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MrPornGeek checks out AmateurMasturbations

AmateurMasturbations is a site that you’d think was all about amateurs having a play. While you are a right is some sexy respects, you are wrong in others! I have been exploring AmateurMasturbations for about an hour now, and I have enjoyed my time on this sexy site. Sure, the porn on this site is a little odd at times, but there is a collection of amateurs on this site that are sexy as all fuck. If you love a bit of amateur porn, then AmateurMasturbations could just be the best place for you. However, as we’ll discover, this porn site also has some random porn on it too. Let’s delve deeper into this site and find out what’s going, shall we?

The amateur porn on AmateurMasturbations

I am going to class cam girls as amateurs in this section of this site review. If I don’t, AmateurMasturbations really wouldn’t have much amateur porn on it. So, AmateurMasturbations has loads of amateurs on it all sucking dildos, shoving them where the sun don’t shine and having a whale of a time. The women on AmateurMasturbations are a good mixture of all the teens trying to earn some money to pay for college and shit like that, and a very small handful of MILFs that just like to get freaky. Amber Heard also makes an appearance.

Most of the actual amateur clips on AmateurMasturbations are under a minute long, the cam girl clips can be about 10 minutes (some times longer), but don’t expect to need popcorn to watch the amateur porn on this site.

The other porn on AmateurMasturbations

Right, Amateur Masturbations also has some porn on it that is so far away from amateur porn that it laughs in the face of these porn productions shot on phones in college dorm rooms. There are shit loads of massage porn videos on this site, you know the lesbian ones that are all sensual and shit and the massage lady just plays with the women for a bit? These can be over 40 minutes long, but have no place on Amateur Masturbations! I thought this shit was meant to be a fucking amateurs porn site? These are professional fucking porn videos, take them off you bastards!

My final thoughts on AmateurMasturbations

Amateur Masturbations is a good site full of the hottest amateurs I have seen in a long time. There are true amateurs on this site that have clearly broken up with a bloke and ended up on here for the world to see, there are cam girls too if you like watching a lady play with her pussy so she can afford to eat and there are some random professional porn videos too. Overall, I had fun on Amateur Masturbations. This site is well worth a visit, the ladies are hot and they are hot to bloody trot!

Review Pros
  • Some sexy amateurs
  • Nice clean site design
  • Some longer clips
Review Cons
  • Mostly short clips