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Hey folks – Mr. Porn Geek here and today, I’m going to be going over a great game that I’ve come across recently that goes by the name of Harem Heroes. You’ve probably read a few reviews in my list of the best online games before and have realized that when it comes to Nutaku, I’m always a fan of the products that they release. Well, Harem Heroes is yet another studio release from Nutaku, so I’m keen to see what’s in store for avid gamers that want porn and interactive fun all in one exciting package. Continue down below as Mr. Porn Geek walks you through playing Harem Heroes and gives his verdict on whether or not it’s worth your time.

Initial impressions of Harem Heroes

I’m a big believer that when it comes to gaming, desktop action is the way to go. Note that Harem Heroes is available on mobile as well as browser-based systems, so no matter how you’re planning to get your hands on the erotic gaming fun, this place has you covered across all fronts. Now, when you load up Harem Heroes for the first time, you’ll have to chase this sexy, pink-haired bunny girl all around school with your cock hanging out in the hope that she’ll let you stick your meat inside her once you catch up. It’s a bit of a story to go through the first few minutes of this title but in no time at all, you’ll be the one calling the shots and deciding how you want to progress.

I will say that from the get go, things here get very graphic – you don’t need to do all that much before you’ve got hardcore sex in anime style presented before your very eyes. I really like the approach that Harem Heroes has taken with its artwork by the way: a great fusion of hentai deliciousness and Western cartoon delights. It’s quite similar to a lot of other products that Nutaku has put out on the Internet before, so if you’re familiar with that then yeah – you’re going to have a whale of a time with how they’ve set everything up. I only have one complaint in the early stages of the game and that’s the fact that you can’t mute the relatively loud music before going through the initial story section and grabbing a few levels. Thankfully most browsers have a ‘mute tab’ feature which I took full advantage of when playing Harem Heroes: Mr. Porn Geek likes to write his reviews while listening to classical music, so anything that interrupts that makes me very unhappy indeed.

Your girls at Harem Heroes

Now you probably know that when it comes to these Japanese-themed games, the idea is to collect as many girls as possible under your belt so that you can interact (and fuck them) whenever you so desire. Early on in your adventure here, you’ll be shown all of the ladies that you can recruit as you play through the game and boy, do they have a fair few on offer! Turns out the pink-haired girl is called Bunny and alongside her, you’ll get Juliette for free. The ladies earn you money as time passes and that’s basically the main gateway here at Harem Heroes: how much time you want to wait before going on and doing the next thing. It’s a very popular method of getting people to throw a few bucks at a video game but honestly, you won’t need to bust open your wallet if you feel like getting far in Harem Heroes: I was doing just fine without parting with any of my hard earned cash!

Now each of the girls in your Harem has the ability to level up over time, gain stats and be switched into different variations. The variations also have different star levels, which indicates just how strong they can get and how much money they can earn for you. After taking a look at the Harem section of the game, click on the adventure button to venture out onto the world screen where you’ll start to interact with the story and get lots of sexy anime action unfolding right before your very eyes! You can definitely tell that there are some language port issues here, as the first place you’ll visit is simply called ‘Begin City’. It doesn’t take long until you’re getting jerked off in Bunny’s House and well – I think you can probably work out where things go from then on in.

Resources in Harem Heroes

There are several resources at Harem Heroes for you to manage, including energy, combativity, dollars and bars (Kobans). You also have an XP bar – each time you level up you get a lot of benefits, so be sure to track your experience as it may be wise to focus on grinding out some quests to make sure you make the next level for all of the perks that come with it. The freemium model allows you to buy cash and Kobans, as well as monthly cards that give you regular income and additional in-game benefits. I will stress this again: you don’t need to spend money at Harem Heroes to get your hands on great hentai gaming, so don’t be put off if you’re not exactly the type of person to pay money in order to get their hands on benefits in video games.

Other games on Nutaku

I will take the time here briefly to mention that there are quite literally dozens of unique games available at Nutaku and you might want to check out some of the others when you have the time. I’ve written reviews on a decent chunk of them and have many favorites like Fap CEO, Fap Titans and Crystal Maidens. I think the polish on these games are the biggest selling factor: they’re just so damn good at giving a complete XXX gaming experience for freaks and geeks that come from all over the world to enjoy their erotic releases. If you’re someone who enjoys video games, rule 34 content, anime, Japanese culture or just good cartoon porn, I think you’re going to love what the entire Nutaku portal has on offer. These guys are insanely good at making hentai games and you’re going to be busting nuts in no time at all to them.

Final thoughts on Harem Heroes

Freemium games often have issues when it comes to ‘pay to win’ ideas, but since you’re only competing against the computer and get free hentai every step of the journey, it’s hardly like you need to cough up cash when playing Harem Heroes. The game’s artwork is great and the combat system is quite nice: it’s not the most engaging of video games I’ve ever played but it’s pretty damn close to being one of the most erotic. Mr. Porn Geek actually enjoys almost all of the releases that Nutaku has to offer so yeah – certainly consider heading on over to this website and if you like what you see, create an account so you can save your progress and enjoy more great anime smut from one of the best portals around for mature, erotic-themed video games!

Review Pros
  • Great porn game
  • Free to play
  • Good tutorial
Review Cons
  • Freemium model
  • Can't download