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If you told someone that you just took a ‘Yolo Selfie’ 10 years ago, they’d have absolutely no idea what you were talking about. Thankfully, it’s the modern era and this type of thing is available to us. Mr. Porn Geek believes that the invention of the smart phone has made amateur porn so much better: this site proves it. I mean, you go to the homepage and you see some of the hottest nude selfies around from real amateur sluts that want to get naked and show themselves off. We’re talking Snapchat cuties and Instagram babes that live for your attention.

Directional Change

I actually wrote up this review for YoloSelfie around a year ago – since then, they’ve changed the way that you access your X-rated images. I’m not entirely sure what the reason for this was, but it seems like they wanted to switch up the approach to seeing these images so you could just endlessly scroll. I’ll be honest with you: I think that the change is less than attractive, but maybe that’s just me being cynical. So now, what you do is select one of many different categories that seem to be all sourced from Reddit. For instance, you’ll see pictures tagged as ‘amateur’, ‘camwhores’, ‘petite gone wild’ and ‘legal teens’.

Two sites for the price of one

It would appear that Yolo Selfie actually redirects you to a place called Useless Junk: I think they must’ve purchased this website and decided that it was best to divert traffic to their larger website. Basically, what happens from this point onward is that you can just scroll down the page and see the highest rated material from various subreddits. Is YoloSelfie actually bringing much to the table here? I mean sure, there are lots of porn selfie babes and the like: but I’m not convinced that they’re producing value that you couldn’t get from just standard Reddit viewing.

YoloSelfies does allow you to sort content which is quite cool: you can select based on ‘hotness’, ‘new’ and ‘top’. There’s also a tab for controversial, which again is straight from Reddit, and I don’t fully understand the purpose of this in relation to looking at yolo nude selfies. Maybe the problem is that Mr. Porn Geek is just getting a little too old for this nonsense – next minute you’ll be telling me that by 2050, we’ll have flying cars and robot girlfriends! Okay, enough raging: I’m sure you’re only interested in what Useless Junk has here, so let me continue going through and give you all the details you need to know: I’m in the business of honest reviews folks – no rubbish selfie service here!

Multiple categories to boot

So I mentioned that there were a few selfie categories when you land on the Yolo Selfie homepage: this goes through the roof once you transition through to the new website. You can click categories such as MILF, blowjobs, Festival Sluts, Busty Petite and Tiny Tits. No matter how you like your girls, chances are that this place has got you covered. I should probably mention that the images are completely free to access and don’t have any restrictions on lifting them from the site. Ever tried to save an Instagram photograph? Pain in the ass! These guys just let you right-click and save locally though, so that’s pretty damn fantastic if you ask Mr. Porn Geek.

I’m confused though

Okay, so stay with me here – the top part of the YoloSelfie homepage says that: “The nude selfie photos are not all gone… we simple changed the site format so you can view them in a never-ending river format.”. Now when I use the actual site, it’s not never ending! You have to click ‘next’ and you get sent through to a new page. The Internet has had infinite scrolling solved for a number of years, so if you’re going to promise something like that, you better damn well deliver. They’re using words like ‘selfie’, ‘yolo’ and taking stuff from Reddit: you’d think they’d be able to stick to their promises of being as futuristic as they claim to be.

Wrap this puppy up, Geek

Okay, so I’m done raging here. The content is GOOD, don’t get me wrong: but that’s simply because Yolo Selfie is getting the content from Reddit. My question is – why use this place instead of Reddit directly? Seems like an easy switch to me, and I’m going to say that while this destination is somewhat useful, it could be a hell of a lot better. YoloSelfie ultimately disappointed me on a number of levels, so I’m going to have to say that yeah, it’s got the porn you want, but what’s with all the bullshit guys?

I don’t call out sites often, but this is a worse version of YoloSelfie.com – I think they need to pick their act up or I might just stop recommending them all together.

Review Pros
  • Lots of amateur content
  • Updated regularly
Review Cons
  • Limited categories
  • Can not currently upload