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A look at Watch Dudes

Howdy friends! Now, I think we all know by now that Mr. Porn Geek is NOT someone who’s all that interested in homoerotic websites, but I will still provide reviews when and where possible – simply because I know what you gay bros want and I’m willing to look at a few dicks to make ya’ll happy. Today, I’m headed over to a spot called Watch Dudes which, as the name might suggest, is all about hooking you up with the finest adult media known to man that’s 100% focused on guys fucking guys. That’s right – we’re talking about amateur gay porn that you haven’t seen before! Does it swing? Is it worth signing up for? Let’s create a profile and see what’s going on to find out!

Inside Watch Dudes

Signing up to this website took just a few minutes and once inside, you’re presented with a whole host of media that you can instantly click on if you feel like get an instant jerking session going. The layout here is very similar to Facebook and Twitter – chronological entries from various users on the site that seem to love giving you access to all-male fun. There are both pictures and videos here and yes, there is a category available if you want to check one or the other out. That said, let’s take a quick look at the categories before diving into the content to get an idea of exactly what type of racy all-male fucking and sucking you’ll come across.

The niches that Watch Dudes offers

So along the left-hand side of the website, you’ll find a bunch of different niches that you might be interested in. These include the likes of black men, military, twinks, solo, handjobs and webcams. To be honest with you, I think this area could be cleaned up a little, since there are categories here such as ‘dudes with iPhones’, which I don’t think is actually all that useful. A more traditional approach makes the most sense to me: essentially, the stuff that you’d find on a tube site where it’s interracial, bareback, sauna, outdoors, Asian and so on. Mr. Porn Geek does appreciate the fact that there are meta sorting options though, such as the ability to look at uploads based on their vote count, number of comments and total views. The website updates frequently with new entries and has done so for many years – suffice to say that if you’re coming here for the quantity, you’re going to get it and then some.

Watch Dudes & amateur content

One of the primary focuses from this spot is the simple fact that they don’t deal with media that is professional in nature. It’s amateur as it comes, and that’s great when it comes to gay dudes – they just love uploading their content for the whole world to look at! There are a lot of solo pictures here, but you’re also going to see ass fucking on a level that you might not have previously thought possible. The uploads here are also provided by many members of the website, and you are encouraged to upload your own media to the platform if you have any available. While these types of share platforms for straight sex are a little more difficult to get utility out of, lots of gay guys have already shown their content here and there seems to be no shortage of fresh flicks and sexy snaps for you to jerk off over. Suffice to say that if you’re looking for a place that is truly about amateur, homemade gay porn, this is the place to be.

Touching on content quality at Watch Dudes

I think it’s important for me to point out that since none of the media here is created by a studio, you’re not going to get that quality of video and picture that you might get from a gay paysite. This ought to be okay though, right? Especially when we consider that part of the allure of what’s available here is the fact that it’s very much amateur in nature. The good news is that more of the recent stuff looks stellar – modern smart phones are more than capable of documenting smut in a high resolution and that’s terrific for a spot like Watch Dudes that wants to make that type of deliciousness available for everyone around the world. You can download all of the material offered by Watch Dudes to your PC, but there are no bulk options. The good news is that the server is insanely quick, so you’re not going to have to wait around for a long time to get the clips you want.

The negatives of Watch Dudes

To balance the review, I do want to touch a little on the negatives. Personally, I’m not a fan of seeing adverts here – I know why it’s done, but when you pay for access to a portal, you expect for adverts to be removed: it’s just that simple. I also touched before on the categories and would like that to be cleaned up – the more detailed and specific, the better. Finally, Watch Dudes has a hell of a lot of white space on either side of the central content display: please make the display area for media wider, so more than 40% of my monitor is actually being utilized, cheers!

Watch Dudes: any good?

Despite the flaws, I’m having no issues here whatsoever believing that a gay dude who like amateur fun will be more than happy with what’s on offer at Watch Dudes. If you’re straight then go elsewhere, but if you’re all into ass and dick, this might just be the next destination you’ll fall in love with. It’s competitively priced and the archive is huge – what more could you want? Anyway, that’s it from me: thanks for reading and I’ll see you in the next gay review entry put together by yours truly, Mr. Porn Geek!

Review Pros
  • All amateur content
  • Fast download server
  • Lots of media
Review Cons
  • Average layout
  • No bulk downloading