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Many years ago, from what I’ve been told, Internet sex was mostly limited to chat rooms where people sent messages to each other in text and could occasionally send some flirtatious and dirty pictures. Now you can live your fantasy in a completely different way. Cybersex has evolved over the years and with the increase in popularity of virtual reality sex and 3D porn sex films, it was only a matter of time before a company figured out exactly what they needed to do to create a successful adult virtual community.

Massive Numbers Of Real People Waiting

Red Light Center is an adult community that has thousands of members, all real people who are looking to be flirty and sassy in this virtual cybersex environment. You can meet plenty of open-minded people here who are looking to have a lot of fun. The website has attracted tons of people who are looking for amazing sex, and they have done so by putting together an incredible platform for people to enjoy. The company has hosted adult entertainment industry conferences on the platform, and there are tons of different places to go clubbing, have privacy, enjoy the outdoors, and of course flirt with and have sex with other people virtually.

More About The Virtual Client

Unfortunately, you will have to download the game client in order to be able to utilize the service. The download is trusted and allows the game to run more efficiently on your platform. There is simply too much to stream, as the world is incredibly huge and the amount of detail that you can see is stunning. Once you download the client, you are ready to sign up and make an account.

You can interact with people without downloading the virtual client, but it is recommended to get the client to improve your experience and to be able to take advantage of the game related perks. You will need to create an avatar, provide an email, create a password, and give your date of birth, in order to join in on the action. In the classic area of the website, you can search for people to interact with, invite people into the game, check out the events calendar, and participate in the forum.

A Fantastic Porn Game Forum Available

The forum here is pretty fantastic, allowing you to interact with people outside of the virtual world. Most people seem to interact and get to know each other in the world itself, but others like to engage with conversations about the game, the real world and more, all from Red Light Center Classic. You will need a login in order to enter this area of the website, but it is a fascinating place and well worth the time.

Very Few Advertisements On The Site

Honestly, some of the things that might be advertisements are probably not even real. This virtual world brings a lot of detail, including having clubs with names and much more. It all really fits in with the theme of the game and gives the game a little bit more realistic feel to it. I don’t want to say that nothing is advertised in the game, there are partners of the website that are featured in here somewhere, but it really is not invasive or off-putting in any way.

Purchase And Design Hot Avatars

First off, there is absolutely no reason that you need to purchase anything for your avatar. There are virtual stores in the game that allow you to do get things, however, and they are pretty great. The avatars that come standard with the games are incredibly hot, and you can select from multiple male characters in multiple female characters before going into the game itself. Once you are in the game, you will have the option to go into certain stores in order to buy additional clothing or make changes to your avatar. It really is quite genius.

The Variety Of Avatars Is Fantastic

There are CG characters that you can choose to be a flirt with to see if they are interested in sex in the game. This includes a wide variety of body types, including pierced nipples, pierced belly buttons, tattoos, a wide variety of hairstyles, a wide variety of skin tones, and an incredible number of outfits as well. When people on the site decide to get down and dirty, you can see the action from any angle and choose how to respond and what to do during the scene.

Red Light Center really does have a focus on realism, and they have been adding additional things that you can do on the site. If you love MILFs taking it in the ass, you can totally do that. If you are a fan of creampies, go ahead and have some fun. They really have put of a lot of details into the site, and their claim of being the world’s largest Adult Virtual Community seems to be true. There are a lot of people enjoying this website.

Both Mac OS And PC Users…

… can use the website. In its early stages, only PC users could use the game, but now it is available for Mac users as well. The game client itself is tiny, but you will need 350 MB of space in order to download the game. There are social media features built into the site, and both Mac users and PC users can enjoy a point system that is used to keep track of Karma, Friendliness, Sexiness, and Popularity. This is a fantastic way for the site to encourage people to be reasonable, or at least mostly reasonable people on the website. You can get friend requests, comments, and gifts on the website as well.

The Sex Costs Money

There are definitely many ways to interact at Red Light Center, and the game is extremely interesting and a lot of fun. That said, you will need to purchase a VIP membership or get a premium membership in order to get it on. Users need to spend a few dollars in order to get role-playing porn game sex into full gear. If you are a fan of role-playing and enjoy interacting with real people, you can do it here. If sex is what you are looking for, with either avatars of real people or virtual escorts on the site, you will need to get a membership.

So, Is Red Light Center Worth It?

The short answer here is yes; you can live out your fantasies, there is great animation on the site, you can utilize live voice chatting, and the people on the website are extremely friendly. In addition, you can utilize teledildonics to increase the realism and pleasure you get out of the game. Using your customizable avatar, you can navigate the virtual world here in extremely easy fashion.

The game itself can be quite addictive, and while most of the content here is not sexual in nature, you can definitely spend a few dollars to get it on. This is a solid site, even if you have to spend a few dollars to see the goodies. If you have the space on your computer, this is definitely a website that you should check out and experience. There is nothing similar to Red Light Center, and of the fact that you get to play the game with other real people looking for naughty fun makes it even better.

Review Pros
  • Fantastic virtual world
  • Great fantasy fulfillment
  • Live voice chatting
  • Teledildonics support
Review Cons
  • Need to upgrade to VIP for sex
  • Mostly non-sex content
  • Some Ads