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The Meet And Fuck Games review

One thing I’m quite comfortable with these days is reviewing adult gaming platforms. Trust me – I’ve spent the better part of this year getting to grips with the ins and outs of destinations like the one up for consideration today, so if I end up stating that Meet And Fuck Games is worth visiting, let’s just say that this is coming from someone who’s a bit of a professional in the space. I hope you’re as excited as I am here, because Mr. Porn Geek cannot wait to enjoy the delights available over on this particular platform – keep reading down below and let me tell you what’s what when it comes to Meet And Fuck Games!

Homepage experience at Meet And Fuck Games

I’m a sucker for good homepages, which is why puts a smile on my face from the get go. The entire screen is essentially taken up by teaser images from a number of their games and it all looks really quite polished. If you scroll down past the teaser slider, you’ll see categorized content based on rating, which ones are available to be played for free and a small ‘random’ segment if you’re not too sure what you like the looks of. There are some other meta pages here, so I guess it’s a good idea that Mr. Porn Geek breaks down exactly what’s offered when it comes to navigation.

Looking around Meet And Fuck Games

In the header, you’ll find a ‘games list’ dropdown that allows you to organize all uploads on the database based on artist name, upload date and title of the piece. There have been 5 new publications in the last 3 months alone, but the catalog goes all the way back to 2009. For what it’s worth, I’d make a conservative estimate that Meet And Fuck Games currently has around 200+ porn games to be played: that’s quite a decent chunk if you ask me. Just to the right of the games list link, you’ll see something called ‘my favorites’ which – as you’ll likely already assume – is where any game you’ve decided to save to your collection is featured. Do note that this is actually a premium feature – I’ll go into details about this in the next paragraph.

Meet And Fuck Games: the premium option

While there are plenty of free games to be played on this particular website, you can grab a premium account if you want to enjoy the full library of titles as well as some exclusive benefits and perks. If you use any of my links, you’ll get a 10-day trial to sample the wares on offer and then a recurring $29.95 membership that renews every 30 days. If you’re not located in the United States, payment can also be made via Euros, Pounds, Australian dollars and a few other currencies. All payments are processed by a third-party processor by the name of CCBill – they’re pretty much the most trustworthy company when it comes to this type of thing, so you’re in safe hands to say the very least.

Now then: I think it’s about time I tried some of these games out to determine whether or not the content justifies signing up and handing over cash money. After all – the website experience means very little if there isn’t the erotic gaming experience to back it up, so let’s try out some of Meet And Fuck Games’ collection.

Hitomi Senpai – Meet And Fuck Games

Published back in the latter half of 2014, Hitomi Senpai is a game by artist Serega that’s currently offered entirely free of charge by Meet And Fuck Games. Do not that you will be required to have Flash enabled, which I think given the 4-year age of this title isn’t exactly out of the ordinary. Anyway, things kick off at a Japanese archery school where one of the academy’s star pupils hasn’t been performing all that well because her new giant breasts keep getting in the way of perfect shots. Your first task here is to get as many points as possible out of 10 shots – the minigame basically has the target moving quite a bit (almost like you’re swaying) and you left-click when you’re ready to shoot. I picked up a total 90 points out of 100 possible: I think it’s fair to say that I’ve got the hang of this one pretty damn early.

Soon enough, you get caught saying something inappropriate and have to tidy up the school once classes are done. As you’d expect from a Japanese-influenced porn game, you take a little look into Hitomi’s room and she’s on the floor, playing with her huge tits and lamenting about their large size. Luckily for you, she even says “I wish to be fucked by any cock so bad!” while playing with her clit and you just so happen to be the first available dick! Those points you got earlier can now be used to unlock various scenes, with titty fucking being just 10 through to full-on cowgirl riding at 40. As the action develops, you can up the ante and increase speed – this results in cumshots, as you can probably imagine. I won’t spoil the rest of what’s available here, but I think for my first game, this was a pretty good one.

Geek Girl Gwen – Meet And Fuck Games

My next game of choice was Geek Girl Gwen – set in a high school after the summer holidays have ended, this one also features a broad who has some incredibly large tits. IT doesn’t take long for her to end up on her knees surrounded by a bunch of big dicks and it just so happens that she really enjoys that type of thing. It’s pretty funny how after getting a lot of loads on her face, she talks about how she wants to study the material at a later stage – this is what a real nerd girl acts like when confronted with some cock.

The next scene has her titty fucking and sucking a dick while she’s getting railed from behind. I’ve had a recent obsession with spitroasting and to see this hentai slut get boned with dicks in either end was hot to say the very least. While not the most competitive of titles, I do feel as if Geek Girl Gwen is perfect for those that want to jerk off relatively quickly to a game that acts more like a simulator for good 3D sex. After all: who doesn’t like controlling the action when they have the chance to?

Meet And Fuck Games: my conclusion

I spent around two hours playing half a dozen or so games and honestly, it’s just obvious to me that Meet And Fuck Games has the quality I’d expect from a place demanding cash in order to enjoy their titles. I do like the fact that almost all releases have demo modes too, so if you want to try them out without having the full experience you can do exactly that. There are many genres of games here and with so many artists, you get different flavors and approaches to hentai and cartoon sex which only heightens the erotic indulgence. Put simply, check out MAFG now if you’re someone that needs top shelf porn games: you won’t be disappointed with your decision.

Review Pros

  • 200+ games
  • Lots of demos
  • Easy to navigate

Review Cons

  • Not all free
  • Flash-based titles