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My analysis of Rey Comix

If you’ve had any exposure to the comic, cartoon and anime porn website space over the last few years, you ought to know that the competition out there is pretty stiff. I’ve noticed time and time again that there are some seriously decent places to go if this is your niche of choice, and I know for a fact that if Rey Comix is going to get recommended by me, it has to be top of the line when it comes to what it has to offer. This place suggests that they have you covered for comics and hentai, and while my first look at it was pretty good, I’m ready to do a bit of a deeper dive. So, with that in mind, let’s go ahead and see what ReyComix is all about.

Spanish at ReyComix

I want to make it clear from the start here that ReyComix is mainly a Spanish website, but if you speak English, you shouldn’t struggle too much with looking around and finding what you need. If, however, you are able to speak Spanish – well, this might just be the best damn place for you to find your XXX comic requirements! I highly recommend using Chrome’s built-in translation feature otherwise, and I’m going to conduct the rest of this review utilizing it. Sure, there might be a few issues and concerns here and there, but at the end of the day, you’re going to get most of what you want through automatic translation.

The ReyComix homepage

So, let’s start at the homepage – I’m guessing that the content here is sorted by default based on the upload date, although sadly, there isn’t anything here to confirm that. What I would like to see from ReyComix is a simple “uploaded 5 hours ago” or similar metadata display just below each release. Anyway, you can scroll down the page to see a pagination bar – perfect if you want to get deeper into the archives of what this place has to offer. There are 163 pages in total right now, and each one has 24 entries. That’s around 4,000 comics in total! There are a few links at the top of the page, but nothing too fancy. The sidebar has a selection of tags, but more on those later. For now, let me talk about the content.

ReyComix: translations in action

So after spending a bit of time here, I quickly worked out that all of the comic book text has itself been translated into Spanish. Now look – I’m pretty confident that most people are just here to jerk off to the images, but I have to be honest and appreciate that text does make up a decent chunk of the appeal of places like this. For that reason, I think it’s best that if you don’t speak Spanish at all, that you instead visit other destinations. I didn’t realize initially that this was the entire purpose of the platform, but now that I’ve worked it out, it just seems reasonable to suggest that you’d only want to come here if you’re capable of reading the Spanish translations!

Content themes at ReyComix

In terms of the overall material and its theme, there’s a mixture of classic hentai and Western-style releases. That said, I’m confident that most of the archive here is Western cartoony in its aesthetic. That would also explain the title – its’ not ReyHentai, after all. Should you come here if you’re into anime porn? Well, there’s still a bunch for you to look at, but there might be other doujinshi which will tickle your fancy a bit better than what ReyComix has to offer. If you’re more into comic book erotic releases, this place really does have you covered – it’s there bread and butter!

Sidebar tags at ReyComix

As mentioned, there are a few sidebar tags here on ReyComix that you might want to take a look at. Say you’re here and you’re not entirely sure what type of porn comic you want to check out, but you do know what niches get you hot under the collar – well, this is the place for you to look! There are options such as anal, big ass, blowjobs, MILF and incest. Sadly, you’re not able to click the ‘tags’ header to go through to an area with a larger array of niche choices. This is something that is certainly not lacking when it comes to the competition. Hentai and comic book porn is typically archived and tagged incredibly well – though to be fair, I don’t know of any sites that are purely in Spanish that do this!

Recommendations for ReyComix

I appreciate the niche here, but you know what would make a hell of a lot of sense to me? Having both the English and Spanish versions of the uploads in parallel. If you’re going to go to the effort of translating entire comic strips, it seems trivial to just keep the original and share it with a link on your website. That way, most of my punters (who probably don’t speak Spanish) can still visit your site and get something from it. I’d also like to see a convenient download link, slideshow feature and yeah: better categorization.

My final word on ReyComix

Did I have fun at ReyComix? Absolutely, but I think it’s safe to say that there are lots of things here that need to be done before it’s top of the line. Thankfully, their little niche doesn’t have a huge amount of competition, and as far as sites go – it’s not too bad! If you’re a Spanish speaker and you’re looking for a cartoon porn hub that’s actually going to satisfy your desires, this place will probably do exactly that. Anyway, thanks for reading – I’ve been Mr. Porn Geek and you’ve been a horny jerker that wants hot comic book porn. Peace, love and happy jerking!

Review Pros
  • Decent comic collection
  • Translated into Spanish
  • Fast loading speeds
Review Cons
  • Limited tagging
  • No download options