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I am going to kick off this porn site review, a Parody Pass review, by saying that this site has quite a bit more content than some of the other sites that I have done porn parody website reviews for. This is highly welcome, but I am curious to see whether or not the quality provided has been affected. Wait. The site was launched in 2010, so they have had plenty of time to get a ton of experience creating the best XXX porn parody movies out there. These specialty movies feature a ton of hard-core sex and are based on popular television shows, with the added incentive of explicit sex.

How Many Porn Parodies Are There?

This might be one of the more significant collections of porn parodies that I have reviewed recently (that’s what she said). There are over 22 DVDs featured on the site, and each of them is around two hours long. There are multiple formats that each of these are available in, including Flash DL, WMV, and Flash. Take note that the movies can be resized in your browser, and multiple streaming and downloadable bandwidths/mobile formats are included. Because the site has been around for so long, some of the older movies may have smaller specifications.

I am not going to do the math, but 180+ picture galleries are also included with the website. With over 300 pictures in each of these galleries, there are over *insert number here* pics. Long story short, there are a ton of pics, they are high quality, and they are available for download as zip files. For people who love having a lot of different pictures to masturbate to, they will be incredibly happy with what Parody Pass offers.

The content on the site is exclusive, and there are some pretty major titles on the website. You can find shows like Big Bang Theory: A XXX Parody, as well as spoofs of Golden Girls, Cheers, and Seinfeld, among others. These are films with high production value, and the sets that they use are absolutely impressive. They look just like the sets on the original TV shows.

Top Acting Choices For Porn Parodies

You can find a ton of the top porn actresses and top porn actors in these films. Some of them offer full HD quality, and others are a little bit too old for that but are still good quality. The acting is fantastic, even if the scripts were not written by the highest-paid writers in Hollywood. There are some great scenes with excellent dialogue, and the characters are written to be accurate to their comparable television versions.

Navigation Is Good At Parody Pass

The website design is pretty simple, easy to navigate, and has a few of the features that I like to see on websites. There is a basic search, as well as a categories tab to help you sort for your favorite porn parody movies. The site used to have an advanced search for people to find their favorite porn parody films, but that has been removed from what I have been told. I hope that they put it back because I am a huge fan of advanced search options.

Bonus Websites Are Included

As a member of Parody Pass, you get some bonus content as well. The bonus content that you get with this website is from New Sensations. There are many fantastic websites in this network, including Jizz Bomb, Fresh Out Of High School, which features hot 18+ teen porn movies, and Unlimited MILFs, among others. There is a lot of great action happening here, with a range of porn genres to keep things fresh.

There are a number of top porn parody websites out there that do not provide any bonus content. In most cases, there is not a ton of content on some of these websites, so not having bonus content might have an impact on whether or not people get a membership. With this site, there’s plenty of bonus porn content to keep you occupied while you wait for more porn to come out or between enjoying some of the best porn parody films you have seen.

A Few Negatives About Porn Parodies

First off, some of the negatives that I was expecting to see are nowhere to be seen. I am happy to report that there is bonus content, and the amount of porn parody scenes on the site is very satisfying. That aside, there are a few things that I would love to see updated on the site.

I am not sure why they got rid of the advanced search option, but I would love it if they brought the advanced search option back again. Maybe it was not good enough for their tastes, but even so, improving it and bringing it back would be a fantastic option. Ultimately, I feel like it would be better to have as it was than not at all.

How Long Are Parody Pass Movies

Even though there are not vast amounts of full-length DVDs on this website, you should know that each one of the films here lasts for more than two hours. This is divided up between five or more top porn parody scenes in each porn parody movie. In addition, each of these comes with behind-the-scenes footage, including some astonishing porn bloopers that are sure to make you laugh, chuckle, and smile.
You can watch this incredible selection in whichever way you see fit. The three main options for viewing, outside of skipping around on your own, are watching the individual scenes, watching the full-length versions of the DVDs, or a version of the film called “party versions,” where the films are shown without the sex scenes and nudity. I am not sure why people would want to watch this, outside of finding the movies entertaining or watching them with people who prefer not to see nudity and nakedness on the TV set. Actually, I can see why some people would not want to watch these films with the sex scenes included after all.

Of course, let’s keep in mind that more porn parodies are coming soon. Overall, this website does extremely well catering to its target crowd, which is people who love some of the hottest porn stars in the biz putting their acting chops to the test. Add in a solid ability to turn people on and create the most intense and passionate sex scenes, and you have a winner. When it comes to porn, spoofs are incredibly popular and well-loved by smut fans around the world. With fantastic amounts of action, masturbation, stripping, acting, and orgasms, Parody Pass is a place where you can go to get incredibly fun installments, in the form of episodes, of your favorite TV shows and your favorite mainstream films.

Final Parody Pass Review Thoughts

Until a porn site hits a certain amount of content, I am almost always going to be thinking that more could be nice. For this type of website, my viewpoint changes quite a bit. This is because this type of site takes a lot of work to put together. Here, the costuming is impressive, the porn selection is fantastic, and they have a vast number of entertaining porn parody movies to enjoy. Add a little humor into your life, find the hottest sex scenes, and take advantage. With more coming soon, there is a lot here to please.

Review Pros
  • High-quality porn movies
  • Niche porn website
  • Top porn parody films
Review Cons
  • No advanced search options