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Fap Nation reviewed

I’m not a big fan of people, websites and other types of things referring to themselves as a ‘nation’, but I’ll try to reserve dishing out hatred for Fap Nation before I actually give this place the full Mr. Porn Geek review. I’ll let you know ahead of time that this is a website you’ll likely want to visit if you enjoy high quality XXX games from publishers that put a lot of time and effort into their releases. From what I can gather, they only work with the best producers and don’t want anything sub-standard on their platform. Today, I’ve put aside a few hours to go over Fap-Nation.com in order to see what it’s got and whether or not it’s worth checking out and using over a long time period. If you’d like to know, continue reading!

My initial impression of Fap Nation

Okay, so to get things started here, let’s look at the landing page for the website itself. I’m seeing a slider at the top with some preview images and titles from games, a quick list of ‘patch notes’ for the website (they’ve increased comment lengths and breakpoint word counts for ‘read more’) and a request to disable my ad-blocker, even though I’m not currently using one. Mixed emotions so far – that’s for sure – but things take a turn for the better as I scroll down and see a collection of the latest games on the website. I’m quite impressed at how often fresh updates are put out by the team behind Fap Nation: we’re looking at anywhere from 10 to 25 new publications on a daily basis. Do note that most of these are just patch updates for each release, though – they’re not always fresh games that haven’t been featured on the site before.

Down further and you’ll notice that Fap Nation also has a section for comics and artwork, which I actually quite looked the like of based on the preview thumbnails. One good example is this dump of Aroma Sensei’s content that’s been put into a handy 500 MB file for you to download. There are also collections from more ‘professional’ studios too, such as Blackadder Comics and Milftoon. Since we’re here to look at the games though, that’s where I’m going to focus most of my efforts – comic book addicts can go look at my reviews of hentai and doujinshi if that’s your cup of tea.

Fap Nation’s games

So we’re here for the games, right? Well the good news is that not only does Fap Nation have plenty of them, but they’re available on a decent chunk of platforms. While I imagine that most of you are looking for Windows titles, Fap-Nation.com also has a database which comprises of OSX, Linux and Android friendly porn games if you’re not stuck in the Bill Gates software ecosystem. I’ll be honest with you though: I’m probably only going to be looking at games for Windows today, since I’m on my computer and I don’t really want to be downloading too many porn games onto my phone (my girlfriend uses it from time to time to take pictures). I hope that doesn’t bother too many of you! If it does, feel free to suck my dick before you go fuck yourself. Now then, let’s get down to business and try out some of these porn games – it’s what I was put on this planet to do, after all!

Fap Nation game: Nano Control

A lot of you geeky freaks love anime in general but especially hentai, which is why I felt like it was a good idea to pick Nano-control as my first title of choice for testing out the database here on Fap-Nation.com. It’s around 250 MB in size and the folks at Fap Nation have it stored on a third-party platform (Mega.nz) with an additional mirror if you’d prefer to grab it from a different destination. You’ve got a few options to control volume and keyboard settings but honestly, the game isn’t that complicated or difficult that you need to fiddle with anything. Start up the game and begin!

You’ll be given a few control pointers before the game actually starts and then you’re off to the races. Elaine is the first person you’ll talk to and she’ll recommend that you go explore in the forest while she pays a visit to the mayor. The structure of this game is very much like Pokemon titles for the Game Boy – it’s a top-down, 2D block-square vibe and to be honest with you, I actually enjoyed the time I spent on this one. One of the first things you’ll do is assist a clown by taking him home and pulling a lever behind a book in his home (it’s the second from the left on the top row). Head into the other room and go down the stairs – you’ll come across a lab and well, that’s when things start to get very weird. I don’t want to spoil the plot so yeah – just play this one if you get the chance. It takes a while to build up but honestly, the payoff is worth it. Interesting and a little weird: just what we want from a hentai game, right?

Fap Nation game: Cure My Addiction

I spent a few minutes looking through multiple games on Fap Nation and eventually picked up Cure My Addiction as the second title I wanted to try out. My experience was fantastic with this one and I think the overview alone should convince you that it’s one of the better porn games out there. Let me try and break down what’s going on in Cure My Addiction: it’s a great idea and the execution is pretty damn delicious.

This game starts out with you being sent away to live on your uncle’s boat with his family for some time after your parents caught you watching loads of porn on your computer. Turns out that the uncle is pretty rich and has a sexy wife by the name of Rachel and two daughters – Chloe and Emily. Before the game starts you’ll be asked whether you want to disable femdom: your choice will ultimately alter a few options later in the game, but it’s best to just be honest and detail what you’re looking for from the title.

When you eventually get onto the boat, you’ll be greeted by Rachel – a busty MILF with fantastic tits – as well as Chloe: her somewhat Asian looking daughter who’s very much developed in the chest department. You’ll eventually be taken to your bedroom where you’ll find a note on the bed and walls covered in erotic art – Rachel knows about your ‘issue’, so it does seem weird that they’ve kept up all of the teasing images. I’ve got a hunch that this is probably a sign that the ship has a lot of sexual adventures waiting for us.

As with the previous game, I’m not going to spoil what happens here, but I honestly spent just shy of an hour in Cure My Addiction and loved every second of it. The interface and gameplay aren’t exactly award-winning material, but as far as porn games go, this is quite impressive. For me, the story and narrative is the most important part, so make sure you read all of the lines and follow what happens throughout the course of your time on the ship. The artwork is actually quite nice – it has a modern feel and the ladies have great styles too. All in all, not a bad porn game from the Fap Nation library!

My final thoughts on Fap Nation

I spent an additional hour playing 3 more games after the two above that I reviewed: pleased as punch is the only way I can describe my current state of mind. To be honest, I’ve struggled to find truly stellar destinations for porn games, but since this is an aggregate service, they’re picking and choosing the best of the best from all of the various studios out there. Ultimately, Fap Nation has a lot going for it and very few negatives – that makes it a top-tier destination that I can give two thumbs up to and my full, honest, genuine, Mr. Porn Geek seal of ultimate approval.

If you’re only looking for the cream of the crop in downloadable adult games, give Fap Nation a visit today and sample some of their wares: you won’t be disappointed with what you find on the other side and that’s a promise!

Review Pros

  • Dozens of games
  • Free to download
  • Updates often

Review Cons

  • Lots of adverts
  • Third-party hosting