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My review on ComDotGame

Okay, so this site has a unique name that caught my attention. Sure, it is a little bit strange, but the site has a simple layout and offers a wide selection of the top games. You do not need an account to take advantage of ComDotGame, making it easy to get in, get what you are looking for, and get to playing.

The best games out there do a fantastic job getting you to engage. I know, as someone who likes to game on the regular, it is fantastic when two of my passions intersect. Everyone likes the successful combination of things that they love, and I am no different. I have added a number of these games to my spank bank, and there are sure to be more here that I will love.

CamDotGame Features Mainstream Games Too

One of the things that I love about this site is that it has both mainstream porn games, straight games, and gay games. With a lot of titles here, like Hot Gay Sex, Yabi’s Cum in Mouth, and a plethora of others, you can find wild sex scenes featuring all combinations of people and genders. There’s tons of dick sucking, pussy penetrating, ass riding action here, and it makes me swell up with… anticipation. Had to get my Rocky Horror Picture Show moment in there. This site brings out my geeky side, ha.

There is an impressive amount of games here, and regardless of whether you are looking for something specific to jerk to or just want to browse and search, the tools are here. ComDotGame has been updating their site too, so the organization is better than ever. The newer, updated search bar is conveniently located and helps you organize your perverted thoughts. You can search for featured games, popular games, recent games, and terms. Clicking on popular games will get you to a list of all the games they have, listed by popularity. Oh, and when you search for games, it is easy to either go to the games listing or play the game straight away. I like to dive right into the games that look interesting, but it is nice to be able to get the details as well.

ComDotGame Games Get You Hard

Mr. Porn Geek loves amazing games; I might even start reviewing specific games someday. There is something about the top XXX games that gets me excited. Often it is the hot toon porn characters and raunchy themes. I do like a game that has a little bit of challenge to it though. When it comes to adult entertainment games, I like to work a little for my sex. Oh, and I am a fan of hot cut scenes too. Want to jerk it to these hot babes and studs? ComDotGame brings the quality.

Tons Of Games At ComDotGame

How many games do there need to be before Mr. Porn Geek says there are a lot. I am not sure, to be honest, but with over 4,000 games on ComDotGame, it totally makes the cut. There are TONS of top game programmers working hard to make sure their fans are satisfied here.

Unparalleled Porn Game Variety At ComDotGame

Are you looking for tentacle porn? Try Tentacle Wars and many other options. Looking for classroom role-play? Check out Naughty Classroom and many other options. Each of the top porn genres has representation here; this is a playground for porn lovers and gaming fans alike. These games are available full screen, and there are a few extra perks too, like being able to comment on games and rate games. It means other pervs are helping you decide which games to play by letting you know which are best. God, I love the internet.

There are toon games, hentai games, 3D games, and they are the highest quality XXX porn titles you have seen. While the site does not date the games, making it hard to see how often they update, with 4,000 games and counting they have definitely updated quite a bit. The site is also active in a lot of other ways, with a Forum that brings horny porn lovers together to talk about games, sex, porn, and all the topics I love. Some entertaining conversations are happening here, and I will admit that I spent some time watching the hilarity. There are hundreds of threads, and people can post anonymously.

ComDotGame Got The Ads Right

There are not many ads on the site, and while you do not need an account to browse, there are benefits to having an account here. The place is clean and stress-free, meaning total relaxation with your new favorite porn games, lube, and hand. There are gay games here, and finding games for gays is not something that happens everywhere. Looking for the best gay games, take a look here. Want to jack off or fap to the best straight XXX games? Go for it. Love tentacles, aliens, and more outrageous games. This type of variety is excellent, and I have a huge appreciation for variety. And you get it without being overwhelmed with ads.

Are There Negatives To ComDotGame?

In terms of negatives, there might be a larger focus on yaoi than some might like, but there is still a lot of variety and a huge selection of great games. Another negative for some people is that the games here do not have a download option. Some people might list this as a positive, especially in terms of safety. While you should have a virus scanner, in general, since you can play the games without downloads, there is less impact regarding that.

Oh, and not all of the games here are games, many games fit the more mainstream game categories. I don’t think this is a negative at all, and after spending some private time playing some of the more naughty games, I played some of the other games here too and had a lot of fun. Not all of the games are in English, so you may need to figure out how to play some games with trial and error or just move on. Either way, there are a TON of games here, so it is not in any way a bad thing that they cater to multiple languages, some of these hentai-based games just make sense in Japanese, it’s likely where the main market for some of the game creators is. It is nice to be able to read the comments on the games too, which helped guide me to some of the games I played.

Final Notes On ComDotGame

This is a fantastic site, and there are many great games here to play, both adult sex games and regular games. Some of the games are better quality than others, they were all made by different people, but having a popular and featured game section helps fans find the better ones. With a lot of variety, there is a ton to do here. Some of the games are humorous, others are sexy, and some are just plain interesting. Overall, the site is easy to use and has some great features to it. The search is reliable, and there are not too many ads. I would have liked the ability to download at least some of the games, but it is nice to know that I can play the games with less risk overall.

I am happy to recommend this site, and with very few things that I think need to be changed, am happy to give this site a Mr. Porn Geek 10/10 rating. Enjoy.

Review Pros

  • Tons of free games
  • Tons of top sex games
  • No account required

Review Cons

  • No downloads