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Space Paws [v 0.87.1]

Space Paws is a sci-fi adult game where you play the role of a guy who needs to get the human race back on track. You and your ginger to-be lover are on a mission!


Lesbian Dildo Play

I played Lesbian Dildo Play for around an hour – loved every second of it! Addicted to girl on girl games? Then look no further: this one has what you want.


Perverted Education

Mr. Porn Geek really enjoyed Perverted Education: this is a game all about sissification and transsexuality. If you love cross-dressing themes, play this game now!


Super Deepthroat

Check out Super Deepthroat if you want to tweak a blowjob scene down to the hair color, hand position and cock size! A great simulation for skull fucking fun.


Pinocchio’s Birthday

Play the role of Pinocchio as he fucks his way around the Disney universe. Enjoy Snow White's ass, Sleeping Beauty's Pussy and more – a great game!



I was less than impressed when playing Next: although you get to watch sexy blonde girls stripping, there are dozens of better games out there to be played.


Peach’s Untold Tale

I don't have many genuine concerns for Peach's Untold Tale. I played version 3.47 and this was just fantastic – be sure to check it out and enjoy!


LegendofKrystal v2

I wouldn't exactly call Legend of Krystal v2 a game, but it does a pretty good job of providing you with sexy, erotic animated scenes you can control – check it out!


Lesson of Passion Extended

One of the genre defining games out there for dating simulation was Lesson of Passion Extended. This is an instant classic – a WoW of the porn world!


Breeding Season

Mr. Porn Geek had a great time playing Breeding Season and he's confident that you're going to love it. Read the full review to learn more about this XXX game!


DaughterforDessert Ch2

If you've played Chapter 1 of Daughter for Dessert and want to know whether the second installment is worth it: absolutely! Read my full review to find out why.


Little Red Riding the Wood

Little Red Riding the Wood is an enjoyable game that I recommend you check out at some point. Do be warned – this takes a while to finish. No instant jerking.


MILF’s Villa

MILF's Villa combines gorgeous 3D renders with top-down, Pokémon style gameplay. Check it out now and fuck every mature woman in sight – a great game!


Play With Us

Play With Us Episode 1 is the first game in a long series that you're probably going to love. Schoolgirls, step sisters and lots of choice-based outcomes – hot!


Pokemon Fuck

The premise of Pokemon Fuck is quite simple. You play the role of Brock and you're going to finger, tease and anally fuck Misty until you blast her with hot cum!


Rick And Morty

A game parody of Ricky And Morty? It might sound a little silly, but the polish of this one is simply fantastic! Try it out now and see for yourself.


Sexy Maid Nude

While Sexy Maid Nude isn't available in English, this is still a great game if you're someone that loves hentai titles. Easy to play and pretty quick to the action!


Slave Lords of The Galaxy

Mr. Porn Geek really enjoyed his time playing Slave Lords of the Galaxy. You've got a sex slave waiting for you at home and she's going to make you a very happy master!



Although I'm unable to find an English version of Hamakaze Games, this Japanese hentai title is still easy enough to understand. Great for instant anime sex!


Ben 10 Sex Game

Ben 10 Sex Game is a pretty simple sex simulation Flash title: you'll get to fuck Gwen from the original series and give her all the cum she's ever wanted.



SimBro is all about a lovely lady or guy trying to save their family mansion by turning it into a brothel. Does it work or do they become homeless? No idea, I couldn’t figure this fucking game out!



Simply Mindy is a very old-school game where you play as a female. Despite the graphics being a little on the dated side, this is still worth checking out!



Mr. Porn Geek played Slave Maker for an hour or so and loved every second of it! Try out this game if you're into the idea of training up a pure sexual submissive.


Visiting Aunt Sara

Visiting Aunt Sara is a game where you're looking to fix a hot tub, source great DVDs and find lost wedding rings all so you can have incestuous fun with a busty aunty!


Virtual Date With Jessica

For a small, low-quality game, Virtual Date With Jessica isn't all that terrible. Mr. Porn Geek doesn't think it's amazing, but it does the trick.


Strip Poker Night

As far as open-source games go, Strip Poker Night is quite the project. I had a lot of fun playing this one and love that anyone can contribute – so fun!



Mr. Porn Geek absolutely loved Kinky Emulator. This is a BDSM sex simulation title with some of the best graphics in the industry!


Seductive RPG

Seductive RPG isn't the most advanced or high quality dating simulation game out there, but it's one of the originals where your decisions will matter!


Anna: Exciting Affection

Going from cutscenes to 2D, top-down gameplay, Anna: Exciting Affection is an enjoyable role playing game where you get to enjoy a hot girl called … Anna!


Bowsette Hentai Game

Mr. Porn Geek enjoyed Bowsette Hentai Game: it's a good option if you just want to fuck the female version of Mario's arch nemesis! Simple and perfect for quick jerks.


Touching Flash Hardcore Kasumi Rebirth

Touching Flash Hardcore – Kasumi Rebirth pits you against one of the main characters from the Dead or Alive franchise. Your job is to use and abuse her – sexually!


The Sissy Girlfriend Experiment

Mr. Porn Geek had a whale of a time playing The Sissy Girlfriend Experiment. This fully-fledged sissification game is perfect for the budding woman in you.


Summer’s Birthday

Ever thought about what it would be like to fuck Summer from Rick and Morty? Well now's the time to find out! Play Summer's Birthday and give this teen your dick.



