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Sexy Candid Girls

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Lets Talk About Shall We?

We all love and enjoy porn and most of us watch porn every single day. Mr. Porn Geek saw countless hours of material, thousands of websites and other destinations and reviewed most of them. Amongst all the categories and niche sites, one particular sub-genre of porn seems to keep growing ever larger. If you have never heard about candid porn, you will now and the best site to present it to you is

So, candid porn is basically a collection of videos of everyday real people (well girls), candid – as the dictionary calls them, in real life situations, but with sexy connotation. OK, we hear you, let’s simplify; if you see a fine babe with a fine ass squeezed into tight pants, it would qualify. It’s not as simple as that, but for the sake of moving forward, let’s assume it is. And now we come to the Mr. Porn Geek, as always, checked every nook and cranny of this platform and analyzed what’s good and what’s not on it. We considered content, design, and finally functionality of the platform and judged it based on those. Here is what we’ve found.

Content On Sexy Candid Girls

We don’t usually start with content, but this is a unique case as it is very specific and the entire platform is built on content focus. It is very obvious right from the home page that everything on revolves around the teasing images and videos posted on the platform. All content is user-submitted, meaning it comes from their own private libraries. Creepshots, as they are labeled, are recorded in public and they are quite titillating, despite now really showing any nudity or any “action” at all. Right about now you may start to wonder what makes it worth watching or how people jerk off to it? Well, you ask the right question that requires an elaborate answer.

This is a different kind of porn; these candid creepshots, it’s more about lust and desire. “Regular” porn, meaning videos and images that show how a girl is getting smashed, is getting the job and you can easily jerk off, but at least on some level, you know that girl is unattainable for you, most of the time. The beauty of these creepshots is that they depict girls you meet every single day, the type we mean, regular girls with amazing assess and beautiful tits; girls with amazing bodies that you could bang all night long.

It’s that “I would smash the snot out of her” part of your brain that fills the gaps and imagines scenarios. And no video can match the stuff you see in your head when one of these videos or images is presented to you. It’s that “teenage boner” that’s burning inside you that makes them irresistible and turns your masturbation sessions into epic loads after which your legs shiver. And that’s what the content is like on It’s the best way Mr. Porn Geek can describe it.

Design Features On Sexy Candid Girls

So now that you know what drives this platform, you can judge its design and the layout of the site. Every page of the site is dominated by content, but there are plenty of useful links. Most of them lead to specific categories or content formats, and there is also a powerful search bar. The thing you have to remember is that is mostly populated by user submissions and even though the developers did an amazing job creating a categorization system, you can still run into misplaced content here and there.

As far as the stylistic choices go, there isn’t too much room left for criticism and every element serves its function. Mr. Porn Geek particularly likes that you can react to every post by clicking on premade reaction emojis which really drives user interaction forward. The comment section is also present and the site has a pretty active community that frequently comments and shares posts.

Functionality Features On SexyCandidGirls

This segment is where we expected better results. Mr. Porn Geek understands that free access platforms have to make a living somehow, and it’s mostly done through ads. But we really didn’t appreciate the pop-up variety present on some of the posts. It ruins the experience and it should be handled a bit better. Apart from that, we can’t really pick on in this segment. Everything works, the features like similar videos and add to favorites work without any issues and there are plenty of anchors that allow for quick navigation. If it weren’t for ad issues, Mr. Porn Geek would wholeheartedly give this platform the highest recommendation.

Final Thoughts On Sexy Candid Girls

This is above all a niche-specific porn site. Some people wouldn’t even call this porn, but seeing as the cumloads derived from enjoying this content while jerking off are same or even bigger compared to traditional porn, Mr. Porn Geek disagrees with those people. It all comes down to the preference and whether or not can you get pleasure from it. The site is well designed and for the most parts works flawlessly.

We didn’t enjoy aggressive advertisement, but considering the amount of content and the surprising levels of intensity that come with it, we are willing to let that part slide and not affect our final judgment. brings something new to the table and Mr. Porn Geek likes to see that any time during a porn site review. Considering the limited content specs, it’s absolutely amazing that we enjoyed reviewing it as much as we did. For that, Mr. Porn Geek issues a solid recommendation and we do hope you will explore this platform. Even if you have never enjoyed similar content, you will on get a better understanding of the reasons it’s gaining so much traction amongst the porn lovers.

Review Pros
  • Niche-specific content
  • Well organized
  • Active community
Review Cons
  • Loads of pop-up ads