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Checking Out The Notorious

If you were to stumble upon on your travels of the web, you may be slightly confused as what you are looking at at first. So, let me start this review telling you a little bit about TheHun. TheHun allows amateurs and pros to advertise their offerings via their yellow pages. They also have teaser movies from loads of different porn sites. These provide you with a quick peek at what they are offering so you can see whether you’ll get off on their website or not. I’ve spent about 20 minutes on the porn site now and, I have to say, I’m still a little confused.

The first thing you notice on TheHun Yellow Pages is a photo of a sperm extraction machine from a Chinese hospital. This is the news section of TheHun. Once you scroll past this, you can see some of the offerings of today’s featured amateurs and professionals. They have names such Shanda Fey, Lady Sonia and The VNA Network on there as I write this, as well as plenty of lesser-known people and sites. The features that TheHun Yellow Pages offer provide inspiration for relief in the future, if you catch my drift. Most of the photos are suggestive, but you really need to click on the link to get some action!’s Design and Accessibility

First up the design of TheHun takes you way back to when yellow pages were actually a thing. Although the site is updated very regularly, the design hasn’t been since bushes were last in fashion! It reminded me of the hours spent as a teenager exploring the net for any hint of a boob, ah, the memories. I think a new design and nicer layout is really needed here.

Something is certainly going on behind the scenes of TheHun movies, however, as the video playback is good. It’s not the highest of HD in the world, but you certainly aren’t trying to see big tits through the pixels either. Also, the layout on my phone wasn’t too bad either. Something I did notice straight away was that the video didn’t have any captions, you have to hover over them with your mouse to find out what’s going on in the often obscure thumbnail. And there is no way of seeing a caption on your phone. It would be nice to see captions or better thumbnails to know what’s happening in the scene.

I think with an updated layout, more videos and photos and fancier mechanics for better video playback, could become an excellent site. One other quick thing to note, I couldn’t find a way back to the homepage without clicking the back button!?! What is this, The Dark Ages?

TheHun Archives

TheHun Archives are where all of the action you missed is stored. You can see any of the Yellow Page adverts from any day of any year from 2002 to the present. I like this feature. It gives the advertisers another chance at impressing the users and allows users to have a search for something else that they fancy the look of. The loading time when you start scrolling down the page is a problem though. It’s not as bad as the days of dial-up, but it takes a good few seconds to see the next set of advertisements. The layout and design remains the same as the rest of the site; there are just different women sucking different dicks on a different day.

TheHun Store

TheHun store is a really good online porn shop for those of us who still enjoy hiding DVDs from our girlfriends. They have loads of awesome DVDs on the store as well as downloadable scenes too. They also have pretty much every sex toy you could need or want including a pair of boobs with a fucking hole in the middle of them, if you fancy that sort of thing! One feature of the store that I do really like is the ability to search for content and DVDs with pornstar’s names. So, if you’re a fan of Riley Ried, for example, just click her cute little face, and the site will take you to everything they have available in the store to do with her sexy bum!

The store layout is different from TheHun Yellow Pages. The store is clearly a more updated version of TheHun experience, and it looks really good compared to the rest of the site. If the rest of the site worked and looked like the store, I would be spending more time on

Additional Features for TheHun to consider

I love the store; it runs really smoothly. If the rest of the site ran like the store, it would be a nice place to spend some time. I think TheHun should consider expanding the number of videos they have per day, or at least keep some more videos around from previous days. So many sites offer millions of hours of porn videos, so to see a site only offering about 20 minutes of videos a day is slightly strange.

Another feature could add is some form of forum. It seems like a place that is wanting a community, what with HunDating and being able to rate each advert, and so a place where the community could gather and share some sexy thoughts, images and videos would be cool.

The Geek’s final thoughts on TheHun.Net

There is a lot of work to be done at It’s an admirable idea, but it needs faster servers and more content. Also, the layout and design really need a redo, it is really old now. To compare it to some of the other sites that we have reviewed in the past just wouldn’t be fair. The things I do like about TheHun is that it is free, but that’s because it gets all of its money from ads and you don’t really get to see too much on the site. I also like the dating service, it seems like a fun place to find a kinky time. And the store, the store is extremely well made compared to the rest of the site.

With so many of the bigger sites offering far more in the way of content and advertising opportunities for porn stars and other porn sites, may have already started to become redundant. The yellow pages died out because of all the information available on the internet, will the TheHun Yellow Pages go the same the way?

Review Pros
  • Tons of amateurs
  • Been around forever
  • Needs more yellow
Review Cons
  • Old fashioned design
  • Confusing layout