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Mr. Porn Geek plays The Sex Game

I’m generally an individual who supports creativity and fresh approaches to the world of smut, which is why I was surprised to come across a playable title simply called ‘TheSexGame’ when I was searching the Internet far and wide for new things to review. I’m guessing from the name alone that this is an X-rated game that has sex as its major focus: seems like a reasonable stab in the dark, right? Well to find out whether or not The Sex Game is any good, Mr. Porn Geek is going to play it and give you his full thoughts and feelings. So, with that said, let’s get down to business and see what game is able to bring to the table! I can only hope that it’s half as good as it sounds.

First thoughts on TheSexGame

Okay, so if I’m being honest with you, TheSexGame isn’t really what I’d describe as being a ‘game’ in the traditional sense. When you load this puppy up, you’re played a short clip from a porn movie and then given a few different options that you can pick form in order to direct the action. This is somewhat akin to the Life Selector concept – it’s a good idea, but to describe it as a game is a little bit of a stretch. The first options you’ll have will be to tell a girl to shut up, to ask the other babe in the scene to suck you off or to just say that you no longer want to have fun with the brunette. It seems like two of these options don’t really make much sense, so I’m going to go with the middle one – ‘Let your friend try’.

Turns out that was a bad decision, since I got a game over. I mean, really? You give me three dumb choices to make and the one that makes the most sense is the wrong selection? I’m trying to jerk off here and you’re fucking me around with all of this bullshit! How about you just be a good game like all of the other titles out there? I didn’t decide to play The Sex Game so I could get hoodwinked and made a fool out of! Maybe I’m just too stupid to really understand and appreciate what good sex is all about and how to talk to women … let’s retry and see whether or not game gets any better.

My second try of the game

Pissed the fuck off, I hit the retry button to see just how deep I could get. Turns out that the other two options here weren’t the right ones either – which meant that my original selection was correct. I must’ve hit the wrong button, or much more likely, the game glitched and decided that I pressed something I didn’t. That seems like the much better explanation. For what it’s worth, I would also point out that TheSexGame doesn’t have the easiest of tabs to press – I don’t know what the reason is for this, but it’s a pain in the ass regardless. They only had one job and hovering over the buttons can give you the wrong feedback. Very strange indeed – hopefully that’s something they get around to fixing in future editions of the game.

The second choice you have is to tell the girl to shut up and suck, explain that you’ve got to go to the library or simply say ‘Let me fuck you while you eat pussy!’. It doesn’t take a genius to work out that the right option here is the last one: we’re having group sex, so take full advantage of the group-like nature of the interaction. Don’t forget that your bud is also there to help, so you end up railing this blonde as she eats pussy that itself is being fucked by another guy.

Progression in TheSexGame

I don’t know how I feel about TheSexGame – it really isn’t that much of a porn title, if I’m being completely honest with you. Sure, it has a reasonably enjoyable XXX video for you to enjoy, but you literally have no choice here except not to select the wrong option so the action continues. It’s not even like Life Selector in that the content theme switches based on what you say – that to me just seems like a really big wasted opportunity. I mean, imagine you went over to Porn Hub right now and every single video you clicked on had a riddle of some sort after 30 seconds: I don’t think you’d be too happy! The interactive element here makes very little sense to me and yeah, I don’t know exactly what the purpose of it existing in the first place is all about. Mr. Porn Geek would much prefer just to have an uninterrupted video if my choices aren’t actually going to matter and, to make the whole thing worse, can sometimes sabotage the viewing experience.

Mr. Porn Geek’s conclusion on TheSexGame

So to wrap things up here – Mr. Porn Geek isn’t a fan of TheSexGame in the slightest. It had potential, but when I realized that your choices don’t matter, it seems reasonable just to chuck this one in the sin bin and be done with it. It had the ability to make me give it a recommendation, but for now, I’ll just say that you’re better off playing one of the hundreds of other games I’ve spoken about here on Mr. Porn Geek. At the end of the day, we’re here to play great games – why would I suggest one that falls short of expectations every step of the way? I didn’t enjoy my time at TheSexGame and for me, that’s all I need to know about it. Cheers for reading and yeah – read my other reviews if you want some real game action!

Review Pros
  • Easy to play
  • Loads quick
Review Cons
  • Not really a game
  • Low quality video
  • Sucks hard