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Mr. Porn Geek visits Horny Gamer

Plenty of Mr. Porn Geek readers have realized that when it comes to writing reviews on saucy video games, few do it better than me. I’ve always been a gamer at heart and when I realized you folks loved XXX titles, I knew it was my calling to write up as many reviews as possible on the best places out there for combining two of man’s greatest passions: gaming and fucking. That’s why in this review, I’m going to be telling you all about HornyGamer.com and what it has to offer. If you’d like to know more, continue reading down below and we’ll get into the nitty gritty with a feature-length review – I can’t wait to get stuck in!

Horny Gamer’s website experience

On the homepage of this site, you’ll be presented with a huge body area devoted to showcasing some of their available games, as well as a few sidebars that are good for optional extra features and other stuff. Scrolling down to the bottom, you’ll find 12 index pages – each of which have dozens of games available – making for quite the large archive of smut. HornyGamer.com doesn’t lack when it comes to quantity, although quality is something we’ll have to assess a little later on in this review. For now, I want to talk about what else Horny Gamer has aside from just the individual gaming pages.

One cool feature I think a lot of you will appreciate is the walkthrough section on Horny Gamer: this is perfect if you’re getting stuck on a particular title or just want to watch someone else game while you stroke your snake. Think of it being like watching Tarzaned dominate with jungle Rek’Sai, although the content is just a little bit less sexual (love you, Julian!). There’s also a page where only HTML5 porn games are displayed if you’re unable to use Flash or simply don’t want to. Lastly, Horny Gamer also has a page devoted to nude photography – it’s a little uncommon to have this type of thing on a site like this, but hey: who’s going to complain about free XXX entertainment? You’re not forced to look at it, although to be fair, some of these girls are a little too delicious to miss out on.

HornyGamer.com has HTTPS enabled by default, so you won’t experience any man in the middle attacks or snooping family members when clicking around and enjoying the games. They’re also relatively light on adverts compared to many other places – I didn’t even come across a single pop-up when navigating around. There’s also a Twitter account you can follow associated with the website that’s updated surprisingly often. Okay, I think that’s enough site-based stuff for my review: let me get cracking with a sample of the games so you know what you’re in store for.

Horny Gamer: Back to School

What genre of adult entertainment could be more enjoyable than that focusing on schoolgirls? Back to School is a HTML5 title offered by Horny Gamer where you’re tasked with collecting stars by clicking on the highest number that appears on the table within a specific amount of time. Your first target is 8,000 and when you reach that, you’ll get to engage in a wide variety of sexual activities with a selection of gorgeous schoolgirls. I like the challenge/reward payoff that’s offered by Back to School: doesn’t feel too simple, but the scenes that develop after a successful session of gaming are more than worth spending the time to get it right. I loved that the ladies aren’t just white either: the second schoolgirl you’ll have the chance to unlock is a delicious chocolate goddess. I’ve got a thing for sexy black babes lately, so this aspect of the game is very relevant to my interests.

Horny Gamer: Reverse Gangbang

If you love the idea of multiple women getting together for a crazy session of sex, then I don’t think any game is going to bring that fantasy closer to you than Reverse Gangbang. This particular game took about 30 seconds to load for me, but it was worth the half-a-minute wait if I’m being completely honest. The game combines actual footage from porn with you calling the shots of what happens next. With so many tasty pussies up for you to bone, which will you go for? Just make sure that you don’t select the ‘fuck guys’ option – that’s a one-way ticket to ending your adventure very prematurely indeed. I don’t think I’ll ever be lucky enough to fuck four girls at the same time, but if I do, I hope it’s as enjoyable as this game makes it out to be.

Horny Gamer: Lavindor Kingdom

Meet ‘n’ Fuck is a pretty popular developer of porn Flash games and Horny Gamer hosts a particular title of theirs by the name of Lavindor Kingdom. Set in Asia, this dialog-focused hentai release is fantastic for those who want a quick and dirty anime porn adventure. Felicia is the first tasty snack you’ll come across and she’s on a special mission from the king: you’re a bit of a rebel and because of that, she’s going to have to open her legs before you leave your abode. I must say that Felicia has some of the best bouncy tits I’ve ever come across in a game: they’re quite remarkable and I highly recommend you give this game a particular try if you love big-breasted anime girls giving you free, unrestricted access to their holes. Yup – that’s right – it’s not just the pussy that you’ll get to pound before busting a nut. Anal seems to be par for the course in Lavindor!

My final thoughts on Horny Gamer

As far as free sites go, this is one of the better ones I’ve come across in the last few weeks for adult games. The fact it doesn’t cost a penny to access hundreds of enjoyable games is a major selling point for me and well, I’m always going to recommend places that give great user experiences. With the high average game quality, lack of intrusive advertisements and HTTPS connection, I’m giving Horny Gamer my official seal of approval. Other sites in the same genre should aspire to be just like this one!

Review Pros

  • Great free games
  • Limited ads
  • HTTPS connection

Review Cons

  • Dated site design
  • Average load speeds