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Squirting girls at CamSoda

Ever wondered what it would be like to uncover a hotpot of babes live on cam that have the ability to squirt? Well, the great news for you is that I’m going to be able to provide you with exactly that right now! Maybe, at least. See, I’m set to review a hub by the name of Cam Soda (a.k.a. CS) to see what it has available with specific regard to ladies who can let their juices flow time and time again like nothing else. I’ve always been a massive fan of top quality webcam action and I’ve been to CamSoda before: but never just to look at what they’ve got when it comes to squirting webcams. Will the content here be great? Will it fall short of all expectations? I’m keen to find out, and if you are too – read on, I’ll give you all the juicy details!

Homepage analysis

Like any reasonable review, I think it makes a lot of sense to go ahead and visit the homepage of CS to see what’s going on. When you get here, you get a pretty standard layout and design – as I always say, this isn’t a bad thing when it comes to live sex webcams! The simple reason for that is because CS gives you the ability to look at dozens of live previews from a single spot and then lets you click on anything you like the look of for instant access to the show. The only problem I have with the homepage here – and it’s a small one – is the fact that I can’t hover over a thumbnail to get an instant feed from the ladies in question. A few sites do this, but I’d like a few more to do it too!

Finding the squirters

Since we’re just here to look at the ladies who can squirt, it makes sense to want to find those goddesses as quickly as possible. One way that we can achieve this is via using the header hashtags that include various terms like anal, petite, Latina and of course, squirt. If you’re unable to find it easily, you can also opt to hit the search button and type in squirt there to get the same outcome. Once you do come to the squirting section on this cam platform, you’ll then be presented with a bunch of preview panes starring hot girls that can cum like no one’s business right in front of your very eyes! It’s a truly fantastic system, and I think it goes without saying that Mr. Porn Geek loves CS and its showcasing of gushers. My only complaint here is that I cannot select multiple tags at once, so for instance, I can’t see teen squirters, or Asian squirters – it’s just a generalized category for all of the ladies who possess that good juicy pussy you’re fiending for.

Objective quality analysis

In a lot of my reviews, I talk about quality – it’s really important when it comes to webcams, and probably one of the things I focus on as a consideration for recommendation. CS isn’t too shabby when it comes to overall webcam quality, but honestly? I think it has a few improvements that it could make. Look, I love the fact that almost all of the performers at CS offer you the ability to watch them in 720p, but I couldn’t find a single broad with a 1080p resolution. Are they just not available here? That would really suck, and I think that this place would be a hell of a lot better if they went ahead and offered full HD fun. I’m of the opinion that the limited high-end HD stuff is probably holding it back a little compared to the other places out there. The bigger sites all provide 1080p as standard, and yeah, they’re just isn’t doing that. It’s a shame, but I’m not going to cry that much – they have a much better 720p offering than most places, that’s for sure. Around 90% of the girls I checked out were offering this quality: that’s really good.

Subjective squirting analysis

One of the biggest problems with looking for squirt cams online is that the act of squirting in and of itself is a pretty quick thing. It’s not like a foot fetish stream where you can have the action pretty much always be on, or a niche like Asian or Latina where it’s like, just there. This means that there are other considerations when it comes to squirting webcams and CS does recruit some good quality ladies that know how to get fucked and yeah – with so many public shows, you’re totally spoiled for choice with what you desire. I spent an hour here and wanted to spend an hour more, but I’ve got work to do – sorry ladies!

Recommendations for the project

As mentioned: I’d like to see 1080p squirting cams. I also think that the GIFs can go in the chat – they’re a little annoying and don’t really need to be there in the first place. Aside from that, CS doesn’t have too many flaws or things that they need to change. Their numbers of live streamers are lower than other places though, so that’s always something to be worked on.

A conclusion on squirters

I’ve had a blast looking at squirting webcams here, and I can honestly say: it’s worth a visit if this is a niche that you’re keen on. There are some exclusive performers here, and the action is really hot if you shop around the various broads. CS might not be the biggest platform out there for live sex fun, but they do get the job done, and for that reason, I’m happy to give them my full support. Thanks for reading folks: remember that whenever you need squirt cam analysis, Mr. Porn Geek is here to sort you out and provide you with the details you need!

Review Pros
  • Free viewing offered
  • Exclusive camgirl shows
  • Lots of squirting
Review Cons
  • Needs 1080p streams
  • Ugly chat GIFs