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What is 50PlusMilfs?

50PlusMilfs looks to be a fucking awesome porn site. I love MILFs, when I was a single geek I was always trying to pull fucking MILFs whenever I could! MILFs are just far more experienced, fun as fuck and dirty as fuck. For any 20 something blokes reading this shit, the next time you go to a bar, pull a MILF and see if you don’t have a fucking smile on your face the next morning.

So, as you can bloody imagine, when I saw the name of this porn site, I was pretty fucking excited. I couldn’t wait to watch some MILF porn and see these ladies do what they do best, suck and fuck some cock. Now, 50PlusMilfs had to prove itself to me, I didn’t just fucking assume this porn site was going to be good and have given it a good fucking review based on this assumption. Oh no, 50PlusMilfs had to work damn hard to receive a good fucking review because I had built up the best fucking porn site in the world in my mind. So, did 50PlusMilfs deleiver this? Let’s review it and find out, shall we?

The design of 50PlusMilfs

What a great fucking start, the design of 50PlusMilfs is nothing short of excellent. This porn site feels like a fucking nice place to watch some porn. The styling of this porn site is exactly what you want from a membership style porn site. Yes, 50PlusMilfs is a members-only porn site, I’ll get to that. But 50PlusMilfs feels really nice to be on. The styling of this porn site is just really fucking nice. It is quite a fucking sophisticated design on this porn site. Now, I don’t think that a porn site really needs a very complex design, but it certainly works for this one.

I think the reason that the design and styling of 50PlusMilfs are so pleasing is that it is a membership porn site and so it needs to show off what it is going to provide to you quickly. With this design and styling, it does that fucking perfectly. I cannot fault the design of 50PlusMilfs at all, it is a fucking nice porn site to spend some on, but what about the porn?

The porn on 50PlusMilfs

Again, the porn on this porn site is really fucking good. There are some great fucking features about the porn on this porn site that really pops it for me. Firstly, all of the porn scenes on 50PlusMilfs have a lovely little fucking bio that explains the porn scene nicely. And, all of the porn scenes have really high-quality images that go along with the porn scenes. Plus, there are other lovely fucking features like each MILF’s age is plastered over the image so you can clearly see that she is a MILF. All of these awesome little features add up to make this porn site really fucking nice to watch some porn on and that is really fucking important.

The reason this is so fucking important is that you cannot watch any of the porn on 50PlusMilfs without a membership. When a porn site doesn’t even offer a fucking trailer to their porn, they really need to pull shit like this out of the bag in order to get us cunts to sign up! This is why the design of this porn site works so well and why the porn videos are so nicely fucking advertised on the homepage. They need to do all this shit so that we will sign up. Speaking of signing up.

Being a member of 50PlusMilfs

50PlusMilfs is quite an expensive porn site to be a member of. The cheapest cost for a membership on 50PlusMilfs is $20, and that is for three months, so it is actually $60. Now, this may sound quite expensive, and that is because it is, but the porn is well fucking worth it. You ain’t going to find MILFs on here that are actually in their fucking 20’s like on most fucking porn sites. These ladies are in the prime of their fucking life, and the porn scenes are really fucking good. All of the porn scenes on 50PlusMilfs are really well fucking shot, and the women really know how to suck and fuck some cock!

So, sure 50PlusMilfs is expensive, but I think it is worth it. It certainly isn’t as expensive as some porn sites that don’t offer you as much. Plus there is an offer on 50PlusMilfs right now where if you sign up to this porn site, you get 60PlusMilfs completely fucking free. So, that is a fucking steal cos there are some sexy as fuck women on both sites!

The Geek’s final thoughts on 50PlusMilfs

I think that 50PlusMilfs is a great fucking porn site. It has some the best fucking MILFs in the business on it and some unknown MILFs that will rock your fucking world. 50PlusMilfs is a place where new to the porn industry older ladies can go and experience some fucking amazing sex that we get to watch. However, there are also the best pornstars in the fucking business on here too. I know that 50PlusMilfs may seem a bit expensive, but if you love MILFs and love watching them fuck in sexy underwear, you’ll fucking love this porn site.

That is about it for 50PlusMilfs. This porn site blew me the fuck away from the moment I got on it. It has a great fucking design, lovely styling, does a great job at getting you excited about what is behind the paywall and some of the hottest fucking MILFs ever. I can’t fucking wait to use this porn site more often for my own fucking needs, and I hope you found this porn site review useful in your quest to find the best fucking porn site for your jerking needs.

Review Pros

  • Great design
  • Loads of videos
  • Lots of MILFs

Review Cons

  • Must be a member