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The title is pretty clear about it, but I’m going to mention it either way. Hustler Parodies is a part of the Hustler film network. Here, they specialize in creating the best porn parody movies that will make you laugh, turn you on, and sometimes even engage you on a deeper level. While the first two are the main focus, this website brings all of your favorite movie characters, your favorite television characters, and your favorite cartoon characters, all together in one place. Of course, you also get the addition of hard-core porn sex action.

What Hustler Parodies Offers You

Hustler is known around the world as an iconic porn studio, one of the best porn studios in the world, and one of the most recognizable names in porn. They film high-quality movies and have incredible photo shoots, a perfect fit for creating the top parody films that you want to see — what an incredible way to experience mainstream movies and pop culture. Everything from Avatar to Star Trek, and many other films, are located on the site. If you have ever watched a mainstream film and thought, damn I would fuck that character? Hustler Parodies was designed for you.

The Hottest Porn Stars On Film

One of the biggest positives of this site, in addition to the high-quality porn parody films that they shoot, is that the porn talent that they bring in is incredible. Fan favorite porn stars are playing your favorite characters from some of the most popular stories of all time. Stars like Lexi Belle, Sasha Grey, Yuri Love, and many others are featured on the site. There are well over 600 of the best porn parody movies on the site, and the site is continuing to grow.

Of course, there is a wide range of mainstream film genres that are featured on the site, and as we all know some mainstream films are pretty strange. In keeping up with that theme, there are titles that parody the Smurfs, Homeland, Basic instinct, Jaws, and tons of other top movies. Some of the films on this website are Hustler Parodies DVDs, as a side note.

Movie Theater Style Porn Site Design

As a website, Hustler Parodies is designed to make you feel as if you have gone to visit a movie theater. It has a boxed shape and is easy to navigate. The website has a top mobile porn site platform as well, allowing you to access and use the site from all of the major browsers that you can find on mobile devices. There is a built-in flash player as part of the site, which allows for a number of different types of streaming formats and resolutions. This is very convenient and adds a lot of to my porn watching.

Hate Annoying Ads ? So do i..

Fortunately, there are no ads on the site, at least in terms of banner ads and pop-up windows. The area where this would generally be placed instead features banners to inform you about the most popular porn episodes, as well is upcoming porn movies that are going to be featured on the site. Of course, you will also see a banner here and there to take you to Hustler Magazine, which isn’t considered an ad because you will be able to access the Hustler Network once you are a member of Hustler Parodies for free. It is extremely refreshing to find porn websites with no ads. All you need to do is get a membership, following our links, and you will be able to enjoy everything that Hustler has to offer.

Of course, with the high quality that Hustler generally puts out, you can anticipate seeing most of these movies in top-quality HD porn glory. There are also high-resolution porn photo sets, which have somewhere around 40 pictures and each of them. You can get a higher resolution for these porn pics collections by downloading them as a Zip file.

What Else Do You Get

What? Do you mean outside of the more than 900 porn parodies that are included, all of them extremely high quality? Do you mean the over 200 most well-known porn models in the adult entertainment industry?

You also get a selection in terms of ethnic diversity, varied stories, and incredible babes. That said, all of the female porn stars in the movies are hot and ready to jump on a dick quickly. Keep in mind though, that one of the things that makes the best porn parody films so special is a dedication to doing something artistic and real with the characters. The characters often line up and do the things that you could imagine them doing, just sometimes they get a little horny along the way.

The Most Porn Parody Exclusives Anywhere

As far as I have seen, Hustler Parodies has the most massive collection of top porn parody films anywhere. Better yet, many of these amazing porn films are exclusive, meaning that you cannot find them anywhere else. Becoming a member of the site is the only way to do it, and getting access to this huge amount of porn is fantastic. Over 900 incredible porn parodies will keep you busy for a very long time.

Even better, you get even more with a membership to the site in terms of bonus content. There are 20 sites powered by the Hustler Network, and you get access to all of it with a membership to Hustler Parodies. This is an incredibly large amount of porn content, meaning that you will be treated to the top-quality porn in almost every genre you can think of.

A Few Negatives To Consider

As you can imagine, a top-quality porn website like Hustler is not going to have many negatives. They have invested so much in their business and have kept up with the top strategies for keeping porn lovers like us happy. They have incredible quality movies, excellent quality porn images, and there is no download limit for the site.

One minor thing to keep in mind, however, is that the website does include a pre-checked cross-sell on their sign-up page. If you do not want to pay for this extra suggested site, you will need to uncheck the box before completing your payment. Otherwise, you will end up being charged for whatever the website is. Often, the sites that are part of pre-checked cross sales, in general, have been reviewed on Mr. Porn Geek, so instead of getting them there, come here and get the best deal available.

Another side note about the site is regarding the two-day one-dollar limited access trial that they offer. This two-day trial would normally be highly recommended as a way to check out the site and what it offers before purchasing. Unfortunately, the recurring cost of Hustler Parodies after the two-day trial is $10 more than the regular price. This means you will be paying a ton more in the long run if you utilize the limited trial.
Instead, take advantage of the top porn pricing available by clicking to the site from here. I have worked and worked to get the best rates available and make sure that you are well taken care of as a reader of my site. I hope you take advantage.

So, Is Hustler Parodies The Best?

Many people think so, and I would not be able to put a convincing argument together of the opposite. This is a fantastic site, and between the amazing porn parodies that it has and the fact that the entire Hustler Network is included in a membership, I have to give this site a 10/10 rating. Have fun, and make sure to tell me what you think.

Review Pros
  • From the Hustler Network
  • Porn Parody Movie Selection
  • Top porn performers
Review Cons
  • Pre-checked cross-sell