be a simple way for me to download content directly to my PC, but that’s not exactly the end of the world, so I’m not going to cry too hard.
Since the videos here are all coming from different studios, models and directors, there’s no single thread that runs through what’s going on. It’s pretty silly for me to say that the porn is ‘good’, because all I’m doing is saying that Japanese porn videos in general are good. So instead of hyping it up, all I’ll do is say that the sex you get – if you’re into Asian girls getting fucked – is exactly what you want! JAV Open really does offer you the ability to enjoy some of the finest scenes with the hottest Asian broads around: if you’re reading this far, I hope for your sake that you think that’s a good thing!

Downsides of JAV Open

There are a few adverts here and yeah: as mentioned earlier, the tags system could be a hell of a lot better. I’m also of the opinion that JAV Open could do with better titles and meta data, with pornstars being a very obvious example of what should be included. These problems are common with these types of websites though, so when you compare it against the market, it’s not as if JAV Open is doing anything particularly horrific.

Closing thoughts on JAV Open

So when all is said and done: what’s the verdict on JAV Open? Overall, I’ve had a fantastic time here, and I think that anyone who wants great quality Asian sex is going to get it and then some. For this reason, I’m giving it my seal of approval, and I do think that it’s a good idea for you to check out if you want to grab thousands of hours of Japanese porn video fun for absolutely no cost whatsoever. Anyway, thanks for reading and I’ll see you in the next review. Enjoy your jerk at JAV Open, king!

Review Pros
  • All JAV affair
  • Free to access
  • Huge content database
Review Cons
  • Some adverts
  • Average sorting tools
  • Poor categories