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Hey guys! Mr. Porn Geek here and today, I’m bringing you yet another review of another gaming destination. I’ve received a few messages over the last few days from people that really enjoy all of my great game website recommendations, so I went hunting for a new hub and came across My Hot Game Portal. As the name implies, this is all about XXX playables in one central location – if that sounds like your cup of team, then I do think you keep on reading and I’ll let you know what I loved checking this place out so much. So gather around porn addicts and people passionate for XXX content – Mr. Porn Geek is about to break down yet another hub devoted to adult games.

My first take on My Hot Game Portal

The sheer quantity of games here is what had me interested in this place as soon as I signed p and signed up: there are literally hundreds for you to pick from. My Hot Game Portal actually gives you the option to pick through lots of categories, simply because they’ve got so many games in their archive that they need to break them up into different sections. For instance, if you’re looking for hentai games, there are 164 at the time of writing this review. What about battle simulators? 40 in total, but they could be growing by the week! They have some cool parody titles too, like Grand Fuck Auto, Call of Booty and a few others. I’m not sure how they get away with these titles and parodies, but if you like a combination of mainstream culture and hardcore porn goodness, My Hot Game Portal has you covered from the looks of things. Now then – let’s try out some of these XXX games, shall we?

Playing BDSM Discipline on My Hot Game Portal

I’ve recently been getting into domination and submission, which is why I went ahead and picked out BDSM Discipline for my first title. The theme is pretty simple to get: a schoolgirl arrives at a mansion that has one exclusive purpose – the sexual pleasure of the master. She’s geared up pretty quick in slave attire and then before you know it, she’s yours to do whatever you want with. The game gives you multiple options of how you want to engage with your schoolgirl sex slave and you’ll have to move your mouse a little to perform various actions, such as slapping her titties and fucking her face. This game is able to be played with just a single hand, so if you want to jerk off at the same time you’re gaming, don’t worry, this one is perfect for you.

Hentai games from My Hot Game Portal

Would you consider yourself to be a fan of the hentai genre? Well the good news for you is that My Hot Game Portal has lots of great hentai games that are completely yours to play however you want! They have a huge hentai puzzle series which reward you for using your brain, as well as a few dating simulations via releases like Miami Holidays and Workaholic Party that you’ll love stroking your snake to. The quality of the anime (or manga, I’m not too sure) is pretty stellar and yeah – I’m confident that you’re going to love what they have on offer if you’re the type of dude that gets off to hentai. Mr. Porn Geek actually enjoyed the hentai gaming section here on My Hot Game Portal better than any other, so highly recommended that you check that out if you want the opinion of an expert. Now then, let’s see what else My Hot Game Portal has available for us.

The porn DVDs at My Hot Game Portal

I went looking elsewhere on My Hot Game Portal for more adult fun and well – let’s just say that I found plenty of it! If you navigate on over to the ‘Full Movies’ link you’ll see that there are literally hundreds of full-length porn movies for you to pick from and it seems like there are new one added here each and every day. Some titles worth checking out include Lesbians In The Wild, Daddy’s Girl, Foot Fuckers and American Chocolates. What I liked most about the adult video collections they’ve got here is the fact that their niches are so ranged – you’re getting multiple genres to pick from so no matter what gets you hot under the collar, My Hot Game Portal can provide the right clip for you to squeeze your hog to.

More porn videos and a few bonuses at My Hot Game Portal

As if the DVD array wasn’t enough, My Gamer Vault also has some great clips for you to enjoy that aren’t attached to any particular DVD. Click on the ‘videos’ link at the top and you’ve got yourself so much porn that you’ll literally never run out of wanking material no matter how addicted you are. Additionally, My Hot Game Portal comes with free bonus access to 2 other websites: Premium Porn HD and XXX HD Vault. Neither of these actually have games for you to play, but they do have crazy good XXX movies that’ll have you busting a nut in next to no time. I love places that have free bonuses so yeah – My Hot Game Portal is going above and beyond in this regard.

Final thoughts on My Hot Game Portal

Okay gang – Mr. Porn Geek has basically said all that needs to be said here, so let’s just go ahead and mop up the review here with a clean and confident recommendation that you grab yourself a membership if you like what I’ve said thus far and enjoy the tour. I’ve started to notice a big trend in the competitive nature of adult gaming platforms and yeah, My Hot Game Portal is just another top-tier choice if you want websites like this. Thanks for reading my review and I hope you had as much fun with My Hot Game Portal that I did! Geek out.

Please note: this website has pre-checked cross-sales when you sign up. Uncheck the boxes if you don’t want access to the bonus websites, otherwise you’ll be charged for access. You have been warned! To contact this website’s customer service, email [email protected] or call 877-283-5293.

Review Pros
  • Great porn games
  • Bonus websites
  • Fast load speeds
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  • Some adverts
  • Mainly Flash games