TheSexGame is disappointing – the only decisions you make are to ensure the video doesn't stop playing. You're better off reading my other reviews instead.


Sissy Adventures

Sissy Adventures is a game that has you engaging in a quest to become the ultimate cross dressing whore. Can you trap people and get them to fuck your boi pucci?



Panthea exceeded my expectations for a role playing game currently in development. You'll love this one if you prefer your game to be more slow paced – great graphics!


Fuck Your Champion

League of Legends your cup of tea? Want a game devoted to it? Play Fuck Your Champion today! This XXX game allows you to fuck Ahri, Riven, Janna and more!


3 Buttons To Fuck

Mr. Porn Geek doesn't think that 3 Buttons To Fuck is going to win any awards in the near future, but it's still an enjoyable game for some quick threesome porn.


Born To Fuck

It's not the best game out there, but Born To Fuck does get you banging a purple-skinned whore pretty damn quickly. Sound good? Then go play it, homeslice.


Elana Champion Of Lust

Mr. Porn Geek spent a decent amount of time playing Elana, Champion of Lust. This is a fun RPG game with a lot of deep elements. Be prepared for a lengthy experience!



Enchanted is a reading-heavy, choice-intensive role playing game which you have a hell of a lot of control over. Quite unique and content rich – I love it personally!


Femdom Lock Down

The visually focused game known as Femdom Lockdown is a good choice for anyone that wants to enjoy being dominated by a woman. Kinky BDSM game – fun!


Future Fragments

Future Fragments is honestly one of the most polished games I've come across in recent months. This is a side scrolling platform title with an adult twist – fun!


Guess The Highest Number Unlock Pussy

This game is called Guess The Highest Number Unlock Pussy. The premise here is that you, well, guess the highest number and unlock pussy!


High Tail Hall 2

High Tail Hall 2 doesn't have much of a plot or a focus, although you will be able to fuck a whole array of furry friends. These animal human hybrids are pretty sexy.


Interactive Orgy

Although there are interactive elements of this game, to call it 'Interactive Orgy' seems like a bit of an overstatement. Far from being a great game, sadly.



Want to play a porn parody of Undertale? Well you've come to the right game for that! Read all about Uddertale and try this great game out now!


Shinobi Girl

Shinobi Girl isn't the easiest side scrolling platform game to play, but it's pretty fun and rewarding if you're into weird hentai stuff, like green dicks and groping hands.


SlaveLord 2

The original game was good – I think that this title is even better! A top-notch sequel that you'd be foolish to miss out on. Train this queen today!


Kill la Kill

This title is a porn parody of Kill la Kill – if you like games that take your favorite anime and turn them into nasty XXX adventures, try this one for size.


Play With Us Episode 2

If you're looking for a longer-term adult game to play where your choices have different outcomes, try out Play With Us Episode 2! A great sequel for any XXX game fan.


High Card XXX

High Card XXX isn't terrible as a game, but you have literally no agency here. It's similar to Baccarat – might be better to try something else first.



Mr. Porn Geek has the English, uncensored version of Witch Girl that you'll love playing! Take a little look and let me know if you enjoyed this Japanese side scroller.



TheSexGame2 isn't really that much of a game. I'd recommend you play something else – like TheSexGame1, this title fell short of all expectations.


Earth Chan

A Date With Earth Chan: this is a dating simulation with Japanese themes that has you answering questions about the Earth in order to fuck a kawaii babe.


Incubus City

Incubus City is a fun XXX game that is based around you making choices and decisions to get women pregnant. A great, depraved piece of content – I love it!


Nidalee: Queen of the Jungle

As someone who is a lifelong fan re: League of Legends, Nidalee: Queen of the Jungle is one title I absolutely must recommend. The quality of the simulation here is amazing!


Super Sexy Android

I think describing Super Sexy Android as a game doesn't make much sense. There are dozens of better options for you guys, so yeah – don't bother with this one.


Meet And Fuck: Nintendo Christmas

Despite having a few issues, Meet And Fuck – Nintendo Christmas is still a great parody game and XXX render. See Peach and Zelda with huge tits – hot as fuck!


Where is The Milk?

Meet And Fuck: Where is the Milk – this game is all about a bitchy boss with huge tits that needs to be milked. Big boob lovers will want to play this.


Naomi 3D

Naomi 3D isn't really much of a game, but it is a sexy render of an anime girl fucking herself with a dildo! Get the payoff without the work: watch this scene now.


Overwatch – Spider’s Web

Spider's Web is a heavily dialog-focused, high quality parody game that features Widowmaker from the Blizzard game Overwatch.


Porn Empire

For a beta game, Porn Empire is really something special. Want to set time aside and build up an XXX business? Try this title out for size – you'll love it.


ResidenceofEvil/Facility XXX

Check out Resident Evil: Facility XXX if you're a fan of this series. It's a porn simulation game that has various experiments fucking busty broads!


Sexy Occasion

Sexy Occasion – this isn't going to win awards for being so amazing, but Mr. Porn Geek doesn't think it's all that bad! You'll fuck an anime stranger, so that's great.


2048 Porn

You've played 2048 before, right? Well then I don't need to explain the premise behind 2048 Porn! The bigger the number, the sluttier the chick.


Trap Hentai Flash

Trap Hentai Flash is a quick and dirty sex simulation title where you tease and play with an anime MtF transsexual. Can you get that feminine cock to cum?



Mr. Porn Geek wouldn't rate Alita in its current state all that highly. This game still needs a lot of development work until it's an A-class sex simulation title.