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TS 4 Rent: my review

When I was younger, I didn’t exactly have that much interest in shemales – it was all a bit strange to me and I felt that being into them would make me gay. Now I’m an adult, I totally get that a sexy transsexual is pretty much the epitome of erotic pleasure, so I’m happy that I can bring you an expert review on an escort website devoted entirely to them! TS4Rent.eu might have a Europe-focused domain name, but I can tell you ahead of time that the whole world is covered by this particular platform. The question is – just how well does TS4Rent.eu stack up against the competition? It’s not like finding transsexual escorts is hard, but I guess we’ll know from the quality of the site just how great this place is for premium shemale entertainment. Read on as Mr. Porn Geek ventures inside TS 4 Rent to give you his professional, honest opinion!

Homepage of TS 4 Rent and beyond

The homepage here looks pretty damn stellar if I’m being honest with you. Along the top of the content area you’ve got a slider advertising what I imagine to be premium listings from verified escorts, as well as navigation options to explore different areas of the website with lots of header links. Scroll down and you’ll see more VIP transsexual escorts and some great extras too, such as videos, interviews and more that we’ll discuss later. One thing I always like to do is search for escorts in different cities on these types of websites to see how they perform – let’s do that first and then come back to all of the extras later.

Escorts around the world at TS4Rent.eu

When you click on the search box in the top right-hand corner, it actually displays a handy dropdown of all locations close to your entered letters that you may be interested in. I typically start these reviews off with a look at Las Vegas and boy, what a joy it was to use this website for the first time as a potential punter! iYou’ll see a ‘TS of the Day’ for the city in some instances, as well as verified profiles from the more high quality escorts in the region. Scroll down and you’ll find shemale companions sorted by their availability and last time posted on the website – there have been literally dozens of TS escorts in Las Vegas who’ve been here in the last 24 hours, so it’s good to see top-tier frequency on a destination like this.

One pretty impressive feature is that on the right-hand side of the page, you’ve got a bunch of search options and filters that you can apply to find the perfect shemale escort for you. The basics are covered here like age, height, weight and ethnicity, but TS 4 Rent also allows you to filter based on safety status (if bareback is allowed or ‘safe only’) and preferred position (whether they’re top, bottom of versatile). Let’s go over a few profiles now to see exactly what each one has to show you before you make a choice of transsexual escort to get in touch with.

You probably know by now that I’m big into darker babes, so finding this sexy black transsexual escort was pretty much a dream come true. Going by the name of Uriah Love, this petite spinner is just 20 years of age and has a real slim thick figure that you’re going to go wild for if that’s your cup of tea. Alongside a little personal information, there’s an ‘about me’ area where this companion notes down all the things she’s willing to do and what an experience with her is like. Scrolling down the page shows a list of reviews too, but you will need to get a premium account if you want to read those. Uriah got 5 stars from the latest verified punter, so I’m pretty confident that my first choice was a great one!

Some girls really do love to spoil visitors with a huge collection of images, such as this tasty Asian who’s uploaded 16 photos to her public gallery and only charges $300 for a great incall service. I’ve linked this profile for a very specific reason too: you can click the ‘videos’ link at the top of the page if you want some footage of your next potential companion. It’s a great idea and honestly, I think more escort advertising platforms need to allow for clips to be shared. Images can be deceiving, but if you go ahead and show me a good video capture of you and your sexy ass in action, I’m going to be pretty damn confident that what I’m paying is going to be more than worth it. Some girls really love to share too, such as this minx with 11 video uploads for you to watch – incredible!

Extra site features at TS 4 Rent

I’m pretty confident that I’ve spent enough time going over all of the features with specific regard to the escort advertisements here, so it’s probably a good time to talk about what else is on offer via TS4Rent.eu. The general videos section is probably a good place for you to check out at some point: there are lots of clips here that are about as amateur as they get and these shemales just can’t get enough of sharing their gorgeous bodies with the world. Punters also have a section where reviews are left for escorts that people have engaged with. It’s actually pretty busy here, with around 1 review being added every hour. For such a niche escort premise that’s actually quite respectable – I wouldn’t have guessed it could be so high! Seems like TS4Rent.eu really is one of the go-to places if you’re into transsexual escorts.

Interested in learning more about potential transsexual escorts? There’s an interview section on the site that’s actually quite cool. There are lots of questions that the website has preprogrammed for the shemales to answer and their responses are shown for you to read and appreciate. They range from pretty basic through to intimate and the girls can answer however they please. It’s an interesting idea and the number of questions answered is actually quite high – definitely recommend this page.

Last up, the blog section. I think the word ‘blog’ is used somewhat lightly, since a lot of the posts are rather short and sweet (typically to do with a location update or a notice that a particular escort won’t be available for a few weeks). It’s a little like Twitter, but it shows the ladies engage actively with the website and likely gives you a good indication that they’re legitimate escorts who’re good for it. The community element is always important on these types of sites and TS4Rent.eu does a great job of fostering discussion and interaction between punters and escorts.

Final thoughts re: TS 4 Rent

After spending around 2 hours on this website and doing a lot of checks, I can safely say that if you’re hunting for some good shemale escort hubs, this is one destination you absolutely shouldn’t be without. The design is quite tidy, it’s regularly updated by the companions and since it’s worldwide, you’ll likely find at least a few top-tier transsexual escorts in your region with next to no effort. As far as I’m concerned, TS 4 Rent should be your first port of call if you’re looking for a good shemale to spend some time with!

Review Pros
  • Great design
  • Lots of profiles
  • Worldwide platform
Review Cons
  • A few adverts